tho i didnt like this movie as much


Tell me NH isn’t a copy of SNS.

[The picture in the top left corner was drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. His original idea was for Sasuke to become Naruto’s goal and inspiration after he saved him. So much for originality, NH]

i finished watching the Judas Contract.

ok, guys, let me explain before i start. 1 )I’ve been a fan of the Titans for a long time. i watched the animated series when it aired, when i was 10 y\o. read the comics when i was 16. i prefer the comics version of the characters, but my favorite characters are still the titans i loved from the animated series- i just love their comic book, older personas better. these characters mean a lot to me.

2) i’m used to seeing a lot of shitty products with their brand name on them.

3) i have an entire au in my head that is based around them- it sort of combines my favorite elements from the show and comics into one.

I’m telling u all of it because this is the closest version i’ve seen of the titans i have in my head. and for that, i’m already impressed. i enjoyed this movie a lot- i know it’s far from being perfect, and i’ll address it soon. but my review is mostly positive, because i came in with very low expectations, and got a pretty good product. 

spoilers from now on:

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Relationship Status: nothing much 

Favorite color: red

Chapstick/lipstick: lipstick!! 

Last song you listened to: currently listening to nights with you by mø, which im still… making my mind up about, tho ive already claimed it as a wlw anthem, sorry Straights

Last movie you watched: i… rewatched suspiria… and last time i did one of these i was like “i rewatched let the right one in” and next time im gonna be like “i rewatched the shining”, because apparently i cant broaden my horizons and watch something other than my all time faves

Top 3 characters: audrey horne, dizzee kipling and my ideal version of myself

Top 3 ships: me with tyler, josh and jenna…. respectively??? idk, whom cares really

Books currently reading: books arent real

Top 5 shows/musicals/series: twin peaks, the get down, top of the lake, hannibal, the x-files (except season 10, sry)

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oneshallstand replied to your post “oneshallstand replied to your post “my walmart still doesn’t have any…”

hm. ok. I havent bought any of the movie toys when aoe came out cause I didnt think any of them were very good, and now im like well it depends how the figures look and stuff so…>__> i wll have to watch reviews adn stuff to decide if I want any of them, mainly optimus is all i care about tho ahaha.

lol yeah the only voyager toy i got from the AoE line was the Evasion Mode Optimus; that one’s pretty good

TLK voyager Optimus, though it hasn’t changed much from the AoE knight mode one, it looks like they improved it somewhat, both colorwise and moldwise. I hear it looks a lot better in person too, apparently? I’ll definitely pick him up…iF I CAN FIND HIM

Tbh most of the TLK toys look good enough to pick up, except the Wave 1 Deluxe Bumblebee…that’s probably the crappiest Bumblebee I’ve ever seen lol

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omg I wanna see snatched but I havent yet? is it good?

It’s ok. It’s pretty funny at some points (i wont spoil) but one thing I will say is I kinda don’t like the way they presented South Americans in that movie… the ending is much better than the beginning in the way they show the culture. if you watch it you’ll know what I mean. I know its a comedy though so i didnt flip out lol. the soundtrack is lit tho

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Relationship Status: single and not looking lol

Favourite colour: purple!!

Lipstick or Chapstick:  chapstick

Last song i listened to: like nilili mambo by block b at like 11pm last night?? i cant believe I didnt listen to any music today (although i was listening to a podcast tho…)

Last movie i watched: Farewell my Concubine!! My favorite movie ever!! I recently saw it again in my Chinese culture class

Top three TV shows kdramas bc trash: shiit this is hard uh Flower Granpa Investigation Unit, Seonam Girl’s Highschool Investigators (there’s a bit of a theme with these two lol), and Hwarang: The Beginning (although I still haven’t finished it yet, oops). shoutout to Mystery Queen, my current k-drama of choice (which follows the investigation/mystery theme lol)

Top three ships:  jongyu, qmi, namjin

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MJ is a good character? I thought Gwen might be more up your alley considering MJ is just there for the male gaze while Gwen isn't. One More Day did one good thing and that meant they would stop belittling the spiderman audience with a sex object which we do not need. I suggest you more stuff with Gwen in it. She a very good character and Emma Stone plays a very good version of her.

mj is a fantastic character. 

she isnt just a sex object. i see where you come from, you’re a big gwen stan and thats okay but gwen isnt better than MJ. lets not pity the girls against each other. they’re both great. but MJ is more my cup of tea, i agree gwen was great in tasm and it made her so popular that she got her own series as spider gwen now. 

but i’m going from the original comics in which i prefer mj.

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