tho he is doing amazing faces in these few minutes


Tumblr finally works!! So here are my photos! I got very lucky with my spot and got autographs of everyone that was there, except Ben Hardy. This cast is just so perfect. Everyone was really nice. James skipped me at first because he had to do an interview and after he came back for me he’s such a cutie. Also Oscar Isaac is amazing and signed through Magneto’s face xD. I met so many nice people in the queue as well. I also got a few nice photos of the actors on my camera but can’t upload then untill I’m back home. And I got invited to see the movie at the very last minute and let me tell you it’s so awesome! I had a much better feeling when leaving the cinema than with Civil War, tho I know people will disagree. If you love Cherik and Magneto, you’ll love the movie even more. Everything was either straight from the comics or just how I imagined it so it was just sooo perfect. There are a few suprises in there as well! And there is an end credit scene at the very end!! If you have spoilery questions, please don’t send it on anon, I won’t post any spoilers.