tho it will be a slow song

Power Rangers high school head canons:

• Billy wants to do the talent show but he doesn’t want to do it alone and he’s not really sure what talent to show so the rest of the rangers volunteer to do a group dance with him
- Trini refuses to dance in front of their shitty school so she choreographs their routine because her mom used to make her take dance classes and at Kim’s urging, she agrees to do the running man across the stage
- Jason is so bad but he has so much enthusiasm people still love it
- Kim is so good????
- Zack does all this weird acrobatic shit and can barely follow the steps it’s great
- Billy has the fucking time of his life
- They win???

• They are voted “Cutest Best Friends” for the yearbook superlatives
- It’s the first “group”  (more than 2 people) win in their school history
- For their picture they buy cheap Power Rangers costumes and do a Classic Power Rangers Pose™
- No one realizes.

• They all go to Prom together
- For the promenade, they force the announcer dude to say “Kimberly Hart, escorted by Trini, escorted by Zack Taylor, escorted by Jason Scott, escorted by Billy Cranston”
- Their parents are all watching it on the local channel
- Zack’s mom cries with happiness, look at her baby and his friends
- Actually so does Billy’s mom
- They have a great fucking time
- Trini and Kim definitely dance together 90% of the time tho, lots a grinding, let’s be real
- They also definitely start making out at some slow song how fantastic
Once they decided to go to prom they started campaigning for Billy to win prom king
- He fucking wins
- Zack and Jason carry him on their shoulders to the stage
- They go to the quarry after and get fucking hammered

Lgbt+ songs list

So I know that a great thing is seeing some representation of yo self in media, so here’s a masterlist of songs with lgbt+ themes. Some of the song don’t seem lgbt+ themed themself, but are stated to be by the creators or the singer is gay. Personally as a closeted queer I love hearing songs i can relate to

Love songs(songs about a romantic/sexual relationship of some sort:

Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko

All the things she said - t.A.T.u

My boots - Lights(actually about canadians winters but sounds very gay)

The blow - Parentheses

Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko

Wherever We Are - Human Life

Beautiful day - Brett Avery

End of the world - Matt Alber(sad ballade)

Venus - Lady Gaga(sounds gay too)

Too young to be in love - Hunx and his punx

Closer, Boyfriends, Stop Desire, etc - Tegan and Sara(the duo are lesbians so they have a lot of lgbt+ love songs.

Might tell you tonight - Scissor Sisters

Let’s make love and listen from death from the above - CSS

If I Had You - Adam Lambert(probably one of the most famous ones on this list)

I’m Not Gonna To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids(straight dude sings from the perspective of a lesbian)

She keeps me warm - Mary Lambert

Jenny - Studio Killers(AWESOME music video, must watch)

Girlfriend - Icona Pop(could be a bff song, but they use the term Girlfriends so)

Gay Pirates - Cosmo Jarvis

Him - Geo Louis

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill(reccomending this to feminists)

She - Jen Foster

Sweet Girl - Nicole Dollaganger

Hood - Perfume Genius

Night Go Slow - Catey Shaw

SEE - Potions

Ghost - Halsey

Ironworks - Baths

Against the night - Child Actor

I didn’t just kiss her - Jen Foster(sounds a bit non consensual??but idk??)

Love You Anyway - Ji Nilsson & Marlene(i think Ji Nilsson has more lgbt+ songs)

Cool for the summer - Demi Lovato(some say it’s a biphobic song tho..)

I kissed a girl - Katy Perry(personally don’t like giving Katy Perry cred for making this song, since she also made the song “You’re so gay”)


Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! at the disco

DON’T WAIT - Joey Graceffa

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Spectrum - Boyinaband ft. Cryotic & Minx

Different - Naomi King

Define Me - Ryan Amador

Same Love - Macklemore 

It Gets better - Todrick Hall

Everyone is gay - A Great Big World

If you were gay - Avenue Q(from a musical)

It’s OK to be gay - Tomboy


Spectrum - Ryan Amador ft. Jo Lambert & Gyasi Ross

Gay Bar - Electric Six

Help Me - findingconnor(very nice song about being trans by a trans person)

My body is a cage - Arcade Fire

Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me!

The Love You Have In You - Asbjørn(I think he has other lgbt+ theme songs??)

Around - Russell Elliot

She Likes Girls - Metro Station(it’s kinda like a straight dude’s perpective on lesbians/bisexual girls, but maybe you’ll like it?)

The Gay Song - Lesbian Answers

Only a girl - Gia(the music video is like a lesbian orgy fantasy of a straight dude tho..)

I don’t do boys - Elektra

Girls - Beatrice Eli

Girl or boy - Dani Shay

Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of eachother - Pansy Division


COMING OUT - Ally Hills

Spa Day - Le1f

Girls and Boys - Blur

I’m your man - Alexander Jasper(he has other songs with trans themes)

Break Free - Ruby Rose

My Body Is Not A Apology - Aston Colby

Gay Goth Scene - The hidden cameras

Pansexual - PansexyJenny(bad audio quality, super cute tho)

Gay or European - Legally Blonde(also from a musical)

Feel free to add some and please share so others see all these queer songs!!

Sun and Blake: *Do a slow romantic dance together*

Sun: *Winks at Blake twice*

Blake: *Blushes*

Sun and Blake: *Mutual bride carrying*

Blake: *Smiles softly at Sun and calls him her hero*

*Literally have 2 songs dedicated to them*

FNDM: ew such forced evidence you got there to support a romantic implication! There’s clearly no chemistry at all between those two


Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

I got thinking about sana and yousef dancing together & now I can’t get the idea out of my head (this was just meant to be headcanons but it kinda turned into a oneshot so enjoy lol):

• yousef and sana at the beginning of their relationship still feeling a bit shy in front of each other so yousef sticks to dancing by himself/with the boys

• one day sana’s in her room chilling with chris (i miss their friendship ok?) when Keep Ya Head Up by 2pac suddenly starts blaring through the apartment
• sana tries to just keep on doing her thing, scrolling through her phone, ignoring the song, but chris is staring at her like “sana?? hello??? can you not hear that extremely loud music????” and sana just brushes it off like “oh it’s just yousef and the boys, they’re probably dancing or something”
• so now chris is staring at her like?? your boyfriend dances??? do they all dance?? does MIKAEL dance?? is he good????? sana I have to see this
• sana (because she doesn’t wanna make yousef uncomfortable) just shakes her head and tells chris she should drop it, “they’re not that great, plus my mum could dance better than mikael any day” (but secretly we all know sana loves watching yousef dance, she loves the way he’s so at peace and looks so happy when he’s dancing, plus he’s so GOOD at it)
• for about 30 seconds they stay sitting on the floor, but now sana’s just pretending to scroll through her phone because all she really wants to do is get up and rap/sing along with the music
• eventually she can’t take it anymore, she huffs and gives in, gets up and opens the door (they’re playing 2pac, that’s practically begging for her attention)
• the girls walk out of sana’s room (chris is very intrigued and excited because boys dancing !!!) and they find the boys crowded around yousef who’s dancing in the middle of the living room, showing them a routine
• sana tries to hold chris back from walking into the room because she still doesn’t want to make yousef uncomfortable, but chris walks straight in, winking at mikael as she does so
• sana however stays behind the door, standing there with that cute lil smile on her face because she adores watching yousef so much, he’s so into the dance, moving with the music and smiling, and all his friends are so in awe of him but then yousef opens his eyes and sees sana in the doorway (seems to be a common theme in this relationship) and he gets all bashful because he doesn’t want to dance in front of her
• this is met with a chorus of “bro what the fuck???” “why can’t sana watch you” “come on man you’re so good” from the boys (because they see how talented he is, they just want him to show it off!!!)
• then chris, who just has her eyes on mikael tbh, decides to pipe up like “ok yousef, how about we turn this into a dance contest, you’ve had your go so how about, I don’t know… mikael!! how about you dance next”
• all the boys start laughing, pushing mikael into the middle of the room, but he pushes back like “now boys, you’ve all seen me dance and we know I’m incredible, that’s a given, but you know who we’ve never seen dance? sana. I think she should go next”
• everyone starts chanting her name (other than yousef who’s just staring at her very fondly) and she’s just like “hahaha nooo I don’t dance, I’ve got better things to be doing” and starts walking back to her room when yousef catches her arm and suggests that maybe the two of them could.. dance together? (this is met with a chorus of cheers from everyone else, especially chris, who wants to see sana actually dance, not just bob her head like she does at parties)
• plus yousef may be embarrassed dancing in front of sana alone but he’s willing to push that aside to get her to dance in front of him (even better WITH him)
• the boys start playing the music again and sana’s just staring at yousef as he starts moving his hips to the music and pulling her back into the room because she’s stuck when she looks at him??? she can’t move for the life of her because she’s nowhere near as good as yousef and she’s never properly danced in front of anyone else so what is she meant to do??? but yousef just smiles at her, moves his hand down to hold hers and squeezes it gently
• at first they’re just looking at each other and stepping side to side (and yousef is smiling so hard now but sana’s trying to keep her Feelings on the down low so she’s trying to look unimpressed; inside she is screaming) but then the song gets to the chorus and yousef dramatically twirls her around as they hear ‘keep ya head up’ being sung and then sana can’t help herself, she finally lets herself move a little more to the music (relaxing, nodding her head, and stepping in time with yousef, even swaying her hips ever so slightly, and letting herself smile just a tiny bit) because she loves this song and she really likes this boy
• both of them start quietly singing/rapping along to the song (you know sana knows all the words and yousef learnt them all once he realised sana loves 2pac) and they eventually completely forget that their friends are watching them because they’re in a world of their own now, just surrounded by the music, smiling and dancing with each other
• they only stop when the song fades away and the boys all starting clapping and yelling “THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL” but as sana turns around, she sees chris filming them on her phone so sana practically jumps onto her and grabs the phone away to delete the video
• “but sana that was so cute, vilde would love it… can’t I just send it to the girls????”
• “sana bakkoush doesn’t do cute. you can never tell anyone about this. NONE OF YOU can ever tell anyone about this” (but inside Soft Sana is smiling because she knows it was cute and she really enjoyed it)
• the joke’s on sana though because mikael filmed the whole dance and he uploads it onto Hei Briskeby
• cue the comments from vilde and eva like “SANA YOU AND YOUSEF ARE GOALS😍😍😍😍 ALL OF US HAVE TO GO DANCING SOMETIME!!!💖🌸
• elias comments "she got her dancing skills from me guys you’re welcome”
• isak comments “you’re better at dancing than you are at biology, maybe you should stick to that from now on
also even wants me to say that this is the sweetest thing in the world, better than any romance film he’s ever seen (ur still not cuter than us tho sorry)”

• after this day, dancing becomes a regular thing for sana and yousef (but only when they’re alone so that sana doesn’t have to grab any more phones)
• when they’re feeling silly they dance to upbeat bubblegum pop songs (very evak-esque), just jumping around and grinning at each other and when one of them’s sad or stressed they’ll put on something slow and just be together, not having to say anything
• dancing becomes an easy way for them to communicate without words, one of them will just put on a song and they’ll dance together knowing that it only has to be the two of them and they can let everything go for a little while

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it took me several plays to fully appreciate Spring Day. This song is not like any simple pop song. It's so beautifully layered, especially with the vocals. This is my favourite BTS song <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said: tbh, I really had to get used to Spring Day (was expecting more of a ballad) and I’m only just starting to like it. The MV is really good tho!

Anonymous said: I really liked spring day… It’s a different kind of song. I’m not really into slow songs but they make it sooo good. My fav song is YNWA. All the album its amazing

Anonymous said: My fav song was save me and spring day topped it.

Anonymous said: I absolutely love YNWA even though it’s just 4 new songs. The 4 new songs are still packed will meaning, which is a lot for me already.

For me, Spring Day is a strategic move by bighit/bangtan coz let’s be honest, it’s very easy to make Not Today as the title track. In fact, Bang PD worked on Not Today and not Spring Day, and he usually works on the title track. But it also shows the confidence of Bangtan with how honest they are with their work. And that they know if they genuinely work hard on it, work on things that they like, people will appreciate it in their own ways.

They’ve been doing lit title tracks for a while now and have gained a lot of attention from WINGS album. By releasing Spring Day, if you’re already a fan before, they know you’ll like it. If you’re not a fan yet and was not attracted to BST or FIIRE, then a change of pace (Spring Day) might make you change your mind about them and think, “oh hey, they can have songs like this I want to listen to?” which results to more people checking out their music and such. So I think it’s a great idea to give us Spring Day as a title track. and thank you all for listening to it whether it was to your liking or not ^_^

All My Friends Are Heathens, Pt.4

Summary: In an alternate universe where monsters roam freely among humans, eight of these creatures group together under one roof. Their newest member, a dark vampire, comes to meet their reoccurring house guest who may be more than what she seems.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2333
Genre: AU
Warnings: Mentions of blood.
A/N: HOLY CRAP THO RIGHT?! The song says “take it slow” but I really think I took it too far. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long for Pt.5 though! Alright so here it is, I hope you like it, okay love you bye!!
(gif credit)

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Prequel | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

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The next full moon is in two days. I’ll come to you then. And then maybe…” He breathed coolly over the faint mark on your neck. His fingers moved to toy with the hem of your nightgown, lifting it slightly until he reached your upper thigh. He chuckled darkly when you whimpered. “And then maybe, you’ll come for me.”

And then he was gone.

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Do You Hear That

Okay, buddy, pal, kiki, my child, first off: HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY @coralreefskim​ !!!! I hope you had a GREAT ONE and it’s NOT OVER YET BECAUSE THERE IT’S YOUR BDAY GIFT! 

IS IT CRAP? PROBABLY! CAN YOU SAY IT THO? NO! So, I’m good, lmao. *Shoves it to your face* ENJOY! 


Alright so: Birthday gift for tiny baby Kim. Based on that OTP prompt thing that SHE wanted me to do so, like, if you cry blame it on her. I literally can NOT write something without mentioning Klance or Broganes and I’m so sorry….not really.

Essence of the Prompt:  Imagine Shallura slow-dancing to a love song, with Shiro quietly singing the words in Allura’s ear as everything around them is a fucking mess and everyone’s dead and in ruins and they saved the Universe but fuck it they ded anyways.  

Content: Death. Death. And yeah. Death. Oh, and Shallura. Faint???Shallura? BACKGROUND KLANCE.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Song “All About Us” belongs to He is We.

Shiro likes humming.

He usually does it for himself; when he’s feeling down, for when he just need a moment to take a breather. It does wonders to him. It keeps his senses sharp and yet his body relaxed.

That’s why Shiro hums as he takes Allura’s hand and pulls her close, not even bothering to wipe the fresh tears running down her face.

He doesn’t dare to stop humming because if he stops then that will mean that three people that he cared about were lost and trapped inside a black hole with no way out.

He doesn’t stop because then the two unmoving bodies with red and blue armor they left behind in the dying Balmera will become a reality.

Because then that will mean that the war is over, just like his team’s cause and lives.

That will mean that the only family he had left is dead.

It will mean that –

Shiro lets out a shuddered sigh as his head echoes with the terrified screams that had come from the Green Lion as the black hole kept pulling it deeper into its depths. His mind plays the scene over again and he can clearly see the way the Yellow Lion hadn’t even hesitated to dive in after Green. Shiro tries but there’s nothing he can do before he remembers the way Pidge and Hunk’s screams had filled the comms and Coran had tried his best to help them from his pod only to get sucked in along with them and then, in less than a tick, everything had gone silent.

Shiro shakes his head, trying in vain to push those memories away but then the image of Lance and Keith’s beaten up forms fill his head and he can see them right in front of him as they keep bleeding out from their broken armor, both of them close to each other and Shiro can’t breathe because Keith’s eyes are unfocused and glassy, their flame inside them dead and he tries.

Shiro tries to reach. He tries and tries to reach them both but they keep getting further away, they slip through his fingers and nothing he can do can change the fact that they are both de –

“Hey,” Allura’s soft voice snaps him out of his thoughts, squeezing their interlocked hands a little, “Breath. It’s…They…Just breath, p-please. It’s - It’s over –” Her breath hitched with a sob before she drops her head in defeat on Shiro’s chest. “It’s o-over. Stay w-with me and b-breath, p-please.”

Shiro picks up his humming and pulls her even closer, wrapping his arms around her waist before he starts gently dancing around the control room.

The castle it’s dead. The balmera crystal that gave it life and entire essence of it is long gone, leaving both Allura and Shiro in the middle of the dark grim room with just their breathing and Shiro’s humming to echo around. It takes a while before Shiro’s speaking, filling in the silence.

“Keith…” Shiro starts softly, “Keith was the reason I started humming.” He confesses quietly, a sad nostalgic smile twitching in the corner of his mouth, “He had been so small when my parents brought him for the first time and…He wouldn’t stop crying. He cried and cried but it wasn’t until I started humming that he stopped and looked up at me and –”

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Rhett in tank tops

  1. How To Juggle Baseball Bats - AMAZING! 
  3. The Making Of “Goth Boy”
  4. SLOW MO CHEESE HOSE (and How To)
  5. Slamazon: 7 Kitten T-Shirt
  6. Ever had a #VacayGoneCrayCray?
  7. I’m On Vacation (Song)
  8. Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment
  9. Can You Smell Fear? (EXPERIMENT)
  10. Backwards Talking (GAME)

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the founding fathers at a school dance
  • george washington: the parent chaperone
  • thomas jefferson: overdressed, is dancing way too hard but won't stop even tho he kicked someone in the face
  • james madison: really wants to go home, has a headache, feet hurt, no one wants to dance with him
  • benjamin franklin: in the middle of the dance circle with everyone cheering for him, clothes keep falling off
  • john adams: keeps requesting for a slow song (but the dj never takes his requests)
  • alexander hamilton: is dancing and flirting with everyone EXCEPT his girlfriend
  • james monroe: doesn't dance, hangs out by the punch bowl and talks to everyone who visits the refreshment table

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Let Me In by Laatikko

My fist fanmix on this site is of course a Kurofai one. This is specially acid Tokyo mix.

Coeur de Pirate - Slow Show
Sarah Slean - Drastic Measures
Cold War Kids - Hot Coals
Take Me To The Riot - Stars
Royal Republic - Any Given Sunday
Lisa Hannigan - Silent Night
Aimee Mann - Save Me
Snowmine - Let me in
Radical Face - The Crooked Kind

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Sam Dean and Cas go to a dinner party at Jody's where Donna is very excited to meet Cas because she's been told a lot about him from Dean and from Jody. She actually gets on quite well with him and at the end of the night both she and Jody pull Dean aside and tell him that "we love him! If you do anything to hurt him, we will kill you". Dean: "yeah, Sam's said that". When he walks away, Sam overhears Donna and Jody argue over who would be maid of honour.

When Dean finally gets his head out of his ass and proposes to Cas, the argument flares up again. In the end - to keep the peace - they both get to be maids of honour. Dean also tries to ask Sam (”Come on Sammy, I’ll even let you wear a flower crown” “Haha very funny Dean”) and of course Cas asks Claire to be his flower girl or bridesmaid. She categorically refuses to be anything but the maid of honour, and Donna, Jody, and Claire have a Mexican standoff, as none are willing to back down on this (they can be very stubborn!)

The result: a wedding with 3 maids of honour and no bridesmaids. They all get a task: Claire’s in charge of the tunes at the reception/party (”there had better be some Zep and AC/DC between all that crap you kids listen to these days, you hear me?” “Sure Bridezilla, whatever you say”), Donna’s in charge of the food, decorations and other logistics, and Jody’s in charge of invitations and reaching out to the hunter network, and vetting the guests.

In the end, everyone compliments the food (there are mini-burgers, to Cas’s absolute delight), Claire gets Alex to do a pretty cool DJ set (throwing in a bunch of classic rock songs to keep Dean happy), and Crowley crashes the party at some point to loudly complain about the fact he wasn’t invited (they allow him to stay as long as he behaves himself).

By the end of the evening when everyone’s drunk and the party is slowing down, Dean and Cas find themselves in the kitchen doing something that Dean would certainly never call slow dancing (he doesn’t slow dance, thank you very much) and making out.

All in all, it’s a good day.

Good things about The Get Down

feel free to add your own

-when myleen, Yolanda, and Regina are singing together on the train
-the smile boo boo has when the rest of the crew tells him that he has what they need to win
-when Zeke went back to downtown after losing his internship and straight up stared the reception bitch down all day and waited for that white guy (forgot his name)
-the whole scene where Dizzee goes to the vogueing ballroom and is genuinely curious about what is happening because he’s never seen anything like it before and loves it. (That scene was so fucking important tho because it had actual accurate representation on who was vogueing i.e. POC i.e. Trans black women dancing and judging and being free and gorgeous)
-the way shao looks at zeke
-the scene where Jackie Moreno finishes the song and had a vision on how it’s going to sound and look
-the way Thor looks at Dizzee
-how devoted Shao is to Grandmaster Flash
-when Zeke and Myleen were talking about their futures on the roof looking over at Manhattan
-the look on Ra Ras face when he finished DESTROYING the verse that Zeke wrote with ease once they slowed the beat down
-“Myleen, my butterscotch queen”
-when Zeke recited his poem to Ms Green and she was in tears and had to turn away to keep her composure

Svt at Prom

In honor of my schools prom being today and me not going i have created this masterpeice lol. enjoy ~

Coups: Okay so you’re going to prom with Coups, and tbh you thought it was going to be a chill night…like getting the outfits to match and everything was chill and easy, and he asked you super calm and well put together, but then you finally arrive at the venue and oh god what his wrong with him. Really dumb dancing and youre like wth i know you can dance better than this but nope, cheolie has embraced the awkward dad dancing and its embarrassing af but yet you lowkey love it. Also catch him shoving all the yummy prom food in his face when hes not dancing

Jeonghan: literally the best matching outfit to ever be seen on earth like literally. Totally helped you find your dress and its the most stunning outfit you’ve ever seen. He’d somehow locate flowers that perfectly matched your colors like how ??? totally ended up on prom court and no one was surprised. Idk why but i feel like he’d be a great slow dancer. Also before prom photos were better than anyone in the whole school.

Joshua: Super gentlemanly, like okay he put your corsage or whatever, anyways he was all blushy and cute when he was putting on you and he’d look so good in his suit you’d be worried that people would try and steal your precious date. Okay back to the gentlemanliness of our shua, he’d be the guy that opened all the doors, even the car door, pull out your chair, and like helped pick up your dress if it dragged on the ground so it wouldn’t get dirty and you wouldn’t trip on it. Hella weird on the dance floor tho, like pin drops everywhere and just extra shua all the way.

Jun: Wild all the way. Like the way he asked you was wild, and the whole school knew within minutes. Like Jun was already super popular and all the girls are like !!!!!! i wanna go to prom with juuuuuunnnn!!! But then he asked you and it was extra and so everyone knew real quick. Anyways he was like lets do this weird neon color together and you’re like lol no ??? the after prom party oh lord. So wild just imagine.

Hoshi: Okay so like first of all lets just imagine hosh in high school. I feel like rather then being super flawless i feel like he’d be kinda frumpy like shows up with sweatpants and messy hair  and wearing hats when he can, tbh probably plays sports too so when he shows up at prom with you everyones like wtf who is that and you’re just standing next to him like yah you betcha this is ma date. Like he’d clean up so freakin well. Crushed it on the dance floor and everyone is like messy hair hosh is actually amazing ??? im amazed just thinking about it.

Wonwoo:  Tbh you’d a bit worried prom would be a bit boring because wonwoo is like the most chill person in the school and you’ve literally never seen him at a dance let alone actually dancing but you love wonwoo and honestly if all he wanted to do was sit at the table you’d be 100% chill with that because simply going to prom with wonwoo is enough. The photos before prom wasn’t as awkward as you imagined it to be, and honestly you were shocked when you got there and danced to a couple slow songs with you. Going with wonwoo would be great for anyone who wants a chill time.

Woozi: Oh woozers what a great time. Freaking cutest couple there by far. Like both you and jihoon by yourselves are adorable, but when you both dress up and match each other the cuteness. Everyone at prom gushes of the two of you and jihoon is embarrassed as heck and youre just kinda giggling like wow. Tbh i feel like jihoon would be an embarrassed blushing mess from the moment he asked you to prom until he dropped you off at home but it would be the best experience for both of you.   

Seokmin: can i just say life of the party like holy cow. Tbh i feel like there wouldn’t be a whole big promposal or anything it would have just been like “oh hey yah seokmin we are going to prom together right?” and that would be that. Going to prom with seokmin would be so fun tho like even if you are shy or reserved like im positive he would be able to get you all crazy with him and like dancing all over the place and laughing super hard during dinner and the after party was just as fun. Just imagine omg

Mingyu: Ah mingyu. Our little puppy. I think he’d be more excited about prom then you would be. Like he’d be bouncing around and talking about it for weeks before it actually happened. Tried super hard to make the promposal really cute and just ended up stumbling over his words and like tripping or something but that just made you love it that much more. Seeing him all dressed up in a suit and everything was amazing but being able to spend the whole evening with him was even better. Id be you two and then you’d probably hang out with wonwoo or minghao and their dates and it would just be one big wild party.

Minghao: Okay so hao hao, lets just say right off the bat that he is the best dancer at the entire prom, and also yours. Freakin flawless in a tux just picture it. He’d be that guy that ended up on prom court all though no one really expected it but they also don’t have an issue with it? Best date for prom because he knows how to have fun but also keep things chill. You’d get to hang out with Jun and his date and it would be such fun time like oh wow. You two and jun and his date at a table and tbh you and hao just kinda sit there and drag all the really slutty dressed people and everything and just wipe out all the snarky comments lol

Seungkwan: Prom queen. Jk jk seungkwan would be a great person to go to prom with because again like a few of the others he can both be a lot of fun but then have serious moments when need be. Catch him singing along to every single song they play tho. Like even when its a slow dance and a slow song, he’d be humming right along with the song as he twirled you around the dance floor.

Vernon: tbh i feel like vernon wouldn’t want to go to prom but like, he ended up being on the prom court so he was like shoot, but the thought of being able to take you made him want to go a little more like, he’d say he didn’t want to be there but deep down inside he was having a blast right alongside you. He ended up getting crowned king and you were all “see it was worth going” and the two of you ended up having more fun at the after party than the actual prom itself.

Chan: Chan really didn’t want to go to prom, but all his friends were going and he really wanted an excuse to spend the whole evening with you so he was like fine ill go. Super stiff the whole night lets be real like not super comfortable in his tux and he really wanted to impress you. He finally started to loosen up around the last 30 minutes, but it was still fun for the both of you. Rather than going to the after party like everyone else you went to some cheap restaurant still all dressed up and you got so many weird stares but whatever the two of you had a blast.

Come Back

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
(Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)


Kai and Y/N were best friends even tho Y/N’s friends had tried multiple times to get her to stop spending time with him. To them he was a dangerous sociopath uncapable of any emotions but they didn’t know him like she did. When they had first met , a connection had formed between them. Y/N was the only one not judging him and willing to give him a chance , even before Kai had merged with Luke. Even after Kai turned into a vampire - their friendship was the one thing keeping him from

Lately , however , Kai had grown distant. They still hung out , but it was like he wasn’t really there.  
“Kai ? Are you listening ?” Y/N asked him , trying to get his attention for the 5th time that night. He turned towards her , simply nodding. “What did you think of the movie ? Did you like it? You were so quiet on the way here..”
They had been at the movies earlier that evening and as usual the night ended with drinks at the Grill. Kai had acted weird the whole night. He kept glancing at her and looking away the second he noticed she was looking back at him.
“It was fun.” he said simply , finishing his drink. “I gotta go.” Kai suddenly got up and just left , leaving Y/N alone at the Grill wondering what had gone wrong.

Y/N had tried to call him the next day … and the day after that. Kai wasn’t answering any of her phone calls or text messages. She even asked Damon and Bonnie if they knew what was going on with Kai but all they said was that she was better off without him in her life.
Y/N was starting to get really worried. About a week and a half later , Y/N showed up at the Karaoke bar because Caroline had called to tell her Kai was there. She spotted him the moment she entered the bar. He was getting up on stage. Y/N sat in the back where it was dark and listened to Kai singing. He wasn’t very good at it but it was really nice to see him , tho he seemed a little off. The song he had picked was a slow song about broken hearts and impossible relationships.
Y/N waited until Kai got off stage and sat on the bar ordering a drink and before walking towards him.
“Hey stranger.” she said smiling at him , Kai jumped a little in his seat.
“Y/N ? What .. what are you doing here?” he asked looking nervous, not meeting her eyes.
“You weren’t picking up your phone… I got worried.” Y/N said placing a hand on his shoulder. Kai tensed.
“I’m OK.” he said “Nothing to worry about.”
At the same moment some guy bumped into Y/N and she turned around for a sec but when she looked back at Kai he wasnt there. She searched for him in the crowd but he was gone.

3 weeks later

“Do you have to go?” Bonnie asked.
Y/N sighed , there was nothing keeping her here anymore , specially with Kai erasing her from her life. It was time for her to go and find her calling.
“Yeah. I need a change in scenery , a long one.” she said. “I’m almost done packing and already signed a lease on the apartment. Plus .. I there is nothing for me here.”  she sighed.

Y/N said goodbye to her friends promising to call them every day, got in her car and drove out of town.

A few days later Kai ran into Bonnie , Stefan and Caroline at the Grill. He was kind of hoping to see Y/N but she wasn’t there. Using his vampire hearing he eavesdropped on the conversation and what he heard made his heart sank.

“I miss her. It’s been only a few days but it feels like forever.” Caroline said. “I know New York is not that far away but not having Y/N just feels wrong.”

Y/N had moved away ? Kai thought. No, no. I waited too long…
Kai finished his drink and walked towards the table where Y/N’s friends were sitting.

“Hey.” he said , Bonnie glaredat him as if trying to decide betweet melting his face off or ripping his heart out. Kai shifted uncomfortably. “Where is Y/N ? Is she coming here later? ” he asked , pretending he hadn’t eavesdropped.
“Why do you care?” Caroline asked.“It’s not like she is the one who shut you off…”
Bonnie let a small laugh. Kai tried to keep calm , he turned to Stefan.
Stefan sighed and answered his question. “She moved away Kai. To New York.”
Kai’s eyes widened in (fake) surprise. “Do you .. um … do you have her address ? She um … left some things at my place , I think she might want them back.”
Bonnie and Caroline both shot glares are Stefan , shaking their heads in disagreement. Stefan gave Kai a piece of paper with Y/N’s new address.  
“Thank you.” Kai said , a wide smile on his face. He was going to find her , and he was going to get her back. Y/N was the only good thing in his life and he didn’t want to lose her.

“Why did you give him her address ?!” Caroline said angrily in a hushed voice.
“Because …” Stefan took a sip from his drink. “.. Y/N loves him and clearly our little psychotic friend loves her too.” he said smiling.

Kai got in his car and drove to NYC the same night. He could hardly wait for the morning to come. When the first sun rays showed up , he was already in front of Y/N’s new place. He got up to the 5th floor , took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Shortly after Y/N opened it.
“Hi.” he said.
“Kai ? How … What … ” Y/N stuttered. She never thought she’d see him again.
“Can I come in?” Kai asked nervously. Y/N nodded and stepped inside.
He looked around - her new place wasn’t big. It had a small living room with a tiny kitchen corner and a fire escape right outside the window.
“What are you doing here ?” she asked , Kai turned around to face her. A flash of anger in her eyes , saddness too but also happiness. “I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore.”
Kai took a deep breath before speaking. How was he going to tell her what he wanted without sounding selfish ? “Please come back to Mystic Falls.”
“Why would I go back ? There is nothing left for me there.” she said crossing her hands on her chest , looking at the floor.
“I am there.”
“You shut me out , remember? I didn’t even knew you still cared…” she said , her voice barely a whisper.
“But I DO care about you ! Would I be here if I didn’t ? Just … Please come back with me.” Kai took her hand and squeezed it a little. “Please ?”  
Y/N looked up at him , her eyes had started to water. Kai touched her face. He couldn’t stand seeing tears in her eyes.  
“I can’t go back there , Kai. I just can’t. There are just … there are just too many memories everywhere I go.”
Kai cupped her face and touched her forehead with his. “I’m there. We can make new memories , better ones.”
“What are you talking about , Kai?” she said pulling away from him. “Do you even … ” Y/N said , tears starting to roll down her cheeks. He had no idea why she left Mystic Falls. How could he ? There was nothing left for her there because he had abandoned her. It took her moving away for her to realise that she had feelings for him. “Do you even know why I left? You shut me out ! My best friend , the person I care and love most in this world … and you shut me out.”
“Y/N …” he said , wrapping his hands around her pulling her into a hug. “I shut you out because I didn’t know how to tell you … ”
“Tell me what ?” she asked , wiping tears from her face. A flicker of hope sparked inside her.
Kai touched her face , gently wiping another tear rolling down her cheek. “I am in love with you!”  He said smiling. “And I know it is extremely selfish of me to ask you to go back to Mystic Falls with me but - ”
Y/N didn’t let him finish “I love you too Kai.” she said smiling and kissed him before he had time to say anything else.

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One time I was in a flight and when the plane was about to take off and Yorktown was playing like "HERCULES MULLIGAN!!!! A TAYLOR SPYING ON THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT-" along with the loud machine and rumbling and it just got me all thrilled. Once the plane was above the clouds, the song slowed down and whispered "The world turned upside doown...." and I looked out the window to this beautiful view below me like, ugh it was super epic. It distracted me from my fear of flights

this sounds so epic tho omg.. i wanna go on a plane someday!!