thiswasntme asked:

opinion on a boosted (heavy lag, kick on the higher end) AW11 on semi slicks?

if u want a real answer because i am tired and i will give a real answer it is that it will be breddy gud dagumi

if u want a trill answer, its ur gonna end up dead cause you wont know what to do when the car spins out because it was raining and you accidentally stabbed the gas and the supercharger was at maxxx boost also lotus had nothing to do with the suspension design so you’ll probably end up dead regardless because >leaving toyota to build anything but engines, it’s like you want a piece of crap car

this actually reminds me of the only gay friend i made in university, he drove an mr2, he didn’t really know what he had other than the engine being in the middle and it was supposedly a reliable toyota but that shit handle terrible in the rain depending on your tires, tires are extremely important man, right now because i run shitty all seasons but hawk pads i have more brakes than grip and its pretty fucking dangerous, almost mr2 in the rain dangerous

you might as well just buy an LT1 camaro and be content with your life choices living out of a hostel and sucking dick to get crack money


said: the ignorance/neckbeard in his question is so strong i spent a few moments spaced out, looking at random points in my room trying to find any kind of reasoning and connection in the question and statement

I told it to my friend and she said that some ppl think that if you’re raped as a child you start to hate all people same gender as your rapist and become gay/lesbian. lol that’s impossibly stupid thing to ask…..