tho we never met each other

We act like a fucking married couple, look at each other with love and devotion, smile like nerds when one of us says something dumb, check each other out, bake together and have little domestics, cause heartaches to other people, we have long heart eyes towards each other and blush every time the other one notices, hug, cuddle, used matching light rings, wear matching outfits, have sleepovers even tho we live in the same house, never get tired of each other, watch series together, wait for the other one to wake up so we can have breakfast at the same time, confort each other, we can’t stand being mad at each other, we never are mad at each other, we’ve lived 6-7 years together yet we still look at each other as if it was the first and the last time we met, we love each other, we do the same crazy shit at laugh at the same crazy shit, we don’t care about personal space, we are weird, we know it, and we love it, we would die for each other, we are the best thing that could have happened to each other, we saved each other’s lives, when we thought there was nothing else that mattered…we love each other………..but -no homo tho-
—  dan and phil every sinGLe BaCkInG ViDEo Can YoU pLs StOp

Reader x Jaehyun

Genre: Soulmate!AU, angst(?), fluff(??)

Words: 751


A/N: Idk about this one…. I did feel something at the end tho. Gender neutral :)

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“In a world where a timer on your wrist tells ou how long left until you meet your soulmate. The timers will only stop the moment you make eye contact your soulmate. These timers are extremely accurate, with some exceptions though, but those exceptions are rare.”

After meeting through a mutual friend online, even though we never met or seen each other’s faces, we clicked instantly… 

“Are you excited?” You asked.

“I feel like I’m about the explode! Two minutes and nineteen seconds left!” Jaehyun answered from the other side of the line.

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Chris Pine Imagine

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Chris and Gal were doing an interview for the new Wonder Women movie, but you watched from the other room. All the question were the same How was the filming, how did you get along, was it fun. And so on. You could see Chris was already had answers for all of them since they were the same. Then yours and his attention was pulled back.

“So Chris. I have to ask. Is it true you are getting married?” This shocked you and by the looks of Chris and Gal they were too.

“Excuse me?” He asked with a laugh. “I’m sorry. They were taking about it in the news so I ” the report got nerves.

“So you assumed it was real. Don’t believe everything you read”. Chris said getting serious. He hated when people made up stories about you and him.

“Well could you tell us how you two met?” Chris smiled, then looked at Gal.

“Gal introduced us. She thought we would like each other and like always she was right.” Chris talked and thought about you. “And for the news of us getting married…” there was a silence. Gal smiled already knowing what was coming next. “It’s true. We are getting married” he then smiled seeing the reactions of the reporter.

“I thought” he said but was stopped “I never said it was not true I just gave you advice.” He said and smiled. Even tho he hated peoples putting their noses in your and his business, he was happy to be able to conform the news Chris was more then happy about.

            HOLY SHIT !! So it’s been five years today since I decided to join Tumblr and start a blog for one of my favourite characters of all time. It’s been an incredible journey, with lots of ups and downs but my love for Gwen never left me and it’s because of you guys that I was able to bring Gwen to life in ways I never would have thought possible. You’re the ones who loved and supported me through all my bullshit and allowed me to grow both as a writer and a person. I met some incredible people during my time here, people who’ve been with me since day one and friends I made just last week. You are all amazing and I am so thankful to have you all in my life. Below are the people who helped make my blog what it is. Whether we’ve been partners for years, just met or if we just see each other on the dash with a like or reblog, I love you guys and you bring my dash to life  If I forgot anyone I’m so sorry, just know that I love you all !

                                                                                                            xoxo – Katrina

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I had the BEST DL experience in West Philly yesterday. So I fucked with this bull 1 time in the past like 2 years ago. We both was DL had chicks n we met from Jack’d he didn’t live in Philly tho he was just visiting. Well time went past never heard from each other again. So yesterday as I’m minding my buisness leaving my girl cousin bby shower I stopped for gas. This nigga there! I didn’t know was it him or not bc this nigga looked too good, always has. So while I’m pumping gas this nigga say “no speak” I’m like “oh shit wassup bro” he like “you busy” I say “no Idk how long my girl staying with her peeps” he get in his car pull next to mine n say “follow me”. I followed, and to my hypeness he moved to Philly wks ago!! Then we blew some L’s n this nigga says “don’t we got Un finished buisness” I just laughed, he pulls his dick out n take off his shirt n I just turned to another nigga 😂😂😂. He fucked the life out me yo my legs was shaking getting up he just laughing talking bout “you better start using my number with yo scary ass”…..i couldn’t even fuck my girl last night thinking bout that and it’s been on my mind all day and I don’t have homies I can tell so y'all had to hear it. DAMM.

i “known” for a while - i hoped i wuz wrong maybe misread the the feels and the signs - sometimes that happens - sometimes things change cuz nothing is fate pre ordained - but - i knew for sure a couple days ago - we wuz tawking  and i looked in her eyes - and she knew that i knew - and we just let it go - there were others around and it wasnt the place or the time - and i thought i had more time - a frequent mistake or denial - came by today to say hi - crowded w people - looking for a bargain - we talked a little - she said she was sorry - she didnt know how to tell me - came back a bit later  w the unpoet - she had never met the unpoet tho they had mutuals and knew of each other - they chatted - exchanged cell #s etc  - idk how things will play out - we stay friends and get closer - or fade to acquaintances - it happens despite the best of intentions 

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i had this crush on my best friend, but never tried to pursuit it because they had bad experiences with romance before, and then some time later they told me they liked me in a romantic way and we began to date! we were already really cuddly as friends, and one of our friends said it was pretty obvious afterwards that we liked each other even tho we had only met two times in person before because they live some states away. even today, i still fall in love daily for them, they are adorable af

this is so cute and soft oh my god imagine this………💖💘💕💔💛💗💜❤💖💚💕💔💖💚💕🌟💙

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So I'm a girl more recently identifying as bi and I think I have a girlfriend now??? We've met online and started talking in a more romantic sense lately and I'm so excited! I've never been in a relationship before though so it's a little nerve wrecking.

Hey that sounds exciting!!! Make sure both of you are on the same page about the nature of your relationship tho, so neither of you gets hurt. Communication is key to have a functioning and healthy relationship :)))) that’s the only advice I have. Well, and also: enjoy the thrill of getting to know each other!


Officially done with niggaz. (Except my dl West bull) but we inconsistent with each other. But being DL is hard, I’ve never had feelings for a nigga I just like masculine, and physical traits. When I’m horny and want a nigga I j/o and feel ashamed. When I try to give niggaz the benefit if the doubt n link I’m either disappointed, uninterested or lied to. Meaning y all sear y all DL then say you only fuck with niggaz tho. That’s not DL. or be low key fem or just B’S for no reason. I’ve only met 1 nigga that’s been 100. No bs, keep shit 100, legit DL and about they money. With that being said I’m already convinced so leave my msgs alone and just enjoy the pics.

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How did you met and fell in love with Semanale?

Oh 0//0
Well, we started texting each other and knowing each other better and in the summer time I started to get a crush on her, she was really nice to me and I liked her personality. Idk about her tho. Never told her my feelings until a few days after my birthday and surprisingly, She liked me back and then we started dating. @UvU@



Jealousy (Kyungsoo Smut)

So guys here comes a nice smutty story of Kyungsoo :3 She also asked it to be looooong in another ask so here you go! I hope you guys like it! Xoxo, Admin A~

I was new in town I was moving in because it was my dream to study college there and it finally came true. The problem was that I didn’t have enough money to have my own place and I only knew two people in Korea who could let me live with them. My aunt, who lived in the outskirts of the city, and my best friend, Kyungsoo. I didn’t know if I should tell him, I thought about it for months. He was my best friend but somehow I thought that things could change if I moved in with him. He also was busy all the time and I really didn’t want to bother him with anything.

But somehow he heard I didn’t have a place and even without me telling him about it, he took me to his flat after he picked me up in the airport. Kyungsoo was not only my best friend, he was my first love, but I never told him. Sometimes it felt awkward being around him because those memories would come back and an irrational need to kiss him emerged. I have to admit that his place was amazing. So spacious and simple, just like him. “You don’t need to worry about anything Y/N… everything mine is yours. I want you to feel at home”. He knew I wasn’t very comfortable, he gave me that angelical smile of his and then hugged me tight. “Welcome to Korea Y/N… I missed you a lot”. He whispered while having me in his arms.

A month passed and somehow he got a lot of free time to spend with me. He took me to a lot of places to get used to the city, we also went to some parties and I got to know some of his friends. When we didn’t feel like going out, we stayed home and talked for hours, like in the old times, or watched a movie or something. If life had stayed like that, I wouldn’t have complained. But somehow, things started to change. They changed slowly but you could notice them by the way we started to act towards each other. It wasn’t awkward… but close to it. 

At the beginning I didn’t mind, I thought it was normal because we never lived together even tho we were really close. I mean, we had stayed at each other’s houses but just a few days, not months, not years. But then it was not only this weird feeling, a sense of possession appeared. When we met someone and a guy tried to flirt with me, he would act like my boyfriend or even say he was. I didn’t mind because he was protecting me “like any brother would” or so I thought. But this began to confuse me, because of the past feelings I had and memories coming back all the time. I wanted to think he was just being protective but it didn’t feel like it. It was more like jealousy, and jealousy always comes with more complex emotions.

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how was your trip to indonesia, simon? how did it feel to meet aphin for the first time? what was your first meeting like?


Let me tell you about our first meeting,
We texted each other when I was at the airport in Sweden, before I board the plane, texts like - “Can you believe it?! We are actually going to see each other in a couple of hours!” . My flight was a 19 hour long trip, so after boarding the plane we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other for almost a day.

Minutes before landing in Jakarta I got teary , looking out the window and finally realising what was about to happen. So many emotions at that time! Eager, excited, nervous, anxious!!!

She was going to meet me up at the airport, but when I arrived she wasn’t at the gate, and I didn’t found any WiFi? So we had 30 min of panic, but on separate locations. She got worried about me and I was looking around for her. Haha. We tried to call but it didn’t work, I managed to send pictures of where I was tho and she figured out by the pictures where I was standing.

And then we met- we finally saw each other for the first time. Ahhhh.. so, ah, emotional to think back on actually. It’s hard to describe the feeling of meeting someone you craved, loved and longed for, but never actually met?
Like meeting a piece of my dream.
Ahhgaad she was so cute, SO CUTE, and I could tell she was nervous, – I was nervous?! Had to grab her arm every now and then to check that she was real!

So after hugs and happy but nervous stares we had to get a taxi from the airport.
I liked that cab ride. It was late and the sun had set but the traffic and the city light was so bright. Felt magical to watch all the sky high buildings from inside the taxi while resting my head on her shoulder and holding her hand to make sure she wasn’t an illusion. Such an unreal but incredibly happy feeling to know that this was the start of us! And whatever the future had planned, no matter what, I knew that I loved her.

And I still do, and I always will. Every part of me love every part of her!
I can’t wait to be with her again, she will be my December this year <3 


thats was like the lamest intrudction to a follow forever ive ever seen/made but whatever I LOVE YOU 

also this has so many errors im not even sorry 

sorry for that 


pdx2; im about to get rlly clingy even with ppl that i dont really talk to but wahtevs im disgusted about it… not really

pdx3; OH AND I WISH ALL A V V V V V V V HAPPY 2016!!!

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I was unfollowing people today and i realized 2 things : i follow a lot of people with harry icons and it’s time for my favorite blogs of 2013!!! yay!!!

So here are (in no particular order bc lazy) my fave people:

lilcraiic ohstylesno hscurls indiemalik tomlins cuminmydirection ashtenirwn mmalik zaynz fostertheppl stylesfarts clapbacking gostyles wankstyles payzer paynut purrmalik yayhaz zaynsmalik edsheerant zaynrocksmyworld omglouis harrycmon thirstyniall flawlessirish tomlinsarse finnysmiths niallslaugh harryxzayn everniam manlyliam swoggy harrystylesd  moaningforhoran outtatheskies whiteskimos styles-malik niallkawaii wmyb maistyles mr-styles niallsaintlaurent stairsboys stylessluts epicdirection zarauhl stylesness playedtilmyfingersbled horaneyes jamesniall feelingstyles

And here are really special people and you’re all special because of reasons so i’m just gonna say why okay

harcels -damn gurl i can’t even tell you how much i love you, i never thought it was possible to get so used and attached to someone you met on the internet and we know each other for a year now and jfc you’re amazing and i love you SO much and sdhjhs it would get too long if i wrote all that i want to write <3

genmastyles - yooo beth you’re like my best friend on here and you have no idea how grateful i am for all the things you sent to me and even tho like i feel you don’t really want to talk to me recently i love you very much and i hope we will stay friends for a looooong time

zourrys - you’re super nice and i love your edits and i wish we talked more because i really enjoyed that but i’m still too scared to talk to you sigh

dirtysmouth - i just LOVE to talk to you about after (you need to catch up!!) and generally great person and ily

omgzayn - your edits are perfect and you’re so so so so pretty and you always reblog my edits and i just love you for that bc you get me followers lmao

motelstyles - you’re one of those people i admire from afar and i wish they followed me and your posts are great and yeah ily

feelszarry - idk we never talk but i consider you one of the closer people and i feel like we have this special silent friendship and also edits 

dirtsbag - autumn your daydreams, damn the daydreams!!! you have writing talent and you always have cute themes also your eyebrows game is always hella strong and you’re generally so pretty uh

hstuyles - you’re also my after buddy and i just love how we talk about bringing after harry to life also your edits omg you’re always on my dash

styzles - i love your edits and your blog and i am grateful for those like 3 days of you following me and i need to talk to you more bc you’re so nice and yeah ily

edsharran - you’re like my best friend bc you sent me the book and i love it so much and you’re so cool and i wish we talked as much as we used to during summer bc i miss you very much

blamestyles - kammy you’re always so nice and we’re friends for such long time but i love you very much and you always help me when i need this and yeah you’re the best

niallar - i have no idea how i convinced you to follow me back but your blog is amazing and i live for your narry posts and you’re amazing in general 

captainmalik - yo my polish homie and i love you very much and idk you’re great remember when i used to hate you good times man

mczayn - you’re special because you always buy me alcohol when i need you (i need it for nye wink wink) but in general i hate you bc your selfies make me depressed so you can fuck off



Day 5 - Who do you ship?

Brienne x Jaime

“We don’t get to choose who we love.”

I SHIP THEM!! I don’t care if it’s platonic or romanic I just want these two to be together forever (preferably alive but ya know beggars can’t be choosers). They suit each other so well! Jaime has never met his match (I think that kind of turns him on… like A LOT) and Brienne well… Actually I think Brienne just kinda feels sorry for him. 

This couple tho!!! I just can’t explain my joy whenever I think of them! There are no more words to explain how much I love them.