tho this doesnt make sense but

yurio shouldntve won the GPF

 — and im not even saying that bc i wanted yuuri to win (tho i did), but bc it just…. doesnt make sense, for 3 key reasons: yurios narrative, yurios scores themselves, & yurios stamina. 2 of these have already been written in two gr8 meta posts, so ill start there:

yurios narrative (link to better, longer meta): that boy needed to lose to gain some humility. his whole problem was he hadnt been challenged by ppl in his age range (& yes, yuuri almost beat him - but he still won. at his senior debut.), and hed already settled out his narrative goals - have an incredible senior debut, grow out of viktors shadow a little, and set a world record

yurios scores (link to better, longer meta): his SP score was literally impossible, simple as that. he shouldntve scored that high, and those few extra impossible points wouldve bumped him down below yuuri

and finally, my real contribution here: yurios stamina just shouldnt be that good

its been established before that yuuri has incredible stamina - thus why has can do so many difficult jumps in the second half of his programs. its a character trait for him, just like how he gains weight easily or is hella anxious. yurio, meanwhile, in ep9, “skated beyond his limits” with his free skate, and scored a personal best
thats gr8! you go, yurio!! but….
how are we supposed to believe that yurio, who had skated beyond his limits last time he did this free skate, is now able to throw in an extra quad at the end of his program?
yurio shouldve been too tired to pull that. he didnt practice it, he doesnt have yuuris stamina, and he had already maxed out his potential on this program before it had another quad in it. that shits not easy to just throw in!!! it doesnt make sense that he was able to do it

TLDR: it makes little narrative sense for yurio to have won, he literally couldntve scored that high on his SP, & he shouldve been too tired to throw in that last quad

i might make a side blog thats sort of like a personal blog but also not rlly coz i want a place w not as many followers as this blog but i dont want to delete this blog ??!?!? does that make sense idk itd be public to every one tho i just want to be able to use a blog that doesnt have 31k some times

jack, the perfect soldier but a shitty friend. like, don’t get me wrong, he cherished the relationships that he made, and loved the people in his life but i get the distinct impression that his work came first. he needed to excel. he needed to live up and even SURPASS those expectations dropped on his soldiers because there was no reason to go at anything half-assed.

they said he inspired others, brought out the best in those around him but it wasn’t just moral that he was boosting. you see a man like jack, commanding, and leading a team with a strong head and clean-cut ideals and think “wow i wanna be that guy”. 

but idk i see him as the type of friend to make excuses ( he wouldn’t think they were excuses at the time ) to work on something when the group offered to grab drinks or supper together. the kind to sit by himself in the mess hall and go through files and only when he was swarmed or coaxed to join a packed table did he do so. the kind to really put himself and his work above all else. like, everyone came up second. placed on the back-burner. an after thought

Most of my headcannons about my dragons really reflect myself I think. If one of my lady dragons is mates with another lady dragon, in my head it doesn’t exactly mean i’d call her gay,bi, or even pan (but that doesn’t mean she’s straight either). My dragons to me are just kinda nothing, but like everything…?
I don’t like putting labels on myself and sometimes idk what I am, but it doesn’t bother me i like it that way.

god fuck i always talk about this and its always the same fucking point but the people who went “halsey is my queen!! bae!!” barely a year ago are the exact same people who are saying the meanest and vicious things about her.. about her identity, her race, her illness, her fucking miscarriage…. everything you can think of under the sun because suddenly its Cool and Edgy to hate halsey lol!! fuck halsey shes so fake right? she doesnt hang out with the 1975 anymore bcause shes got her cool and more popular famous friends like jb!! shes lying about being mixed race even tho that doesnt make any sense! she doesnt REALLLY have bipolar! fuck her! its all so blatantly misogynistic and vile i sometimes wish she never got big and was still this underground artist who sings at small clubs and bars

fuckingchatnoir ha respondido a tu publicaciónI have just remembered something about Antibug….

in the english dub Im pretty sure she said something like “unstoppable” when Chat said they make a good team or somthing

Ok so i wasnt hearing things then xD. And that it happened in the English dub as well confirms that at least something was said in the Latin one since is based on the English dub and not the French dub (something that doesnt make sense AT ALL because French is more similar to Spanish but well, Disney is the one doing the stuff *shrugs*) 


Roxas in a J&D-esque design to match the Sora I drew earlier! Got a bit carried away but long ears are too cute okay

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Why are Bison and Kano fighting?? What caused it?

kano’s a piece of shit that’s why.
seriously tho it’s all cuz of a fuckin meme bison’s mun answered and then we were just like…… we should… rp that……… Cuz like… This is taking place post SFV, and SFV has Bison dying y’know (ofc he’ll come back, i mean he is mentioned in the game that takes place after the SFV timeline and w/e you shouldn’t ask me for details) and like, while he was gonezo Shadaloo kinda went bye-bye. So now, Bison has no political influence, no crime empire, no psycho power, no money, so basically I mean to Kano that makes you worthless y’know. Bison still has enemies so ofc his head is worth money and y’know, Kano is as opportunistic as ever, Bison is old news now

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21, 36, and 39!!!

21. What I love most about myself

probably my sense of style. it doesn’t make sense because one day i’ll go ~full goth~ then the next day i’ll be wearing a pink skirt and knee high socks and a pink fur jacket (picture scream queens lolol.) so even tho i have no specific style, i own a lot of clothes and can kind of make them work.

36. Where I would like to live

this is really hard bc i would like to live in a lot of places. i’ve always really liked the idea of wales though.

39. My favorite ice cream flavor

already answered but bc this is short, coffee!

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hi do you think that OA's therapist just showing up at her house when French was there had a reason? (well i mean it probably did but i was wondering what you thought about it?)

ya! i personally think the therapist planted the books to discredit her story. he sounds really frantic when he asks if anyone else is there. and plus oa wouldnt know how to read written english yet so it doesnt make sense that she had like 4 novels. like it wouldve been impossible for her to read all of them and also fabricate the story. i just think that the therapist was like maybe working with hap maybe to make it so nobody she tells believes her. idk fr sure tho

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omg i know like i never would have thought she’d be in on the WHOLE PLOY W MICHAEL AND EVERYONE!!!!!!! and what about the dude from the “bad place” like was he in ON IT TOO omg!!!! so many things abt michael make so muCH SENSE NOW! like michael literally telling chidi his life’s work belongs in the traSH BASICALLY. and like when shawn and michael were in the bedroom with them all deciding and shawn was like “man chidi can’t write” or w/e he said i was like ???? that’s FISHY AF!! but i never guessed THAT PLOT TWIST. like i cANT BELIEVE. i’m gonna cry if it’s not renewed. like it’s so good and i love everyone. plus i gotta know if eleanor finds chidi like her note said lmao

ok so by request heres some more mentally ill newsies fam headcanons (a bit of an extension on this post) and before we begin, since there was some confusion last time, im mentally ill and this isnt romanticization, it’s a coping mech. enjoy. tw dissociation, past child abuse, disordered eating, self destructive behavior, homophobia

  • speaking of coping mechs, betting is racetrack’s lmao it gives him a sense of control over his money and habits and stuff like that even tho realistically hes got less control over it than he used to back when his parents used to take nearly everything he made, before he ran away
  • if he doesnt get to go down to the races at least a couple times a week he starts getting real anxious and twitchy and snappy so even though sheepshead is technically brooklyn, both jack and spot let him sell over there
  • jack’s super tactile because it’s really grounding for him & makes him feel connected and present. like just laying a hand on davey’s shoulder or putting his legs in someone’s lap while theyre just chillin helps him remember that he’s u know..a real person. in a real place. and not just lost in his head or whatever
  • he hated the refuge for a lot of reasons but one of the biggest is that snyder used to isolate him and keep him away from the other kids bc he was such a troublemaker so he literally had no way of grounding himself and it was distressing and scary and bad and he dissociated a lot because of it
  • a lot of the guys have weird relationships with food bc they dont get a lot of it so sometimes they get to a point where theyre just..forgetting to buy food. it happens to the older ones a lot bc theyre, u kno, saving their money for an apartment in a couple years, or a new pair of shoes for the smallest newsie, or a jacket for winter. and food becomes sidelined
  • usually tho they all make a habit of checking in and being like, dude did you eat today?? well did you eat yesterday then?? no? ok we’re getting something now. theyre all a little fucked up but they care about each other so theyve all got someone watching their backs
  • davey kinda feels like he’s invading this family space at first and he tries not to be intrusive or assume anything and he doesnt realize how much everyone actually cares about him until he doesnt sell for two days bc hes sick and wakes up in the middle of the night the second day to like ten newsies on his fire escape trying to figure out if hes ok
  • comfort objects….most of them have one or two…jack’s got a book about santa fe that he knows by heart and also his sketchbook, spot’s got his cane, boots has his marbles (haha)
  • theres…a lot of self destructive behavior that goes on. like, nobodys gonna stop any newsie from really doing anything or going anywhere unless its a turf problem so theyre free to do really ill advised things that they know will make them feel shitty bc. they just want to
  • not everyone makes a habit of it obviously but like. yeah. jack hangs around near the refuge sometimes just to hate it more and sometimes spot sees his family on the street and follows them around for a bit because fuck them ok he’s the king of brooklyn and he can do what he wants. hes not the same 12 yr old they kicked out for liking boys. and who cares if just seeing their faces makes him want to throw up
  • they monitor the headlines for each other in an attempt at a trigger warning for the guys who might be set off by something in the paper. thats why jack and race and the older guys always get their papers first so they can scan it and like if some woman was found murdered in an alley and they know that the newest kids dad died in a similar way, they can warn them not to look at that article
  • sometimes theyre not fast enough to warn the person though or sometimes they accidentally get triggered themselves and those are really bad days bc you cant really sell while youre having a panic attack. and usually the person will have already bought their papes, too, so every divvys them up and sells em and gives the money to the guy at the end of the day bc it’s not his fault
  • after crutchie gets out of the refuge he and jack talk about it a lot in private and just like. get it all out. bc its a fresh trauma for crutchie and an old one for jack that hes never been able to properly talk about bc nobody gets it, but now crutchie does get it. and it really helps the two of them to heal and feel better about the whole thing
  • theyre all definitely a family with a really good support system and i know ive been focusing on the manhattan newsies with a couple references to spot but trust me its very similar in brooklyn and the other boroughs bc theyre all in kind of a sinking boat together you know
  • the separate boroughs start working together a lot close since the rally and the union got formed obviously and everyone kinda figures out theyve been doing the same sorts of coping mechs and behaviors and building the same kind of support systems entirely separate from each other
  • theyre all a union, the newsboys union, and theyve always been acting like one

About the whole HP North American “native inspired” sorting houses:

JR obviously didnt wanna put a lot of work or research into this & just picked whatever resembled the hogwarts houses lol. The horned Serpent house especially doesnt make sense, since I can name a couple of Native cultures that view The Horned Serpent animal/spirit as evil & reaaaallly something you wouldn’t wanna be associated with. Like for Crees, it was a giant snake that lives in lakes & eats people (particularily CHILDREN) that wander too close to its waters while alone. I think we call them “Misikinopik”.

This whole problem with her ideas on Native magic tho is that it kind of ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and not at all in the way she pictured. A few swift google searches could’ve told her that. & shes kind of acting as if Native Magic didn’t/doesn’t exist, that its inferior because its not the same as the European sense of Magic, & that anything surrounding that didn’t happen.

Im still so bitter over this. I love Harry Potter myself, but damn.


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