the 5 winners that got perfect on my character quiz *u*

isthisafantasea - reblogs mostly DW and funny stuff, sometimes posts her own art c:

thnksfrthhtus - reblogs superwholockavengers and all that good stuff ouo ALSO I’ve been pondering this for a while; i know your url is a pun on thnks fr th mmrs but for the life of me I can’t figure out the last word *___* WHATISIT
-edit- I JUST GOT IT. It’s hiatus. AHAHA that’s funny man

flying-panda-bears - reblogs a whole smorgasbord of things, also in my christmas giveaway when people had to tell me their favorite ship, she was the only one that said 00Q and now she is forever in my heart as 00Qgirl and also I too love pandas

superwholock-is-better-than-you - reblogs superwholock, HP, and Tolkien, and her 30/30 printscreen had a lot of tabs at the top and I thought that was cute

john-baby - last but not least this chick who is my bro who taught me how to make a sketchbook and also her stand for conventions is hard as shit to put together. SHE DRAWS GOOD.