tho i still have to present it


Right so when you think about it, cutting out what Maya got for Lucas is important. Riley’s line about the gift representing how well you know the person ties in well. If Maya getting Lucas wasn’t important enough, knowing rightly, Maya would have got him a damn well good present. Something symbolic or something she knows he would love. Then it would lead Riley to think huh? I never would have got him that? How did Maya know that? Maya’s feelings are still low-key and very much still alive and when you’ve made a connection like Lucas and Maya, it’s very hard to ever forget.

I wish we knew tho but, from that point of view, I guess I understand. But, the main protagonist and her relationship didn’t even get a nice scene. Just the big sign that LUCAS DIDN’T TELL HIS OWN GIRLFRIEND HE WAS GOING TO TEXAS, leaving his best friend to break the news. Which is QUITE ironic considering he made a big fuss in Ski Lodge that they had to tell each other the important things. I wonder, where does telling your girlfriend you’re not gonna be in the state come under? As I watched that all I could see was 🚨 even though, I’ve been seeing them for a while. There was so many ways this episode could go, with a massive opportunity to show how well Riley and Lucas know each other but, instead showed us where the real feelings lie - with other people.

The show is showing all the signs, some of you just refuse to see what’s right there in front of you.


some yall might remember this as a watercolor piece way back when… school has started back up for me and im working 2 part time jobs now, that means updates will be few and far between once again.

im doing some exciting things tho! once im on a slightly less tight budget, im printing off 2 jotaro body pillows and 2 kars body pillows, one set is mine and the other 2 i will be selling to whoever wants them!

I have also put together a short ZINE of my best digital jojo works and am making a sticker sheet to print off and sell in a couple months!

I still check my tumblr and twitter pretty often tho, so im still present just lurking!

Lgbtq Batfam headcanons (+ Joker)

Batman/Bruce - bisexual, genderfluid (he mostly presents as masculine tho)

Dick Grayson - very gay wow, 100% trans boy ! Batdad supports him

Jason Todd - pansexual and angry all the time + nb

Damien Wayne - 100% gay

Barbra Gordon - bisexual & poly (probably dating Harley and Ivy)

Alfred Pennyworth - A very gay dad

Joker - trans man & bisexual

The influence of the Arab world on textiles is shown in words we still use for certain types of fabric.  Damask takes its name from Damascus, in Syria.  It is a reversible fabric made most often of silk or linen.  A pattern is woven into the cloth which is revealed by the way in which light falls upon the fabric.  Muslin takes its name from Mosul, a town in present-day Irag.  It is a fine, gauzy cotton.
—  The Medieval World: A History of Fashion and Costume

I had a presentation and i was sweating so much from anxiety and simultaneously felt like i was in hell or not even among all these people. My face was dripping with sweat which never happens. And then i cried on the bus bc even tho i have meds i still am a mess and every future day feels like smth i dont want to do. I would honestly feel content if i could retire from society all together, except my loved ones. Everything else is hell. I dont want this normative experience of young adulthood. I want to live isolated and only focus on films, books and music.

You know what I love about Pet Sematary? It’s that most ghost stories where the ghost tries to warn the main character about something they are always very nonspecific. They always give them little hints of what they’re trying to say and it’s completely out of context, so there’s like no way the person can ever fully understand them until it’s too late.

But Pascow could not have been more specific. I mean Pascow had like a power point presentation, flyers, a bullet points summary, he had a demonstrational tour, he literally took Louis to the cemetery and he was like “Dude, if you cross this line shit’s gonna go down because of all of these reasons.” Pascow explained everything in detail, he was very clear and objective, but Louis was still like “Yeah, Imma still do it tho, Imma still do it”

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I think the Acno twist explain in parts Larcade. Zeref presented him as his secret weapon against Acno but from what he showed, he was underwhelming. But since Acno can eat all magic his only weakness his non-magic. And the whole point of Face was that it'd destroy magic but not curses, so demons still have power. With the revelation that Larcade is a demon, it explains why he's a trump card. Tho Zerek blasted him, so... still not really a great strategist there. So I guess ENDNatsu will do sigh

It definitely all lines up. if Acno’s immune to all forms of magic, that likely includes all Dragon Slayer spells, so the only way to attack him is with curses. And since curses are about as effective against dragons as most magic types are, you’d have to target him with curses that aren’t designed to deal damage, but affect the senses instead. The only hole I see in this plan is that Sting could eat Rahkeid’s orgasm magic, so that seems to indicate that some of Rahkeid’s curses would be edible. The spells I can see working on Acno are the ones that don’t have a physical form, so there’s nothing to eat - Rahkeid’s hunger spell didn’t have a physical form, but that’s really not something you’d want to cast on Acno. RIP did have a physical form, though… So I guess Rahkeid must have had something else up his sleeve, or maybe it would’ve worked anyway…? 

I don’t know, Mashima never really explains these things in proper detail. I mean, I’ve been railing on him (and Zeref) for months about why they never made use of Dragon Slayers in the plan to kill Acno, and as it turned out the answer was just that Acnologia’s immune to magic. Mashima didn’t even have to reveal that particular twist; he could have just had Zeref say “Acnologia is too strong to be defeated by Dragon Slayers, so I’ve taken other measures”, and that would’ve spared him months of my ire. 

It’s not like this is the first time Mashima’s neglected to explain a simple detail and looked like an idiot as a result, though. You may remember “JUST EAT THE FUCKING ICE, GRAY” in regards to the Gray + Juvia vs Invel fight - it turned out there was a very simple explanation that Mashima never bothered to explain in regards to that, too. @kyogre-blue cracked the code in regards to that one (though kudos to anyone else that might’ve figured it out as well) - Gray’s Ice Devil Slayer mode functions in basically the same way that Natsu’s Lightning Flame Dragon mode does. Gray couldn’t eat ice for the same reason that Natsu isn’t really supposed to eat lightning, with the extra issue that Gray isn’t a Slayer to begin with so he couldn’t eat magic to bypass that in any way. And it would’ve been so easy for Mashima to explain that at any point when Gray was talking about his Slayer mode, but he didn’t, so everyone involved with the Invel fight looked like an idiot. (I mean, that fight’s still stupid for other reasons, but there was an explanation that Mashima never bothered to give.)

Can’t wait for the explanation as to how Fairy Heart’s supposed to beat Acnologia. Maybe the plan is that Acno will eat too much magic and explode?

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Veronica's favourite things??? about the heathers???? pls???

sure thing [dabs] veronica doesn’t feel like she knows the heathers super well yet, so these answers aren’t quite as deep as the heathers’, since they’ve known each other for ages and think they know veronica

veronica’s favorite thing about duke is also her wit. ronnie appreciates having someone other than betty to crack Intellectual™ jokes with (not that the other heathers, martha, and jd aren’t smart, because they are, i mean geeky jokes)

veronica’s favorite thing about mac is that she’s the most responsible heather, so ronnie doesn’t feel like she’s alone in keeping them from being too horribly reckless skdgtwhbd, mac still isn’t much more chill than her friends tho

presently, ronnie’s favorite thing about chandler is that she’s starting to open up more, so she feels like they’re becoming closer, which makes her feel more included or accepted. she wants to know her friends for who they really are, not just who they present themselves as


Gosh.. my obsession about fma is just put on blast when I get tagged in these lmao My older sister was watching that svtfoe clip “because of tomco” so it’s the last music I listened to (unless I count markiplier’s outro music). Also I rarely take selfies, so you get this recent snap of me showing off my early bday present I got from a friend. (Yes, I still block my face even tho my friends know what I look like lmao)

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Selfie from my fav bathroom on campus!

I’m so swamped with work this week and have noo idea how I’m still alive even tho it’s only Tuesday. I had a problem set, 5 page paper, and quiz due today, 15 page lab report due tomorrow, 20 minute presentation on Thursday, another paper and problem set due Friday, and a midterm next Monday. help


I love vkook so much I can’t even explain it 


sigh I believe in taekook though <3 platonic or not its adorable ;)

I mean just look at all these moments they have tgt like idk how long the photos date back to but its present right there so yas I have faith 

(some photos are quite old but precious) I’m just gonna drown myself in fluffy fanfics ugh


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I would love a general reading if you still have openings, please! <3

Hello and thank you for waiting!! <3 

1 Past. The Seven of Plumes Reversed: Wisdom, good advice, counsel. It would seem that in your past you have either offered advice to others, or you’ve been given good advice. I get the feeling that this is speaking to things others have told you, like a mentor in your life. 

2 Present. The Chariot: Triumph, victory, overcoming. It would seem that tho you have had struggles you’re strengths lie in overcoming those obstacles. 

3 Future. Death: Transformation, renewal. Death does not mean that you’re going to die, rather your old self is going to “die” and you will under go a change. Death is a very strong card, it speaks to a major life change that completely redefines who you are as a person. 

Thank you for asking, I hope this was helpful! 

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Cuddle Aaaand love? ; w ; (?)

((Which one of your mutuals do you really want to hug right now?
@kaijoutaro cause that present was the bomb and we’ve been talking a LOT, @poorly-drawn-yotsuyu and @dailymomcellati caUSE I’M STILL NOT OVER THE FACT THAT THEY DREW ME STUFF omg and @dailyjosephmi cause he deserves one after the whole vore chocolate incident.

Are you, or have you been, in love before? 

Uh not really, I guess? I’ve had small crushes tho

thank you for the ask!!)) 


It’s just Summer 1st Year 1 so how on earth Kai already has a Blue Heart in a day after he met Claire?! :o

Also green heart with Cliff despite I never have given him a present ever? Even Gray and Doctor are still in Blue and I gave them both present almost like everyday?! Anyway, it’s been like 13421561 years since I last played this game, but do every guys really start with a purple heart with Claire?! I didn’t remember…

Welp, though I had no idea that Claire was equipped with natural Charming/Popular trait that is even stronger than Nanami/Holly’s, considering she could make Kai’s affection jumped from purple to blue just by meeting her lol.

Even tho I do love Rule 63 headcanons, I really dislike them when they are applied to the Gems. Gems do not have a concept of gender. They are all genderless, though present femininely. I don’t have a problem if you want to see what they’d look like if they presented masculine, but it’s still not a genderbend. Take it from an agender person, there really isn’t a way for “genderbending” to work if the characters are gender neutral.

why do I still get thrown into Gender Questioning Brain Hell when I already know that 1) my uterus is literally the only part of my body that I’m significantly uncomfortable with or even approaching having dysphoria about 2) I actively want to be perceived as a woman and I become uncomfortable when people misgender me and 3) I enjoy mostly masculine or neutral clothing/presentation and don’t want to perform most aspects of femininity

like, I definitely know that I’m a butch woman, and every time my brain takes me on the gender questioning hell rollercoaster I get the same answers, AND YET it keeps happening. :/

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Am I the only one who finds it ironic that when it came to the girls of the Zodiac Tohru first got off to a GREAT start with Kagura yet had a lot of difficulty with Rin and Akito (Kisa was always half and half since she DID bite Tohru at first) yet in the end it's Kagura who she ends up having issues with while she grows really close with Rin and Akito who end up loving her! I guess cause they never had romantic interest in Kyo, still tho funny how that worked out!

Good catch, anon-friend !!!  ♡

The truth is…most of the characters are not how they first appear to be, too.  Tooru is introduced as optimistic and cheerful when she’s really battling depression.  Kyou is introduced as angry and powerful when really he’s terrified.  Yuki is presented as calm and serene when really his emotions are a mess.  Shigure is presented as shallow when really he’s manipulative and calculating.  Hatori is presented as severe and intimidating when really he’s kind-hearted, Momiji is presented as happy-go-lucky when really he’s one of the deepest thinkers of the bunch, Rin is presented as demanding when really she loves fiercely, etc. 

When you think of it this way, it’s no surprise that the relationships follow suit.  That’s what makes the manga so unpredictable and also so relatable. :) People have many, many layers - and so do relationships.

Thank you for the ask! xo