tho i'm allergic to cats

any time I am away from home for more than like, 2 hours my immediate goal upon returning home is to locate my cat and bury my face against her fur, allergies be damned

I just got back from being away at the Calgary Expo for four days and I can no only breathe through one nostril and my eyes are a bit swollen but I have my kitty in my company once more and I am filled with joy and a dose of antihistamines.

Okay but can you imagine Michael coming home with a cardboard box and you’d be like “please don’t tell me what I think it is.” And he would have that stupid, cute grin and he would reply with “fine I won’t tell you, I’ll just show you” and he would open the box and a kitten is flopping around and you’d look at Michael and his green eyes would be so bright and he would be smiling so hard and looking down at the kitten and petting it and you’d be like “okay, fine” because how much Michael looked so in awe of it and he would be so excited because he actually thought you were going to make him send it back and he would pick it up and rub the kittens tummy on his face and OH MY GOD MICHAEL PLS