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Wishing my absolutely adored @sugarplum-senpai the happiest of birthdays - again ;D I happen to actually be RIIIIGHT on time in my timezone, somehow. Thank you for being so loving, kind and inspiring everyday. This is for you~ 

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This was ridiculous.

The sun shone brightly above them, its light glistening across the dark waters crashing against the shores down below, and the air had absolutely no business being this cold.

The wind had been less aggressive back at the settlement. Seeing the clear skies so early in the morning, he’d thought – naively, in hindsight – that the temperatures would climb as they’d ride to the northern coast. Waiting under the sun should have been… Possibly not comfortable, but certainly not this ridiculously unbearable.

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i suddenly had the Biggest urge to draw the swap bros


Yeah, she’s that person..

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What's Bloodborne's Plot?

So this ancient underground civilization™ thought it would be pretty rad to make a deal with some aliens and take their blood, but surprise, it actually wasn’t a good idea at all! Turns out the blood was in fact bad for humans and turned them into beasts. At some point the aliens got bored or something or maybe it was just really stuffy underground, so they left the ancient underground civilization™ and looked for new things to play with (all except Ebrietas because either the other aliens didn’t want her to come or she really liked living in the dark, cold, damp ruins of a dying race, who knows). Things went a bit downhill from then and everyone underground either turned mad or turned beast.

Anyway some years or decades or centuries later someone was like “let’s build a gothic city with as many superfluous ornamentation as we can think of” and others were like “yeah okay” and they built Yharnam right on top of the ancient underground civilization™’s former homes. There was also a school and of course it was bound to happen that the pupils stumbled across those ancient homes at some point (tho no one knows how, maybe one of them stubbed their toe against some weird monolith that came out of the ground and it turned out to be the entrance to the old labyrinths). Down there they found traces of the aliens and since they didn’t know that most aliens are evil and want to overtake the world, they decided to research them instead of calling it a day and never coming back.

There were two people in the school that were a bit more important than the rest. One of them was principal Willem, who just sat in his chair all day and waited for the aliens to abduct him because he found them so cool. The other one was Laurence and he’s like “let’s take this blood and make a religion out of it.” and principal Willem was like “no Laurence this is a really horrible idea” and then Laurence was like “Pshhh whatever.” and he went to found the healing church. And since Willem only sat in his chair all day he couldn’t follow and stop him.

So Laurence and his church became pretty popular in Yharnam and the blood they took from the aliens healed all kinds of diseases and people came from far and wide to get an injection with the blood because hepatitis hadn’t been invented yet. But as we all know the blood turned people into beasts, so Laurence was like “oh fuck” and called his friend Gehrman to hunt and kill those beasts so the rest of the populace could take their blood and transform in peace.

Like that the Hunter’s Workshop was founded and did some pretty nasty things, until one day Laurence was like “actually you know what I don’t need you anymore, I made a new gang of hunters, with black ones and white ones.” and Gehrman was so pissed about it that he made contact with one of the aliens and immediately got trapped in a dream world. Stupid Gehrman.
There was also this other dude called Micolash who was friends with Laurence at first and helped him with research and alien-ology. But then got bored and founded his own school. It was much fancier than that of Willem because Mico had rituals and sacrifices and neat headwear. Somewhere along the way he fucked up tho and contacted an alien, too, and of course promptly got trapped in a dream world. Those people never learn.

Anyway, meanwhile in the waking world Laurence realized that maybe, eventually, there could be a slight chance that the blood wasn’t good after all because the whole city had gone nuts. There are beasts and crazy people and crazy beast people and there is really no way to save things anymore.
Enter The Hunter, a poor soul who just wanted some blood treatment and somehow got dragged into the whole thing of beast hunting. After overcoming several obstacles, including a really sad priest, multiple screaming gigantic dogs, Good Ol’ Micolash Himself and progressively weirder-looking aliens, The Hunter is left with the choice of dying, also getting trapped in a dream or being turned into a squid. The latter is the best option because you still get to be with The Waifu.

I literally haven’t watched adventure time since stakes someone give me a rundown of every important plot point since then I gots to be ready for the finale

Child, why you scream.

the daily is coming along, its just taking a bit longer because my head feels so full and heavy. hopefully i can finish it before 23:00 


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@mikannieweek thank you :’),  I didn’t get to finish all :p but sorry. and also this will be my last time drawing this couple thanks guys it’s been a wild ride lol 5yrs. (lmao i decided to not include the kinky prompt, I saved you guys from bleaching y’alls eyes) I also “improved” my art along the way, thanks to this hell ship even tho my art is still shit. 

So I blame @whyldkratts for mentioning DnD bc i came up with this whole cars fantasy/dnd au throughout the course of the day. Basically in brief summary, the au follows Strip, Chick, and Lightning as they go adventuring and meeting the other characters along their way! Basically tho its just The King and McQueen trying to keep Chick from dying, since he’s the last of his rare species known as the “Thunderbirds” who are magical avian creatures that have powers as strong as creating thunderstorms themselves. Though Chick being chick he’s gotten himself and his party mates into more trouble than good (one incident where he was “possessed” and nearly killed the teams paladin, not a very fond memory of anyone.) 

So yah!!! I have like a billion of ideas for this au but im a bit too shy to info dump right now. 

Also extra dumb doodle. 

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Hi your blog and your edits are everything😍 Could you recommend me some books that you love? (not tsc, trc, tog, acotar, tgt, soc, aftg, som, pjo, tsh I’ve already read them)

aw thank you so much and of course!! 

  • the cruel prince by holly black - jude and her sisters are stolen away to the fae world after her parents are murdered jude is human within the fae world and all she wants is to fit in but its seems to be impossible esp bc prince cardan makes her life hell this book is amazing jude isnt your typical hero character she lies heavily in the morally gray area 
  • the shatter me series by tahereh mafi - this series is absolutely a fav of mine juliette has dangerous powers where she cannot touch anyone and the government locks her up bc her fatal touch has killed someone no one knows how and why juliette has these powers and she has to decide if she wants to be used a weapon the world is nicely described and the characters have you hate them and love all the same tho kenji will always be iconic
  • all for the game trilogy by nora sakavic - its sports mixed with basically mobsters i guess lol neil josten is running away from his past life and he ends up in palmetto state exy team and from there things get way intense and all the foxes have intriguing pasts each character is different and strong its a great read 
  • an ember in the ashes by sabaa tahir - laia is apart of the scholars and elias is a solider of the masks both arent free the way they desire and began to take matters into their own hands the world is so intense and beautiful the action is fantastic i still need to read the third book but i love this series so much 
  • the bargainer series by laura thalassa - callie is a siren and des is the bargainer callie ends up in a dire situation where she calls upon the bargainer for a favor and keeps calling upon him until her arm is full of ious and after seven years the bargainer returns for his payment this series was really good i cant til the last book comes out 
  • the covenant series by jennifer armentrout - if you’ve read the vampire academy series this series is will be perfect for you its about the pures and the half-bloods half bloods have only two options for their lives either become sentinels basically soliders or become servants alex andros is a half blood who has to risk it all and fight her way and graduate to become a sentinel tho she ends up falling in love with a pure which is forbidden and things get totally messed up 
  • the winner’s trilogy by marie rutkoski - kestrel is the daughter of a general and she is given two options either get married off or become apart of the military one day she buys a slave named arin and along the way falls for him tho it turns out he was more than he was letting on this is such a pretty series everything is so beautiful