tho it was really really hard to color

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

Quartet Night LIVE Evolution full report

Written by me who have short-term memory and is really biased to QN

(PLEASE TAKE ALL OF STUFFS WRITTEN HERE WITH GRAIN OF SALT; there’s no way i could remember all stuffs exactly at it was. I would be happy if you could just ‘take the feel’)

First of all, it was awesome. I can’t really describe how overwhelming it was. If you’ve watched any of utapri live before, i just want to say that for me this is the best utapri live i’ve seen so far. If you think 5th and 4th live was awesome, this was on different level. The hall was definitely too small for a group who got #1 weekly oricon and more than 100k sales (which was made up by hundred of cinemas live viewing), but it was really well-planned. Probably the most well-planned utapri live ever.

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Been pulling my hair out over a particularly background-heavy project but…I think I’m off to a…pretty alright start?


No food, drinks, or any other intoxicants are allowed in the library at any time. That includes emotion bottles.


I am really out of the loop in the oso fandom but!!! oso’s white day outfit on tabimatsu is really cute and I had to draw it

the matsus are really hard to draw by the way forgive me for how not-great this is? I spent 2 hours on it tho so I’m posting it anyway


And finally, here’s the rest c; At last, the whole gang is complete!

Shima  —  Riku
Fyuuki Colin Celeste

Perhaps I’ll do Star and Shizu next~?

Please don’t steal these characters or their designs, they belong to me! Thanks!

break time 🍓 🍓 this friendship is something merlin needed tbh. oh well!

(percival) (leon) ( gwaine ) (elyan) (arthur)

it’ been too long.


hey guys for the last few months @sir-adamus has been uploading a bunch of pics of the outfits for team rwby between volume 1 and 2 in the upcoming chapter 13 of the manga. I went on ahead and made a few sketches of what the design looks like overall for all of your drawing needs.

Please keep in mind:

-I made the originals on paper and had to paint with the mouse so sorry for the really crappy coloring 

-The designs change slightly from frame to frame(for example Weiss has black boots on one and white on the other) and they sometimes have more detail.

-This may not look like the final product I was following 5 to 6 images.

-Yang wasn’t shown all that much so It’s kinda hard to know what she looks like.

-Blake has shorts, they’re really small tho

- Have fun!


First & Last Appearances - Shameless Season One

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Do you use CMYK or RGB to color your art, and are you happy with how the colors look after you print it? I've heard it can be so hard to get the colors accurate when going from screen to print (esp. if you color with RGB apparently??) Thank you, please keep sharing your lovely work~! ^-^

RGB is always for screens, so I always draw with RGB and transform to CMYK when I prepare it for printing! it´s really tricky to get the colors right tho, I still have to get the knack of it ;__; the printed version sometimes tends to have dull, less vibrant colors..really stressing me out hahaha

Look don’t get me wrong I still dislike the fact that they picked a gringo let’s player for a mexican show when there’s ton of amazing latinx options and finding a job as a voice actor in mexico is hard (so ton of talented people couldn’t get the job…).

But the character only growls and does noises (which confuse me a lil bit more on why Marki but that’s off topic), I’ve grown to really like 505.

I mean y’all know me that bear is a cinnamon roll and its a cute fluffy angel I am weak for those kind of characters!  I also really like his colors, tho I wonder how would it look in a pastel-like fucsia.

Tho, Demencia is still my favorite, theres no fight on that. 

internet au where clary is this famous instagram artist who posts artsy picks, paintings, and paint mixing videos and izzy is this famous youtuber who does everything from blogs to fashion advice to prank videos. izzy discovers clary when this whole paint mixing craze goes off and starts taking inspiration for makeup palettes from clary’s paint mixings and in one of her vids credits clary and simon, a fan of izzy since the beginning, of course shows clary cause!! this big youtuber is a fan of you clary!!!!

and so clary checks out izzy and a bunch of her vids and??? wow shes so pretty??? oooh my god rip clary. and this pretty girl is a fan of her?? no way. simon convinces her to get in contact with izzy and they set up this collab video where clary will show her process of paint mixing and when they finally meet in person clary is hit with the gay really really hard. help this poor girl. they do the vid and it goes great and clary manages to look izzy in the eyes when tlaking to her even tho she’s pretty sure its killing her and at the end of the day she pats herself on the back for getting through it smoothly until she realizes her next few vids are inspired by the colors in izzy’s eyes and she realizes she has to see izzy again. what she doesnt realize is that izzy is having the exact same problem

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OMG I loved that interracial ask, so I was wondering if you could do it for Dally and Johnny too?

Yesssss my boys

Dally Okey do you think this guy would give a fuck if he was doing something that at the time seemed “unnatural”? That boy did what we wanted and didn’t care what people thought. Anyone who ever made fun of you because of the color of your skin would literally get punched so hard the guy might never wake up. He loved you so much and the risk was just a perk. 

Johnny This guy would not even think about it at all really. All he knew was that he loved you and nothing could change that. When some dick brought it up to him one day he was just kind of like ???? that’s what makes her beautiful tho ???? He wouldn’t really say anything for awhile but when he did start being talkative he would always remind you how amAZING AND GORGEOUS you are and he would never let you forget it.