tho i haven't seen this in years

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aw man it's so nice to see castlevania fans being happy about new fans instead of being bitter TT netflix didn't introduce me to castlevania, but I'm still pretty new here, I played lords of shadow a couple of years ago (2nd part and mirror of fate) and I've seen many people saying they're bad but I still enjoyed them a lot and I wanted to check the other games tho I still haven't had the time ;; but yeah just wanted to say thank you for being nice to new fans I appreciate that a lot hahah~

Aw anon, don’t even worry. Mirror of Fate and LoS2 are actually two of my favorite CV games of all time, so you have my sword there. <3

And of course I’m happy about new fans! 

The only ones I’m not eager about are the ones trying to start ship wars. Stop that, you.

…besides, you all have shit taste. The only one Trevor should be fucking is Dracula.

College is starting up again! Reminder that my inbox is always open for freshmen and anyone else needing advice, or just wants to vent about college. 

I’ve worked in undergraduate admissions, as a TA, a librarian assistant, as a advisor’s assistant, and heading into my own senior year now. I’ve seen college inside and out and backwards. 

hands down the single best h*mestuck post i’ve ever seen in that comic where it’s like dave and john at age 13 arguing abt whether or not naruto and sasuke are gay and then like 3 years later dave is like “listen i have to tell u something but first just know this has no bearing on the naruto debate” or something it literally gets me everytime. peak davejohn tbh.

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Hey, I love your blog, but one little thing: Isn't Harry Potter turning 36 years old? I mean, I've seen all around Tumblr that this is his 35th birthday, but he was born in 1980, so... Wth is going on? :) :) :)

Yeah…….those quotes are from Harry’s birthday last year and we are garbagio

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Whoa that's a good theory tho. We haven't seen blue diamond and her Pearl since the answer and that was thousands of years ago. What if blue pearl is stuck on earth

yeah! we know BD was probably with the rest of the diamonds towards the end of the war (at least whenever the corruption song happened) but if the palanquin was attacked there’s a chance bp was left behind. I feel like she wouldn’t know what to do all alone and would wait nearby until BD came back to pick her up. (although if she was on earth when the corruption song hit…well…) 

I gasped when i saw that page of the book. I hope Steven will get to visit it soon and we’ll learn more about what happened.