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It was Matt’s pleasure, mid-weekend jaunt to New York City, to once again meet up with astute aesthete Nick Wooster, after coming together, quite off the cuff, for several portraits in late-autumn of 2011. This succeeding rendezvous saw the two collude in studio, the results of which make for contrasting, more personal, viewing.

The Passing Shot: We’re pleased you were able to reconnect with Matt after meeting for a quickie a few years back. Is there a distinct difference between the Nick Wooster of 2011 and he of 2014?

Nick Wooster: I guess I am just older. I am never really conscious of “what I am wearing” or “what I am going to look like”. I just acquire stuff that I think is cool or that I really like…and figure it out as I have to get dressed.

TPS: Your personal approach to style looks to be as acute as ever (the collar pin is a lovely touch). What were you wearing that day? Was there any particular process behind it or was it simply what you happened to have on at the time?

NW: I was wearing a Thom Browne coat with a fur collar. It had just turned chilly, after a welcome day of moderate temperature. Underneath was a Neil Barrett black and white houndstooth jacket and a Club Monaco houndstooth vest. The white oxford shirt was Thom Browne, as were the pants. The shoes were Trickers. I had actually been shooting all day for a Korean client, and wanted to wear something different from what I had on all day. The only process what that I had 5 minutes to get dressed and out the door.

TPS: Does “trend” or movement in fashion dictate the evolution of your own style or is it not something you pay much attention to? Do men pay little or less heed to this sort of thing in general?

NW: It is well documented that I HATE the word trend or anything that smacks of “trends” or trendy. Have I ever gotten caught up in a “trend”? Absolutely - but I would never set out to take these so called “trends” and build a wardrobe around them. I believe in occasion. In that regard, I feel it is absolutely appropriate to break away from a uniform when the moment is right.

TPS: Seeing as we’re speaking in the midst of a rather robustly chilly winter, what are you looking forward to wearing when the weather starts to turn? You seem quite comfortable in an almost uniform combo of tailored short and blazer - is this once more to be on the docket for summer?

NW: I love the summer, but hate summer “clothes”. It’s way harder to feel polished in humidity. I wear shorts with a jacket because:
a. I feel “dressed” with a jacket
b. Shorts are a ventilation tool.

That’s it - nothing more special than that.

TPS: You shot with Matt in studio this time, the result of which feels more intimate than on the street. Have you a preference to location versus studio photography, when it comes to being photographed? You’re certainly often photographed but do you enjoy sitting for a portrait?

NW: I truly hate having my picture taken. I know that sounds ridiculous, but when I am caught on the street with sunglasses, there isn’t much I have to do. Sitting in front of a camera is way more intimidating. It brings every shred of negative self image straight into my consciousness like a bazooka, but Matt made it way less scary for me - for that I am super grateful.

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