thneedmas tree

Thneedmas challenge

Hello dear Once-lings, Lorax-ling, Ted-lings, Audtree…you get it.  I wanted to do something that will unite our little fandom. I know there’s still plenty of time before Christmas, but I wish as many people as possible to see this before December. You don’t need to do this exactly, for example, instead of drawing you can make a photo etc. I advice to tag posts as thneedmaschallenge, so it will be easier to track it.

Day 1: Put your blog on fire snow. Let it grow, go snow!  

Day 2: Have a hot chocolate with marshmallows. Don’t forget to take a picture.

Day 3: Draw your favorite character from The Lorax wearing sweater.

Day 4: Make a snowflake.

Day 5: Draw your least favorite character losing a snow fight.

Day 6: Draw characters eating/drinking your custom Christmas food/drink, you may tell something about it.

Day 7: Wear something pretending it’s a thneed.

Day 8: You have a cosplay? Then add something Thneedmas related to it. If not – draw yourself in a Thneedmas cosplay.

Day 9: Make\draw a Thneedmas bauble.

Day 10: Draw\make a snowman.

Day 11: Time to write a Thneedmas song! Change some old lyrics or write your own poem.

Day 12:  Draw characters ice skating.

Day 13: Throw a snowball at someone in fandom. Message him\her with something like *throwing a snowball at you*.

Day 14:  Draw Lorax as Santa and someone as elf\helper.

Day 15: Now 14th day characters switch roles.

Day 16: Make cookies.

Day 17: Decorate your old drawing\dvd cover\ craft.

Day 18: Draw someone from the Lorax as characters from a Xmas story\cartoon.

Day 19: Take a picture of your snowy city, if it isn’t snowing – night sky.

Day 20: Do something nice for someone in the fandom.

Day 21: Make a postcard. For your friend, family or just for yourself.

Day 22: It’s time to start decorate truffulas! Draw\make\photoshop your Thneedmas tree.

Day 23 and 24: Draw characters celebrating Thneedmas and mention few people from fandom. This will be also your present for them.