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yoongi; have a break, have me

》typing this on my phone for the devil @mvnyoongis ♡ good luck, satan-i mean, sweetie! pls excuse any typos i’m half dead but i wanted to write a lil’ something before i hibernate.

if yoongi had been right, or at least, if he had kept track of the time since you woke up until now, it would approximately be three hours and forty-two minutes since your bum has been glued to the chair by the study table. now don’t get yoongi wrong, he knows how important this is for you. the whole procedure and the amount of facts and knowledge you’d need to remember accordingly to move forward to complete your goals to proceed to living your dream; yoongi knows of the struggles and watching you slump over the table as you read through the same thing over and over, it sort of aches his heart.

he rolls over on the bed, chin in his palm, elbow propped as he lazily fixates his eyes to the back of your head. he clears his throat, shifting slightly before he coos your name, followed by: “shouldn’t you take a break…? it’s been hours since you got up to stretch,”

on cue, you stand with your eyes still robotically locked onto your notes. you do a few moves to pop the joints and you wiggle your arms a little to give your muscles a bit of movement before you slop down to the chair, “done.”

yoongi rolls his eyes, finding you’re being absolutely ridiculous and his book isn’t as entertaining anymore. whining, he frowns at you, “that wasn’t even proper! at least do it right,”

“busy,” you murmur, locked in the haze of wanting to remember everything in order that you brush him off. usually, it works. all the time, actually. until yoongi finds a reason to break this pattern because you yelp at the sudden force dragging your chair back and fuck the day yoongi suggesred the rollers to be installed at the sole of each leg.

“hey! let go!” you desperately clutch onto the edge of the table, finding leverage to anchor yourself down but yoongi’s stubborn like you, chuckling, “don’t think so. you’re gonna take a break and you’re gonna take it now,”

“piss off! i didn’t force you to take breaks when you were busy!” oh, wait a minute- “yes you did,” yoongi snaps, grunting as he tugs onto your chair harder, “now it’s time for me to return the favor,”

the image of you making yoongi stay hydrated and fed as he curls himself up in the studio flashes. as to that other time when he was practicing nonstop. or that one day he locked himself in the recording room but only unlocked the door for you so that you’d have the benefit to care for him and it looks like yoongi’s not going down without a fight.

“you’re going to break the chair! and my arms!”

“so don’t make me and let go,” he hisses, hating how your arms are trembling but you’re as fucking hard headed as he is. but in the end you relent with a grunted fine and your fingers release your hold for yoongi to nudge you back straight to the bed. with minimal effort, yoongi gets you to lay with him in the soft blankets and cozy mattress that dips as both of your weight presses down. his arms slip around your waist and he buries his face in your neck, grinning, “there we go,”

“you know, usually when i make you take breaks, i give you food and make you drink water,” your hands betray you when they slide over his forearms, relishing on the warmth of his skin and the gentle caress of his lips at the side of your neck, his chest molding against your back delightfully, “well, you ate already. and that big bottle of water of yours is empty. so obviously you lack of love and care so of course, it’ll be from me,”

“…where the hell did you get that logic?”

“just shut up and let me hold you for a while.”


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What the fukc is thiz shit? some serious shit

Minsan maitatanong mo kung ano bang meron sa mga “self righteous” na kabataan ngayon na pilit inaalis ang sarili nila sa “main stream” para lang masabing cool at unique. Walang masama kung ayaw mo sa mga “usong” bagay, wala namang pumipilit sa iyo na bumili o tumangkilik sa mga bagay na ayaw mo, o sadyang hindi mo lang kayang bilhin.

Una, tangina rin. Hahaha. Sinagot ko lang ‘yung “tangina” mo para sa lahat ng tumatangkilik ng “jogger pants”, “crop top”, “airmax”, “roshe”, “vape”, “iPhone” at “G-Shock.” Wala naman ako lahat nyan, jogger pants, airmax at iPhone lang ang meron ako. Kaya chill ka lang, parehas lang tayong nasa middle class.

Okay na sana ‘yung mga ilan sa mga pinunto mo. Andoon na tayo na maraming naghihirap na mga Filipino sa bansang ito, pero hindi naman lahat. Marami pero hindi lahat. Para lang sa kaalaman mo, ang poverty rate ng bansa ngayong taon ay bumaba na sa 16.6% ayon sa huling report ng PSA. Malaking porsyento pa din ng populasyon ang mahirap pero may mas malaking 83.4% ng mga tao na sapat ang pera at may kakayahang bumili ng gusto nila.

Hindi ko na papahabain dahil bullshit naman ang karamihan ng point mo at hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit ka ganyan. Kung hindi ba tayo susunod sa uso, aabot ba tayo sa ganitong trend? Uunlad ba tayo kung hindi natin susundan ang trend ng kabataan ngayon? Subukan mo na lang magtinda ng mga bagay na hindi uso, sa palagay mo may bibili? Uy, may umabsent yata sa Economics class nya noong high school.

PS: Wala ka talagang pakialam dapat. Live your own life bro. Kung masyado kang makikialam sa buhay nang may buhay, suot ng may suot, hindi ka liligaya at maaga kang mamamatay, mahal pa naman magpalibing ngayon. 

PPS: Magsama kayo ng admin ng isang facebook page na walang ibang ginawa kundi magpost ng “Starter Pack”. Putanginang mga judgemental, puro facebook lang ang alam.

  • Twitter: Whaaaaat ABEL GOT BACK WITH HIS GF? Wheres the proof? That bitch Alice is ugly anyway. Most xo girls are prettier than her wtf. What's her ig or twitter? I cannot believe thiz my whole lyfe iz ruined @theweeknd please tweet are you single or nah?
  • Tumblr: So apparently their is a rumor going around that Abel is back with his ex. Nobody knows for sure yet and it's probably not true but if he's happy, i'm happy.
The night I met The Rev

I swear I remember preparing this post for Tumblr before, but I guess my fear won out because I couldn’t find it in my tags. I fear getting harassed or criticized or being on the receiving end of any of those negative emotions that happen in fandom.

But today marks 5 years since so many of us lost someone we adore, so I’m gonna go ahead and just share my story of the first time I met The Rev. It’s a story that brings me joy and makes me smile and on a day like today, since I know that’s what I need, maybe sharing it will bring joy & smiles to someone else who needs them.

This story comes from the days when I used to type up my fan experiences to share so I used to document EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. So if you click, BE WARNED THAT THERE’S SO MUCH TEXT, you’ll fall asleep at LEAST 4 times before making it through. But I’m not apologetic because going back today and reading this? Is awesome. Cuz I have a brain like swiss cheese so to go back and be reminded of all the tiny nuances is pretty sweet :) 

So if you dare, feel free to click and read all about my first time meeting The Rev.

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