sooo,,, I had major phan feels and wrote a song about it and decided to share it with you!

(disclaimer: this song is written intentionally as if dnp are together, i’m not assuming anything, nor saying they are together. don’t attack meh)

(verse 1)
we didn’t know
what would come of this
we never thought
our worlds could come together

(pre chorus)
but i’m so glad you’re by my side
next to me in life
and i just wanna say
how much you mean to me

you are the moon and i am the sun
shining so bright from up above
holding each other hand in hand
singing along like we planned
you are the piece that fit to my puzzle
though i’m afraid to get in trouble
nothing can hide the way i feel for you

(verse 2)
llamas lions and badgers oh my
what did we get ourselves into this time
trying to keep our cool in the spotlight
with you right beside me it’s so clear
that we were meant to end up here
do what we love and say hello internet

(pre chorus 2)
but i’m so glad you’re by my side
next to me in life
and i just wanna share
all the success of our careers 

(little oh’s and ahh’s)

(2nd chorus)
i’m not afraid to get in trouble
cause nothing can hide the way i feel
for you  

Do not steal or repost my lyrics!!
don’t be that guy ;) 


This is the scene which unfolded in the flat: I receive a notification while I’m working on an uni assignment. Thinking that it’s just another group chat notif, I glance at it and I see it. There’s blue. Not yellow. It’s Twitter blue. I literally grabbed my phone with wild eyes and as I see LOUIS TWITTER HANDLE AND HARRY’S TWITTER HANDLE I LITERALLY SHRIEK AND BURST THROUGH MY BEDROOM DOOR AND LOSE A SHOULDER IN THE PROCESS IN THE EXACT SAME MOMENT @suitsdirection BURSTS THROUGH HERS BOTH LIKE THIS




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Was Yuuri in love with Yuko? Maybe I misinterpreted the scenes from their childhood?

I actually talk about this in a meta post I’m writing and I covered it a bit here (x), but yes. Yuko is introduced to the audience in a classic set up of the common trope of “childhood sweetheart of main protagonist”. There’s the super friendly demeanor, the “I’ll protect you” with bonus wink, how most shots of her are from Yuuri’s perspective as he muses on how she used to be his idol when he was little, leading into

Confirmed still existing attraction. Which then starts the childhood flashbacks, starting with baby Yuuri trying to impress Yuko and blushing at her praise. People tend to focus on Victor coming into the picture here. Now, the common interpretation is that Yuuri had a crush on Victor when he was little which started when he first watched him skate. I agree! It’s implied not only with his subsequent fixation on everything Victor (though just that wouldn’t be enough, seeing as how Yuko is right there with him on that) but in the shot of little Yuuri staring in amazement at his TV and blushing. Just as he blushed over Yuko.

Later as we meet Vicchan, Yuko comments that Yuuri “really likes Victor”. Yuuri has no embarrassed reaction over this as one would expect if these flashbacks were meant to be about his feelings for Victor, but he does react to this

We are told that Yuuri starts taking skating seriously and competing because he wants to meet Victor. This flashback though, shows that it was Yuko who put the idea in his head. Yuuri here is blushing over Yuko’s praise once again. We know this because of how the scene is directed, with bonus soft, romantic lighting and everything.

People also tend to get so caught up one how Stammi Vicino relates to Victor and Yuuri that they forget that Yuuri originally skated it for Yuko. He specifically says that he has been practicing because he wants Yuko to see it. Yuuri does this, to try to get his love for skating back and he thought copying one of Victor’s routines, like they used to do as kids, would help, yes. But he also does it to confess his feelings for her. It’s why it’s just a heartfelt performance.

Stammi Vicino is a dialogue from a lonely man yearning for love. It’s a song about longing and it’s a song about using the strength of the love he finds to rise up from solitude. The ways it relates to Victuuri are obvious, but consider how it relates to how Yuuri feels towards Yuko as well, because again he is performing for her. 

This is not all just interpretation either. He is literally about to nervously confess before the triplets show up.

The reveal that Yuko is married and a mother is a reveal precisely because of this. It’s not a reveal for Yuuri, but the audience, as we had been misdirected into believing that Yuko would be the love interest, because she was set up as such from her introduction until this moment. Look at how much Yuuri is sweating once he realizes the triplets had been present all along. Yeah, confessing to their mother in front of them would have been awkward.

Gonna quote myself here, from the piece Ilinked above

Now, Yuko is married with triplets. I don’t think Yuuri was looking for any sort of retribution of his feelings; I think he just wanted to express them. He had been in love with her for years - she was his first idol in skating. So skating Stammi Vicino for her was his way of conveying that love as well as his gratitude. I think Yuuri is just at a point in his life where he wants to move forward, and finally vocalizing his feelings for Yuko would be a way for him to get closure on that chapter of his life.

To finish up, we have this

Yuuri thinks this over the picture perfect family of his two now married childhood friends with their own children. We learn later that Yuuri is not the best at dealing with his emotions directly and in fact tends to avoid them (see how he avoids Victor entirely in episode 4, or how he avoids talking to Celestino after the GPF). With the way this scene is set up, it’s telling us that the thing he was ignoring in this case was the fact that Yuko and Takeshi got married and had kids. There’s no reason for him to want to actively avoid thinking about that unless he had feelings for Yuko that were never reciprocated. 

Marvel Master List!

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Clint Barton:

Pizza & Spreadsheets
Help Me With This Bullet Wound
Ducts? Ducts.
Lazy Mornings
Favorite Record
Just Cheer Up
You’re a Jerk [I Know]
It’s Halloween
Pumpkin Family
“You Didn’t Call.”

Steve Rogers Masterlist

Bucky Barnes Masterlist

Tony Stark:

I Saw You Staring
Get Me A Drink?
Take My Jacket
In My Time Of Dying
Just Fun
Back to Basics
Run Away With Me
He Fooled Me Too (Part Two)
St. Ides
Lost Boy
Gone Too Soon
That Sounded Weird
Traitor |Civil War| Steve x Tony
Last Words?
All a Disguise
“Let’s Leave…”
Notes - Written by Lucy

Wanda Maximoff:

Just Look To The Stars
As Long As It’s You |Sequel|
Her Voice Could Sink Ships
I Hope One Day…
Even The Sun Can Envy The Stars
I… Love You
You Know You Love Me
Good Aim
I’ll Get Through This
We Should Have Brought The Cookies
Losing My Mind
Meeting Her
Will You Be Mine?
Good Luck Kiss |Male Reader|

Pietro Maximoff:

Birthday Presents
Tent Sharing
Spilled Coffee
Christmas Lights
Anything For You
Spark - Written by claws-of-vibranium
Hey, Asshole
Did You Know…

Natasha Romanoff:

She Never Misses
Those Belong To Me
Who Is She?
I Can’t Find My Glasses
Phobias Are Not Funny
Always Get What I Want


He Remembered And I Didn’t?
Too Good To Be True
Be Careful With Her
Winter Days


Don’t Stop On My Account
I Just Died In Your Arms

Bruce Banner:

I’m Pregnant
Study Time

Scott Lang:

New Recruit
Stop Cheating, It’s A Serious Game
I’m An Idiot

Sam Wilson:

Horror Movies Are Racists
Don’t Tell Me What To Do |Don’t Call Me Angel|
Cramping - Written by Kayla

Wade Wilson:

He’s… Odd

Peter Parker:

Friends Suck!
Boy, Oh Boy! | Part Two|- Written by Auzzie-Pengu

Peter Quill

I’m Counting on It!



Jack Thompson:

Early Morning Naps
Bad Agent
Rough Mission
Spring Storms NSFW


The Couch Is An Important Part Of Our Lives
If I Lay Here
It’s Your Day |Part Two
Memory Lane


Fear Is A Choice 

I’m Here Now
I’m Here Now: Did You Just…
It Must Have Been Love
Losing My Mind 

Siren Song

Was The Movie Good? NSFW


Chris Evans:
Best Interview… Ever!
I Can’t Take It
Not Funny
Dead Arm

Sebastian Stan:
Birthday Breakfast
All For One and One For All 
All The Luck You Need!


Theodore | I Got This
Tech Guru |Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 |
I Don’t Believe You…Really? | Two |
The Purge: Avengers Assemble

Clint Barton:
Mission: Impossible AU |Character Profile| |Chapter One

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🎵"Let’s hope this time we can get this band back together again!“
You join the underground cabaret today
(Well hey there, tell me your name)
You try to run and tell the word
But you’re stranded in a darkened cave
(Oh, Henry, we hate you the same)

So listen up my friend
There’s more than meets the eye
You power up the studio
And bring them to life

Now play the beat that trickles
Through the halls
Or else your life is nevermore
Don’t worry chum
It’s not the music that dies
Now listen up!

Our life support machine
Was brought to life by remarkable hands
Forget about the hell we’ve seen
The time has come to revive our band

So bang the drums to a rhythm
Captivating the beat
And press the keys on the piano
For the ritual please

The song’s alive with the night
With your help we’ll revive
The devil’s advocate
Is staring right through your lies

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out of this hell!

We’ve been stars since the rhythm days
But our instruments have all grown tired
And in the end our only dream was to dance
They took the dance away and we got retired

But that was long ago
We have a new change of face
We turned it up a couple notches
With a brand new pace

You think they all just erased us
Betrayed us, enslaved us
But the deed is done
And now we want to get out!
Now listen up!

Ain’t it nice to be underground
With a good ol’ friend like me (Friend like me)
So you notice the sign, we ain’t lying
But sit down and take a seat

There’s an exit for sure
But that’s for shmucks
But a little bit of ink
And a couple of bucks

We can reopen the curtains
And show off the strut
But for goodness sake
You gotta just believe!

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out!

Go to sleep my little sheep
It’s time to rest your head
Whether alive or dead
I am the keeper of the key
That will set us all free
I bring the demon back to life
(Bring the demon back to life)

There’s a song that I sing that shows us the light
Even in the lighter side of hell
We sing with delight
Play the notes that I require
This will please my desires
You have given me the tools
To restart this fire!

There’s a twisted fate
That controls us and betrays us
My friends have a death wish
And all of this is him to blame!

Now we’ve brought him to his knees
Your only hope to escape this
Is to embrace this
We need your help
To keep this demon at bay!
Let’s end this today!

"You’re the conductor of this performance now, Henry!”
“Will you take their word, or ours?”
“Golly I hope this works!”
“You turned on this machine. Now you have to believe!”

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen?)
You see the magic of art (Of art!)
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen in here?)
This magic was fueled by your heart (Your heart!)
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue (Untrue!)
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this world of grey
Welcome to the gospel of dismay!

Welcome to the gospel of dismay!🎵

Song Inspiration: Gospel Of Dismay by DAGames➡

Help me, my AU ideas are taking over again!

I actually had this done DAYS AGO, but I had homework to finish so I cpuldn’t finish it once I was done with my work first! Now is here and I must say, I’m SO HAPPY how this came out! I really needed to get my head out of school simce i’m always stressing over homework 24/7…

If you know what the game Bendy and the ink Machine and their characters then you can predict who these trio play as. XD

(if not, Tom’s- Bendy, Star= Boris, and Marco= Alice Angel)

(if you have any other AUs for me to do with svtfoe, let me know! ;3 )

Art © me

(I did this not for any profit, but because I love the show and game.)

The idea came from the classical style from the game Bendy and the Ink Machine © TheMeatly

Tom lucitor,Star Butterfly, and Marco Diaz are from Star Vs The Forces of Evil © Daron Nefcy

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God bless you :3







How I imagine our nework for the Black New World Order (BNWO) works

Hi all at the moment also cleaning my place - but from time to time taking a break later I will work 100% blog. 

Taking a break now and so time to tell you how my plans are for the network. 


First let me explain:
The Network should implement following aspects. From fist - most important to least - important

1. Improve the justice and political influence for Black people also inform the world about social injustice and equality (yes we want the BNWO but equality is public marketable and it already weakens the white power)

2.  Improve financial, educational, health and living situations for Black people

3. Training for Black and whites to learn about the BNWO how to support it (step 1&2) & BNWO ideology 

4. Training for Black and whites about how to influence others how to train families children for the BNWO

5. How to treat white servents of the BNWO how to serve as a white BNWO member

Financial donations and investments will be focused on this aspects. There can be other investments to support this like renting places etc. And we can use organisations that already support these causes. But our network will first work on this. This is our main aspect. 

Now you might be surprised to hear this. You thought it would be cuckolding, sexual servitude etc. Now let me tell you something. 

STOP thinking with your white cock or pussy - The BNWO is not about your sexual pleasure but to serve our Gods and Goddesses so they have a better life. 

Now you might think:

But But I would like to be a fuckslut or a cuckold or a slave for our Black Gods and Goddesses???

Don’t worry! We want you to become this

We will help you to become this too. But we think to receive such an honor to be even touched or used by a Black God or Goddesses you need to serve them properly not only sexual but in life itself. 


Like: if you think the same

Reblog: if you want to spread this thoughts

Reblog and contact us: or 

yahoomessanger: whitesissynun or message me here if you want to take part in it. We want to make it a reality. 

please, support russian lgbt teens, cause our parents dont do this

we feel lost, we feel broken 

our country blame us

our teachers and doctors say that we are sick 

our government turns a blind eye to lgbt teen suicide 

they don’t pay attention to us

some of us have been forced treatment

they forbid us to live and love

so please, next time, before saying: “all russian are homophobic bastards, why the fuck are they banned BATB and Power Rangers??”, think about the LGBT teens in Russia

because we don’t live, we exist here. and you’re not

so please support us, because our country have turned away from us


[INSTAGRAM] 170217 Na Dokyun

기계치 트리오 🙌🙇🙏
이런게 잇엇다니 그저 신기하다
작년 일본에서 형 어머님께 영상찍어보내드려구 카메라 리허설 중ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Technologically impaired trio 🙌🙇🙏
It’s just great that I have something like this
We were mid camera rehearsal to send a video to hyung’s mother while we were in Japan last yearㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

In the vid: 
DK: It’s here
KI: Give it here


_ilstagram머리가 길다………
im_dokyunee@_ilstagram ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ힘내요형..

_ilstagram My hair was long………
im_dokyunee@_ilstagram ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎcheer up hyung..

trans cr: his-torybegins
please take out with full credits

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Hello, i want to start making aesthetics, but I have no idea where to start... like for example where do you find the images? a how do you make them smaller without them getting blurry and then how do you put them together.. and how do you change the backgrounds to different colors.. like i'm so lost.. can you give me some tips? i would be grateful :)*

how to make aesthetics like this

okay, so idk if i’m the best person to answer this, but i’ll be doing my best to put up an easy-to-understand tutorial for you. we’ll be going step-by-step :) all the stuff is under the cut since it was rather long

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A Few things you should know when joining the FMA fandom

Never and I mean never tell people that Royai isn’t canon. It is. There is NO DENYING this fact. If you do you may get a reaction like this:

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or this

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We all make Nina Jokes, and a lot of them. Its not ok but its kinda a hobby and you will have to join us at some point

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Everyone loves Riza. I don’t know why but in the first 10 seconds you see her she is literally your favorite character and no one can deny that

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Hughes isn’t dead. You may have mistaken what happened in the manga/anime but he is alive… he is alive… he is alive

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Roy’s Mustache 

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everyone loves cute dogs in the fandom, this ones is my favorite

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lol come meet me in hell, I guarantee there’ll be a section for this fandom