tho we never met each other

We act like a fucking married couple, look at each other with love and devotion, smile like nerds when one of us says something dumb, check each other out, bake together and have little domestics, cause heartaches to other people, we have long heart eyes towards each other and blush every time the other one notices, hug, cuddle, used matching light rings, wear matching outfits, have sleepovers even tho we live in the same house, never get tired of each other, watch series together, wait for the other one to wake up so we can have breakfast at the same time, confort each other, we can’t stand being mad at each other, we never are mad at each other, we’ve lived 6-7 years together yet we still look at each other as if it was the first and the last time we met, we love each other, we do the same crazy shit at laugh at the same crazy shit, we don’t care about personal space, we are weird, we know it, and we love it, we would die for each other, we are the best thing that could have happened to each other, we saved each other’s lives, when we thought there was nothing else that mattered…we love each other………..but -no homo tho-
—  dan and phil every sinGLe BaCkInG ViDEo Can YoU pLs StOp

Anyways did I even tell you guys about this Bengali girl in my group of friends who was wearing this black face mask and then snapped me saying ‘Nafisa, I’m one of you guys now’, okay so quick backstory: I met this girl back in sixth form (I think for some of you guys that high school?) and back then I was more ignorant like we’d say dumb shit to each and banter each other’s cultures for jokes and shit and even tho I was ignorant regarding most things, even back then I was militant with my blackness, that was one thing I never fucked around with tbh and there was this one phase where this girl randomly started saying the n word and saying hey my nigga to my Jamaican friend and my Jamaican friend was really good friends with her and would tell her stop saying that wtf but she continued and then one day she said it to me and I gave my Jamaican friend the ‘hold up, what did she say’ and I told her that we’re friends but I wouldn’t hesitate in fighting her if she tried that shit again and she stopped anyways fast forward to now, she sent me the snap and back then I probably would’ve been like wtf and insulted her back but now a part of me felt sick and I was angry, she really had the nerve to send me that, I asked her wtf is this and she ignored it so I messaged her what the fuck was that, explain yourself b and then she went on to say 'I wasn’t being offensive’ it was a joke and then guess what this bitch said 😩 'you’re Somali anyways, not black, why you offended’, I wanted to drapse her through the phone, fucking cheeky bitch, I quickly told her about blackface and have her a short geography lesson on Somalia (this bitch thought we were our own continent …¿¿) then she apologised but it was the half assed 'I didn’t mean to offend you’ well bitch you did, so what now, anyways next time me and my friends link up and she tries to smile in my face it’s a wrap.

Moral of the story kids: just like majority of your white friends are racist, same with your POC friends being antiblack pieces of shits 😊

Rant time

Ok this is a notice to anyone who reads this .

I love interacting with everyone here . I count lots of you as friends even tho we haven’t met . But don’t message me in instant messenger on here or Instagram and demand things . I will not promote your tumblr , I will not give you shout outs , I will not create personal things for just you unless we are familiar with each other .

I work 9 hours a day so don’t message me whining saying “ ahhh you never reply to me ”

I will promote your tumblr or shout out if I come across something I love and want to share

Don’t use my good nature and kind spirit to your advantage

Needless to say you will be blocked