tho they fight a lot

Reasons I am the Demogorgon

- No one likes me
- Ugly
- would let Steve Harrington hit me with a bat
- makes weird noises a lot

  • Warren and Bucky, simultaneously: Yeah, this evil organization picked me up at my worst time, proceeded to replace one of my vital assets with metal replicas, and sent me to destroy the world
  • Warren and Bucky: ...
  • Warren: Did we-
  • Bucky: Just become-
  • Both: BEST FRIENDS?!!!!!??!?!????
  • Steve and Kurt: get your emo leather jacket wearing butt back here smh why are you like this

i love how to the other members mingyu’s a total savage like look at this

and this

but to wonwoo he’s like

and like

but i think we can all agree that lee jihoon wins in the end

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What about your kiddo revali interacting with one or two of the other child champions. You made such adorable designs after all! And since you want something to do with revali, there's always that. As far as specific scenario goes, I'm not really sure, but anything with that chubby little rito chick should be pretty great on it's own

lil revali and link fighting a lot tho hhahahhhh

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To ensure the integrity of the eo fandom I believe we should start boycotting those who use the male characters more than the lovely ladies. Better yet run them out of the fandom completely, especially if they write yaoi instead of yuri. Who's with me?

I get why everyone is talking about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun since both the anime and manga is really good but why is no one I’ve seen talking about Tsubaki Izumi’s previous manga??? Oresama teacher is like a gold mine of bad jokes + the main character is a previous banchou and a total sweetheart like- 

look at her

(also she has to crossdress sometimes!!)

All characters are as great tho

(There’s lots of serious fights too tho!)

The cover art is gorgeous

and also we have Usa-chan Man!

It’s still ongoing but I’ve read it like two times. It has 105 chapters so far



Jongin guarding his bae during MAMA 2015

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Jaeger insanity seems to be genetic (*sarcastic tones* Thanks a lot, Grisha) Zeke and Eren both obviously have it—expressed in different ways—how are the others in the family? Do Eren’s children have the insanity gene too? Or did Mikasa’s genes manage to override it? (C’mon Acker-genes!)

Honestly I love the fact that the eremika kids are all genetically op as fuck lmfao.

But I’d say the ones who really inherited, not just the (for lack of a better term) insanity, but are just VERY Jaeger in general are: Marianna, DJ, Dominick, and Max. 

The Ackerman still shines through for them at times (especially in a battle) but my god are they their father’s children. Peter, Nora, and Eliza are very Ackerman.

30 Days OTP Challenge!!

Day 22:In battle, side-by-side

This was by far the hardest one to draw OTL

haikyuu x hogwarts

Soo, I got asked to share my Haikyuu Hogwarts au headcanons for my fav characters by lovely @time-limit​ so here ya go 


  • Muggleborn
  • 100% Hufflepuff honestly fight me on this
  • turns into an animagus in his 3rd year after a backfired experiment with his best bro that included a forbidden potion
  • that’s a secret though because otherwise they would both obviously get expelled or worse
  • his animagus form is a great horned owl, while his patronus is a hawk
  • his favorite subject is Care of magical creatures
  • plays in the position of Chaser at the Hufflepuff Quidditch team
  • becomes captain is his 6th year


  • Ravenclaw student
  • is a Pureblood coming from a notable house
  • has adopted prejudices against muggleborns from his parents, but changes his mind after he met Bokuto
  • is one of the best students in the school
  • favorite subjects are Charms and History of Magic
  • he’s kinda bad at Potions though (compared to his other subjects at least)
  • he’s only able to produce a Patronus charm after he became friends with Bokuto and is amazed that it turned out as a Great horned owl
  • (he’s slightly embarrassed about that fact)
  • Has no interest in Quidditch at all 


  • Slytherin & Halfblood
  • The family of his father is notorious for their connection to the Dark arts
  • he’s therefore got a bad reputation at school
  • only his close friends know he’s basically the opposite of a dark wizard
  • best friends with Bokuto and a secret animagus as well (in form of a black cat)
  • favorite subjects are Potions and ironically, Defense against the dark arts
  • his patronus is a panther
  • also Keeper of the Slytherin Quidditch team
  • his ambition is to become an Auror


  • a halfblood Ravenclaw student
  • he didn’t know about his mother being a witch since she died early and his father never told him
  • for a Ravenclaw, he’s kinda lazy (but still good in most subjects)
  • does not particularly enjoy going to Hogwarts but still prefers it to his old muggle school
  • during his childhood he befriends a neighborhood cat, later it turns out the cat is no other than Kuroo Tetsurou in his animagus form
  • he’s friends with Akaashi and Hinata (a Gryffindor student)
  • managed to sneak in his handheld and fav games in his 2nd year at school (but tends to play in secret because his fellow students keep annoying him about how this strange muggle device even works)
  • his patronus is a domestic cat


  • Slytherin student coming from a family of Purebloods
  • plays in the position of Seeker and later becomes captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team
  • most of his friends are in Slytherin as well
  • he’s a very good student and ambitous to become an outstanding wizard
  • favorite subjects are Charms, Transfiguration and Astronomy
  • owns a white fluffy pet cat
  • he’s amazed by dark magic but doesn’t engulf further in it after an accident where he cursed one of his friends
  • his Patronus is a fox


  • Halfblood & Gryffindor 
  • Beater at the Quidditch team
  • has already been friends with Oikawa before Hogwarts
  • Oikawa was the one who told him that he might be a wizard
  • they are probably the only Slytherin/Gryffindor duo who aren’t rivals
  • (they still get into lots of fights and discussions tho, especially because Iwa hates everything related to the Dark arts)
  • his patronus is an American foxhound
  • favorite subjects are Herbology and Muggle studies
  • edit: he’s been adopted that’s why he doesn’t know about the wizarding world even though he’s halfblood

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I know you say stuff about how natural systems aren't real but like. I just wanna know why I have a system but there was nothing traumatic that happened to me. My dad and step mom yelled a lot when I was little tho, they got into fights and I cried a lot, does that count??? I feel like everyone here would get mad at me if I didn't go through something big or like abuse or anything but I still have DID.

I mean yeah that counts as traumatic but it’s also very possible, in fact likely, that there is stuff you don’t remember that other alters remember as that’s kind of one of the main points of DID. Protecting the host from the trauma or abuse (trauma does not always have to be abuse, it can be other things as well like natural disasters, living in war zones, seeing someone die, etc). I’m not saying this because I want you to have had more trauma but when people buy into natural systems it can cause people with DID or OSDD to bury their trauma more because they think “oh well you can have a system without trauma” and proceed to block out and ignore the real cause. 

ahh, I started thinking, isn’t it kind of unfair to draw fanart of all sorts of side-characters, but not the main one? and since I couldn’t go to bed yet, I figured might as well paint a quick Sena.

I found myself liking him a lot more this time reading through… even though it was a bit worrisome in the beginning, he did grow up quite fine in true shounen hero fashion.

woah there buddy whats up with the Ichi discourse all of a sudden

i get that he isn’t always the kindest, but he’s not an abuser? Its kinda something that all siblings do at some point, ofc they’re gonna treat eachother with disrespect

I’m not gonna say that Ichi is ‘such a smol bean that needs to be protected uwu’, but he ain’t an abuser either,,,,