thom dancing

Luna Shadows fourth song, Waves, is pure and dreamy. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter and producer has already taken us to some magical places with her last three songs. Now, she tops it off with Waves, her most splendorous electronic pop song yet. Waves’ luscious vibrancy takes the song’s warm gooey pop into ardent dance music territory. Luna Shadows’ saccharine vocals remind me of Elohim, but swaddled in an intoxicating rich density that leaves me tossing and turning at the mercy of these emotional tidal waves. I gladly let go and ride the restless surge. Luna Shadows co-wrote and co-produced Waves alongside rad Hale of Sombear and Now, Now, while Ryan Shanahan and The Naked and Famous’ Thom Powers turned in additional production, too.  The song will be out on iTunes tomorrow, June 18th. 

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