Two sides?? Maybe not...

Ive always grown up around the phrase ‘there’s two sides to every story’…but now I’’ve come to realise, that in this world, that is not always the case!

The News of the World scandal for example…Each paper i read, the first 2 pages are always about the News of the World hacking allegations. Sick and tired of the whole damn thing to be honest!!

But, like i said 'there’s two sides to every story’…and what i mean is this…has anyone ever bothered to listen to what the News of the World has got to say? Nope, not that i have read or seen…large amounts of allegations has being made against this national tabloid paper, so much that advertising revenue has been pulled and the beloved public has turned against them!!

Many people do things for a reason…isn’t it up to us to listen to that reason in order to make a decision? Or do we instead jump to conclusions??

Vegetarians vs Meat

I had a new year’s resolution, which my reckoning has not worked out at all.

Like my sister, I was going to try and become a vegetarian. I was going to slowly wean myself off the dreaded Meat and (tears come to my eyes as I say this) Fish and Seafood, because I feel that it will be more healthier for me. And for the Environment. I felt that if I became a Vegetarian, I would not be taking part in harming the planet :)

But turns out I will:

Research carried out by Cranfield University shows that meat substitutes such as Tofu or Quorn are the main source of harmful Greenhouse Gases rather than the real meal deal of Steak and Lamb.


University...Is it worth it?

University…a place, every student should experience. From what I know, every student wants to experience the whole manic, freedom and definate wild parties. But also University is a place of stability, security and god damn pressure.

But while each and every student thinks about the freedom, manic, stability and security that a University provides, what does each parent think about? Most probably the fees.

Probably 6 years ago that wouldn’t have been such a problem…Roughly £3000 a year  depending on the course, then the child being able to graduate and obtain a genuine job as a result. But now, what will the parents as well as the students be thinking?

Oh, that’s it…instead of £3000, it’s now £4500-£9000 per year, and now only the limited choice of employment…should students bother? The freedom, the stability, the manic….the experience that all students crave? IS IT WORTH IT?


Everywhere you turn, you will see something telling you that we are living in a ‘fat’ generation! I just read in the newspapers, that our children of today will need larger doses of medication because doses stated out in guidelines were for a thinner generation….

GOSH!! I understand that we need to lower the FAT in our generation but understand this….WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KILL THEM!! LOL revise the guidelines please!!

I do not support the FAT Generation but I am speaking from an overweight point of view (according to my BMI) not the thin type….I have never been thin, doubt it would suit me to be honest lol but I do not believe in sitting around and that the only exercise that I will ever get is moving my mouth up and down.

Honestly I believe that if you threaten them with FAT TAXES again (or you never know, the Government might actually introduce it) and with the closure of the most famous Fast Food restaurants, then I’m sure we’ll see a lower in FAT sooner or later….