[THEME #21 - Dusty Rose]

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  • 2 Column Posts ( works only with 250 size ) & 1 Column ( 400/500 size ) posts
  • Fading Images
  • Sidebar Image should be 250px in width!
  • Sidebar Background Repeat On/Off
  • All navigation images can be changed. ( You can upload different images from Img1, Img2, etc. ) And their sizes should be 44px width X 44px height!
  • Grayscale Images with Color Hover
  • Infinite Scrolling Option
  • 6 Custom Links
  • Corner Image Option ( I highly suggest you to use one with a transparent background )
  • Show Captions/Tags ( tags only works for 1 column! )
  • Music Player
  • If you do not want to use 5th navi as music player then uncheck MusicPlayer option, and put another link’s title ( if you want ) to 5thNavi and its URL to 5thNavi URL.
  • Custom Links have 2 different versions! You can see the other one by checking CustomLinks2 option.

I think that’s it :S I hope I did not forget anything OTL

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I hope you enjoy!