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enochmandus  asked:

What even was the Onceler fandom???

i was in it from day one and i still dont frickin know but lemme try to explain

the lorax movie (the newer 3D animation one) came out in 2012

I was a huge fan of the lorax even before that, i loved the book when i was little and loved the old cartoon movie and it already meant a lot to me so i was very excited to see it

i had juuuuust joined tumblr around then so i was still in my [400 GIFS] DOCTOR WHO!!!!! DOOOOWWWEEEEOOOOOOOO [400 MORE GIFS] WHAT IS AIR????? phase at the time, but so was everyone else in 2012

at first a little fandom popped up that was pretty normal, just a bunch of fans all enjoying the lorax and drawing fanart together

i THINK the first major askblog was askonceler, thats the one pretty much everybody tends to remember if you ask around, he was just your standard onceler rp blog, very cute, very well done

but then it kept growing. biggering, if you will

more askblogs started popping up, more fans joined in until the fandom was (or at least it felt) HUGE, and we ended up with every goddamn onceler known to man

anything you can think of, there was a onceler of it 

swag onceler, gentleman onceler, cannibal onceler (oneler, he was called), pimp greedler, ghost oncelers, vampire oncelers, robot oncelers, nightmare oncelers, artist oncelers, hippie oncelers, cowboy oncelers

i once knew of a walmart cashier onceler im not kidding there was literally everything 

there were blogs for every other conceivable thing in the movie too we had like 60 variants of the lorax and every other character including the empty-os cereal box, there was an askblog called “ask unreleased lorax dvd”

but somehow. SOMEHOW. all of this made sense at the time and none of us questioned it and every askblog was shipped with every other one and there was shitloads of drama over it 

these billions of onceler clones and their love lives were extremely important to us during that year for some reason

and then AUs of AUs of AUs happened- we had “camp weehawken” one summer where all the blogs were in a summer camp au, and that became a highschool au, and that went on for so long the characters werent even oncelers anymore and became their own separate OCs that were oncelers in the past and then THOSE characters became part of MORE aus until none of us knew what the hell was going on anymore and eventually the whole thing collapsed in on itself and disappeared like nothing happened

i think deoncelerized thneedville high is still going on somewhere in the void somehow, theres a few askblogs still out there doin their thing and a few people who still care about the onceler but the majority of the fandom pretty much vanished and either the community doesn’t exist anymore or ive just fallen out of it so hard i dont even see it/hear about it anymore

the whole thing feels like one massive fever dream we all had together tbh was the onceler fandom real

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anonymous asked:

hey so i like stalked your art tag and i am very curious about swoncest. like wat. like im looking and i see it has something to do with the lorax and the oncler and i feel really bad cause im in the lorax/oncler fandoma nd i have no idea whats going on and wat. yellow glowy eyes. blood. swag. waaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttt

uhhh if you’re in that fandom then I honestly don’t know how you don’t know what’s going on since it’s like the most popular ship there? (or at least it was when I was in it)

umm um um um um okay so, HISTORY TIME. Basically:

the LORAX FANDOM realized that the Once-ler was obviously the best character so they turned into THE ONCE-LER FANDOM and proceeded to mostly obsess over him, and then people started making ask blogs for him but since there were so many, none of them were unique, so people started thinking, “hmm, how do I get my ask blog to be unique?” and so they started creating alternate versions of the Once-ler like Swag Once-ler and Bitter Once-ler and Gentleman Once-ler and One-ler (cannibal Once-ler), and soon these characters became more popular than the original character himself so they became the ONCE-LER ASK BLOG FANDOM and every Once-ler was shipped with himself and everybody kissed each other/had sex with each other platonically at least once. And then AUs and magic!anons happened and soon there was a Camp Weehawken AU and a Thneedville High (highschool) AU and a Truffula Flu (zombie apocalypse) AU and the original AU kind of was forgotten and the highschool AU seemed to be the most popular so that became the mainverse and then eventually these characters became so developed that they weren’t really Once-lers anymore so they dropped “Once-ler” from the title and became the ASKBLOG FANDOM, more commonly known as HALL PA$$.

I was there from the very beginning of the Lorax fandom so I got to see it evolve and it was pretty neat, but once it turned into the Once-ler Askblog fandom, I was only really following Swag and One, and that was okay in the beginning where there were only like five characters that made up Hall Pa$$ because you could still get the whole story from only visiting two blogs, but now there’s a gazillion and a half and not everyone’s stories connect a lot so I only really know what’s going on with Swag and One right now since they’re the only ones I follow.

and people ship Swag and One since they’re best friends and it’s called swoncest but since they’ve been deoncelerized their names are now Oliver and Gabriel but the ship name is still swoncest and it used to be my main OTP but now it is not because Free! happened

and that’s how babies are made