tho just posting because it's been a while


so i haven’t really been updating yall with what i’ve been doing on my main lately

i haven’t had as much time to play but i’ve been focusing on completing all the task sets (when im not afking) bc that’s something i’ve neglected for a long time while working towards max

kinda stuck on the desert tasks rn tho because surprisingly enough for a maxed player with a quest cape, i’ve never once touched dominion tower, so now i have to pretty much complete the whole thing from scratch

will make another post about my progress with that in a lil bit

So, I don’t usually write about my personal life on here. Not because any of it is really a secret, but just because well.. I don’t want to clutter this place with my life, I guess? That’s why I use the tag “goddamnit vi” for all my posts regarding what I’m up to IRL. Today I do want to make a pretty big announcement tho, and before I do I should tell you guys that a while back I broke up with my boyfriend. Nothing too sad.. we just were more friends than partners, so we decided to just become roommates and leave it at that. So that’s how its been for a while now. We’re still the best of friends, just not boyfriend/girlfriend.

Then, bronycon 2016 happened…

or more precise, this dork happened.

Over the course of a few months I’ve gradually been developing a more and more serious crush on a specific goat boi. Enough to make me want to go see him IRL before attending bronycon with him this year. And well…

That concludes my days as single~! ^3^
(much to Gloomy’s annoyance apparently)

I love him more than I’ve loved anyone ever before. Its like I’ve known him for years already. He makes me so very happy with his giggles, dorky antics and cuddly hugs, and for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve met someone who completes me, and shares most of my interests. In short, I think we make a good team~

Now the future seems both more scary and more exciting than ever~

I’m just so happy, guys! >3<