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Hi Lori! I had a quick question about the part in the second chapter where Mycroft and Sherlock were smoking outside: was that inspired by HLV, or had you not seen it when you wrote that part? Just curious, since it did remind me a bit of that scene. Congrats on another wonderful chapter!

Okay, here’s a true confession.

Most of Lifetime Achievement was written over the past two years, up until about November of last year.  When I posted chapter 2 on its usual Thursday, I was somewhat bemused to see that the part of the chapter that got the biggest reaction was the Sherlock & Mycroft conversation…which I had written about four hours before.

Originally the chapter ended when Sherlock and John agree to stay overnight at Mummy Holmes’s house.  But I just started feeling like it needed more.  Maz commented that more reactions from the Holmes family might be a good counterpoint to all the Watson Clan stuff.  I realized that Sherlock and Mycroft never really talked in the whole story, so I thought…I’ll write them a scene together.  Having them sneak out for a smoke seemed a natural thing - it might be influenced by HLV but there is also a scene like that in ASiB, so it’s kind of a thing for them.

So I basically banged out that scene a few hours before I posted.  I ended up loving that scene.  Just goes to show that sometimes the Writing Gods give you little gifts.

Let’s talk about amnesiac!Gabe, shall we? Like Emmanuel!Cas from season seven, he’s come back from the dead with little to no explanation, with no memory of who he is, but all his powers intact. Let’s talk about how that storyline could go.

–Gabe’s powers start breaking out of his control, causing any number of strange events wherever he goes.
–But he doesn’t know he’s causing it.
–Without knowledge of him being an archangel and all the strength and power that goes with it, his attitude is really all bravado, and he’s actually sorta scared of all the stuff that keeps happening.
–The Winchesters track the events and investigate, discoving Gabe at the middle of it.
–Dean doesn’t believe Gabe about being amnesiac, while Gabe doesn’t believe them about being an angel.
–Sam standing up for Gabe, telling Dean to stop being a jerk, and actually putting himself between the two of them.
–Gabe storming off at some point and Sam going after him.
–Sam spending the entire time looking after Gabe, actually, both trying to figure out what’s going on with him and trying to make sure he’s okay.
–Gabe maybe not getting his memories back for a couple episodes.
–Cas not knowing how to act around his big brother, but being awkwardly sympathetic because he knows what Gabe’s going through.
–Gabe getting really, really scared and hiding behind Sam at some point.
–Gabe getting really attached to Sam and sticking close to him, because he knows Sam will look out for him and Sam makes him feel safe.
–Someone (read: Cas) getting the laundry all mixed up, and Gabe wandering out one morning in one of Sam’s shirts (nearly giving Dean a heart attack.)
–Gabe helping out on hunts without using his angel powers.
–Gabe helping out on hunts, using his angel powers, and getting some of his memories back.
–Gabe accidentally smiting a demon, and feeling awful about hurting the human inside
–Mrs. Tran mothering Gabe.
–Kevin and Gabe winding up really good friends somehow.
–Cas teaching Gabe how to be an angel again.
–Sabriel bonding
–Canon Sabriel



I’m doing this for Dana, but tagging a few other people who may need to see this just in case.

So I’m doing this writing project on Anne Bonny for school, and one day when I finished my work, I searched her on youtube, and found out she was in a Spanish animated film and I was like “cool”. 

But then I found this.

This is a ship video of Anne Bonny and Tulio (as in Road to El Dorado Tulio) set to a man’s cover of ET by Katy Perry.

According to the video, the plot-

It’s on a cliff by the seaside that Tulio and Miguel first lay eyes on the infamous pirate Anne Bonny. But despite her reputation as a fearsome pirate, Tulio starts to fall in love with her, though he never really tells her. He continues to spend time with her, despite the warnings of his friends, Phoebus and Sarah. One day, the authorities finally catch up with Anne and throw her in prison. Tulio racks his brain out, trying to find a way to rescue her. He finally comes up with a plan and enlists Miguel’s help. With their handshake, their off to save Anne, who’s a little surprised to see them, but accepts their help. They get her out of her cell, but before they can leave, Blackbeard shows up, who is Anne’s rival. The two start fighting and while Tulio and Miguel watch fearfully. But to their relief, Anne takes Blackbeard down. But that’s when the soldiers show up. The three make a run for it and manage to get to Anne’s ship. Tulio unfurls the sail, Miguel does his little paddling thing, and they set off into the sea. A while later, Miguel is asking Tulio if he’s told Anne how he feels yet. Tulio says no, that it’s kinda difficult. Miguel gives him some encouragement, then shoves him towards Anne. She asks him why exactly he came to save her. He hesitates for a moment, then tells her that he loves her. To his relief, she feels the same. They share a kiss as the ship sails on.

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You really helped restore a little faith in me about the fandom after seeing the thingsthatarebetterthandestiel blog. So thank you. And I really identify and agree with what you said in your response to the anon earlier. So thank you for that too.

It’s rewarding to see what this blog is doing for people.

No matter how small an impact.

It’s helping make a difference for the better.

Wait, I’m actually going to school tomorrow. That means emotions and probably stress about having to catch things up. Also getting my L’s (hopefully) but djakhfajfhajf I’ve been dreading this for 19 months now :/ Worst of all, WAKING UP AT 6:30. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

No but that means I should probably go to bed, like, an hour ago so goodnight :) xx