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i was just wondering if you could maybe draw us a silly little comic or something? i miss them! they were the best :D


Eren: Did you hear that Levi? He said you look nice!

Levi: eren pls


Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you

for @arthur-of-the-pendragons‘s kiss fest

Guess what musical did I see in the theater last Friday


Turning MORE Disney Heroes into DnD Characters! | Disney and Dragons SPEEDPAINT

Re-imagining another batch of Disney heroes as different DND classes – and these are probably my favorite ones so far! ✨

Been having requests for more of these designs ever since my first Disney & Dragons video went up, and it was real fun to re-visit the concept! This video also took aaaages to make, so I’m glad to finally have it uploaded XD

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dan: posts about the 1975′s new album and says


me, a logical person: fully aware he’s talking about ‘give yourself a try’ which is what he actually posted and probably also ‘the man who married a robot’, maybe ‘sincerity is scary’

the demon who runs my brain: ‘m i n e


things you grow into

HTGAWM may not have ended the way you wanted but when you think about it everyone got the ending the “deserved.”

  • Annalise spent six seasons protecting everyone was found innocent and lived a long happy life.
  • Bonnie and Frank who killed multiple people with no remorse died.
  • Connor, who actually felt guilt, went to jail, did his time, and ended up with Oliver.
  • Michaela suffered enough in her childhood by her foster family didn’t go to jail and became a judge, but ended up alone.
  • Laurel’s only issue was risking everything trying to find out what happened to Wes and put his killer in jail, told the truth on the stand, then raised Christopher who became a lawyer and professor in the same class his parents met in.
  • Wes and Asher, who were the only Keating 5 to actually kill someone, died.
  • Nate admitted to Annalise his part in everything, helped her win her case, and opened up a justice center to help people like his father.
  • The Governor, who only came after Annalise because of the Supreme Court case, was killed.

Maybe you wanted Michaela and Connor to die, or Bonnie and Frank to live happily ever after. But everyone basically got what was coming to them. Well, except Nate maybe.

I’m uncertain why, per this article, cursive seems to be falling fast out of favor with younger generations. Even in an extremely computer-heavy world, there are lots of tasks that require writing by hand, for which I find cursive is considerably faster than a print hand–and for any extended task, like note-taking or exam-writing in university, absolutely essential if I want to complete it with any modicum of efficiency. Cursive is a pretty simple skill, at least compared to even more efficiency-focused methods of writing like shorthand (which definitely had their place when all paperwork was done by hand, but were never general skills taught to every schoolchild), and in theory it’s no more complicated than learning a print hand. After all, there’s a 1:1 correspondence of cursive and print letterforms.

I don’t take the tack it’s an essential skill, or that its loss is somehow a mark of the decline of our civilization; that’s nonsense. D’Nealian cursive–which is what I learned as a kid, and what most people seem to mean when they refer to “cursive”–is just one script among many cursive scripts, and from a paleographic point of view, any hand written at speed that evolves distinct letterforms as a result can probably be fairly called “cursive,” even if the letters aren’t joined (cf. Roman cursive). I guess what just confuses me is that anybody taught a set of letterforms meant to be written at speed would not find it an incredibly useful skill, worth keeping up well into adult life.

but given is so much more than a BL anime, people are trying to force it down that category because most of the characters in the anime are gay but they all have such compelling and well thought backstories, and if you are one of the persons that didnt give it a chance because it fell under the yaoi category i’m begging you to give it a shot there is literally so much to love about that anime and it’s falling under the radar because of the bl tag it’s just such a good show and i cannot belie