Things to exclaim whenever
  • what the heck-y, padalecki
  • holy avacado
  • oh my jesus
  • oh shiz-nickels
  • what in the heckles in my jeckles beckles peckles
  • holy adsfghgjhkl (pronounced depending on who’s around)
  • yo, francey-pants
  • whaddup sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • you gotta blorple porple kerpslisfgbnskdfjglakjfdgh
  • you fresh-dried pickle
  • uncultured swine
  • burro churro
  • heylo
  • buon morgen gousaimasu
  • aboot FUCKING SHIT
  • that’s always relevant
  • what are you talking about I AM PERFECT BEING, DUMB SMELLY HUMAN
  • maybe it’s sinfully me 
  • do you want the booty?
  • no no no NO no no no
  • you piece of milk/mjolk
  • oH HOLE
  • well then…
Big-Headed Critics

Well, according to occritiques, I’m an unhealthy weeaboo who is bonkers and I completely do not understand a manga/anime that I’ve been a fan of since 2005. Tsubasa is also a Mary-Sue. Haha, I only started this blog a short while ago, next to no posts, and I already got some hate~ :D Here’s what I have to say.

 Yes, because I’m actually supposed to take such comments from some random person, on the internet so seriously that my whole life will suddenly revolve around their opinion.

I am not being “butt-hurt” about this, because I’ve chosen to respond; I have a right to defend myself. I’ve had my fair share of criticism and flames alike, and and it’s not rocket science to understand what to take wisdom from and what to laugh off. I know not everyone in the whole freaking world will not like what I create, and that sure as hell is not what I expect or aim for. My imagination is for me, and it’s my choice if I share with public, but it’s never for anybody else’s enjoyment. Undeniably, there are people who’s criticism that will help me and I will be grateful for their advice. On the other hand, there are also  people who just hate to hate, and people that think they’re being helpful when really, they just have their heads so far up their asses that they believe that their opinion is the only thing that matters and that it should have complete impact on other people.

Why? Because she’s a girl? Oh, please. This is very very, very tired. Let’s not do this.
This is for not mentioning her weight, heaven forbid! OMG, it’s too overused, it offends me, wahhh!

She doesn’t have a weapon or she doesn’t know what a weapon is?
I haven’t picked one for her yet. Why would I list Weapon: if she doesn’t have one?

 I don’t even know what a Seiyuu is. Upon looking it up, it’s Japanese for “Voice Actor”. There was a link provided too, but I removed it. It pointed to the “Most beautiful sounding voice actor in anime” which is sending off gajillions of alarm bells.

LOL. Please, because I picked out a SEIYUU who I like, that sets off the Mary-Sue alarm? Don’t cause misunderstandings with your rather pompous opinion that insinuates that I think she has the most beautiful voice. It’s a bit rude to decide what I think about the actress and to put words in my mouth, don’t you think? Seiyuu is commonly used to differentiate the original VA over an English VA. It’s not like Gintama has been properly dubbed, either.

Look, creator. I don’t know what the hell got it in your head that Gintama is the place for your Mary Sue character, because Gintama doesn’t take itself seriously. Even worse you’re using words that aren’t English. I shouldn’t have to look up the meaning of words because you’re using the Japanese equivalents. This kind of attitude is dangerous and makes you look like a whacky anime obsessed freak. Not lookin’ good for you!

Hmmm, Gintama DOESN’T take itself seriously? YOU DON’T SAY! I honestly don’t see how using two words (Seiyuu and hikikomori) makes me seem like an anime obsessed freak (because otaku are the scum of the earth, right?! Because all people that like anime are Japanese people that wanna fuck 2D characters or they’re foreigners who like to pretend their Japanese. They aren’t normal people with rather common interests!). My attitude is dangerous for not using English terminology because that makes it oh-so-tedious to search up an unfamiliar word? Oh, that’s right! English is the all powerful, most awesome language in the world so it’s the only one allowed to be spoken/written, and by using a couple of Japanese terms for a JAPANESE ANIME, that makes me a weeabo. Well, why didn’t you just write her profile in Japanese if you hate English so much, you say? I’m not fluent yet. I also don’t hate English, it’s what I’m majoring in, after all. I just don’t hold it in the highest regard. Every fucking character that’s ever existed has Sue traits, if people want to admit it or not. You want “believable” characters that you can relate to your own bias but not everyone will share the same view on what makes a character “believable”.

Gin-Chan. I don’t know who Gin-Chan is. Upon looking this up I have to come to two conclusions. Either it’s the main character, Gintoki (Probable) or the organization he runs, Yorozuya Gin-Chan (Just as probable)

It’s not rocket science, man. Really, really picky over the smallest things, aren’t ya. I know it’s a critic’s job and all, but it really defines the term “high strung.”

Her strong points are… cats… pickles… sleeping, and puzzles. Do I even need to make a joke for this?

I like jokes! Fire away! Do I have to justifiy what she likes? Do I have to make fun of you so I can feel better about myself? It’s meant to be simple. Do you feel the need to make jokes about how Gin likes parfaits, Jump and pachinko? How Kagura likes sukonbu and picking her nose? How Hasegawa likes his sunglasses and cardboard?

Her weakness is cute things… (Like cats?) bugs, the dark and the cold. What about tigers? Or uh.. aliens? Is she weak to them? What about swords? You’re listing off things that are, you know - hazardous to a lot of people.

Does it say cats? DOES IT? ….You’re right though. It’s not a crime to think cats are cute, and I don’t give a damn if you think that’s to cliche or too Mary-Sue.  Again, her immediate fears are supposed to be simple. GASP, THEY’RE  TOO COMMON AND PLAIN FOR ME, SO THEY’RE TERRIBLE AND IT’S THE END OF MY WORLD! …What about tigers and aliens and swords? Does the obvious honestly need to be stated?

I’m starting to smell Self-Insert. Let me get a little further down before I release my anger.

And? A vast majority of people have “self-insert” characters for fun or as a form of escapism; there’s nothing wrong or unhealthy with that. If that pisses you off, there’s that big fat x on your tab/browser otherwise known as the close button.

I actually know what a hikikomori is, but for the love of whatever can we not use that phrase? How many hikikomori’s are there in Gintama? Do you know?

Otsuu wrote a song called “You’re  Brother is a Hikikomori”, actually. Are you my boss? You have to approve of what phrases I’m allowed to use and I should be damn thankful for your godlike guidance? I don’t think so. Does it really matter? Just nitpicking again, really.Also someone commented that it was cruel to such an illness as a “novelty” instead of writing out proper character development. Well then, why aren’t you complaining about other people that have used hikikomori for their characters (example: Jintan from Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai)? How is it any different compared to a person that has to announce they were born with AIDS, or that they have cancer, or they have to take antidepressants? Don’t assume that I don’t understand how serious of a condition it is or  that I’m making a “novelty” for my own convenience.

Again, I’m going to hold off before chewing you out. I want this to build up a little.

Ha! You really think that you “chewing” me out because you can’t stand my character is going to mean something to me? Like I said, I am not doing this for other people to enjoy.  You’re too funny~

This paragraph is full of random junk. Very few of the sentences relate to each other in any way. First we talk about her compassion. Then we talk about how she is lazy. Then it’s innuendos? Then men, then swearing, then distracting, then fights? Can you hold your own attention for more than a couple seconds here?

I agree that this part isn’t written well. You ever heard of getting the gist down and editing later?

I feel like I’m reading about something else. Are you sure this is for Gintama?

You really can’t wrap your head around the concept of “rough draft”, huh. It’s all about puking, S&M, Gintaman and trolling the Shogun, right?

Here we go. This is a Self-Insert.

…Again, your point is…? It pisses you off that I used a term that’s related to myself in reality? Rage me a river, bro. DICTION. D-I-C-T-I-O-N

I can’t critique Self-Inserts. Let me move down to the bottom.

I certainly didn’t request your two cents. That was Anastasia, who I don’t even know, and I have to say that it’s rather rude to submit another person’s character  to be “critiqued” without telling them or even bothering to ask permission (I don’t care if it’s the fucking internet or you don’t like my oc, surely you were raised to use your manners!) since all I did on tumblr was post her character sheet and not her profile…it’s been fun, though!

I’d hate to say it Creator, but you sound like some kind of weeaboo. I don’t like using that word. I don’t like telling people that they’re pretty much bonkers. But look at this. You use Japanese words instead of their English equivalents. You create a character for a fandom that is by and large really silly. Your whole purpose? To pair up with the main character. You make a dead serious backstory, give her the “Most beautiful voice” and then also make her a cat girl…? She exists solely to be a girl toy for Gintoki. You give her traits that are only relevant to you - social anxiety disorder is only relevant to you, not in Gintama. Gintama does not care about social anxiety disorder. Gintama is a comedic drama. You don’t even address that in this at all. You slap on traits that are relevant to you, make her as pretty as possible, and have her join up with the main crew lickety split. You haven’t even figured out how she’s gonna get there, but you’ve already decided.

This isn’t good. This isn’t healthy.

You need to step away from this and really think about what you’re doing. Because right now this is nothing short of disastrous.

That’s okay. I don’t take the words of self-centered pricks to heart, especially when they think they’re helpfully critiquing something when they’re actually just bitching their head off because something offended them in a pseudo-constructive manner. Clearly, I don’t know what genre my favourite series specializes in. I haven’t a clue what happens in  the 265 episode anime that I watch or the manga I read regularly . Gintama is a comedic drama, yes. You are concentrating on the comedic part of Gintama, while ignoring the fact that most of the characters have serious back stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s relevant; Social anxiety disorder is a character trait I chose, to be a hurdle she needs to overcome. It’s not any different then Kagura trying to tame her Yato blood or Kyuubei dealing with her sexuality or androphobia.

I ask again that you do not make assumptions or insinuations about my choice for her voice or her design. Where, exactly, does it say she’s a cat girl? Does it say she is a cat Amanto? No, it says she likes cats and she helps take care of the strays. That seems to translate for you as “OH! MARY-SUE ALERT!” Again, it is not a crime to like cats. Yeah, it’s over-used but guess what? It’s still going to be over-used, even in the future! “Exists to be a girl toy”, hm? Is that a fact, when I haven’t even really written anything except for a couple of vague lines concerning their relationship, or is that just another biased assumption? Are you taking that out of context from me saying that “she’d do anything for Gin”, yet I’m not seeing anything being written about the rest of the Gintama cast, who share that sentiment; because it’s written with a female character in mind, that must mean it’s sexual, thus she has to be a slutty “toy” who has no morals because “I’ve deemed her a Mary-Sue!” …But I’m probably reading too much into that and am simply making assumptions, right? Most people with anime OCs like to place their characters within a canon group and will have that chosen beforehand - if that annoys you, boo-hoo. I didn’t put a damn time about when she joined them, and there is no bloody law that an outline has to be written in perfect order.

Who are you to me? To tell me what’s healthy or what’s good? What I “need” to do?

Your opinion doesn’t hold any sort of importance with me.

It has been fun to read and respond to this 'critique'…hmm, let’s be truthful. This was just a belittling bitch fest by person who could’ve used their time to better use then wasting it on me and writing a rant while giving some personal shots at my person (yes, yes, the world is not candy and rainbows, but society demands being at least treated cordially and it pretends to frown on slander and stereotyping…and if that can’t be lived by then it’s eye for an eye.)

Please make sure not to fall of your high horse while enjoying your spectacular view!