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How do pugsley and Lydia get along? Are Wednesday and beetlejuice buds? (I love thos so much btw!)

As an artist, Lydia appreciates Pugsly’s collection of tortures devices. And it sets them up for a pretty nice friendship. Pugsly also likes anyone who makes it on his sisters good side. Which is a very select few.

And Beej has a general distaste for anyone who isnt Lydia. And an even bigger distaste for anyone who tries to “take his place” as her bestfriend. So he’s not her biggest fan. Wednesday just finds him irritating at best, but shes mostly indifferent.

Prairie’s Plants: Thistle

This is one of those words that starts sounding weird as soon as you say it twice in a row. Thistle, thistle, thistle… anyway, shoutout to @thecrackedamethyst to suggesting this(tle). 

Scientific name: Cirsium sp. There are other things that are called thistles, but Circiums are what I (and most people) familiar with–other plants could sub in for metaphoric or symbolic uses of thistles, but obviously their chemistry and habits will be slightly to substantially different. Research before you substitute!

Common names: (Some of these are specific to particular Circium species) Common thistle, field thistle, wavyleaf thistle, Flodman’s thistle, grey thistle, bull thistle, spear thistle, plume thistle

Appearance: Varies by species, but typically plants range from quite small to nearly 3 ft tall. Growth tends to be largely vertical, with alternating lobed leaves typically bearing spines. Leaves and stem may be downy or hairy. Blooms through most of the growing season with disc-like flowers common to all Asteraceas that may be pink, purple, white, or yellow. The base of the flower is often enlarged and prickly. 

Range: Most species within Cirsium are native to Europe, Asia, and northern Africa–however, the handful of species native to North America are incredibly robust and have thoroughly established themselves across the continent. 

Historical and medicinal uses: Taken internally, thistles are generally emetic–they produce vomiting, alongside any other benefit that may be had if taken in great quantities. The strength of this varies in species, and though all are edible, take care–there’s a non-zero chance you’ll have terrible digestion, or worse. Generally the older the leaves are, the worse this effect is. 

Most thistles also produce sweating, useful for breaking a fever among other things. Some say they provide energy–I have a friend who drinks thistle tea like coffee in the morning–but I’ve never experienced this myself. 

Associations and Potential Uses: I consult a lot of web stuff as well as my books when I’m working on these posts, and in researching I came across this herbalriot post that describes (milk) thistle as “snake enraging.” I have no experience with that, just thought I’d share it. 

Thistles’ use is manyfold in magic: when included in protective washes, satchels, or spells, it protects the home from storms and lightning. Carrying it improves strength and vitality; it’s a fairly common ingredient in spells for sex or sex magic as well. It can be used to summon spirits but also to provide protection from the same. 

Despite its fairly vicious appearance, it’s worth noting that many practicioners (including myself) have had just no luck using it as a component in hexing or baneful work. Despite appearances, thistle rarely bears ill will–it would rather empower than break down. 



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Trick or treat!!

* note the written version of the list was recently lost so only most of the people are here not all and I’m very sorry about that.

Witchy Trick or treat!

Rules and Guidelines for the Givers!!

• you must reblog this post. When you have this post on your blog, it lets the trick or treaters know that you’re ready to give! It also helps me make sure you know the rules and let’s the trick or treaters who else is giving.

• you must give. It’s literal.

• if you draw a blank on a treat, you must give a trick instead of a treat.

• if you use a specific spread ( for example tarot) and you didn’t make it, you must credit the owner of said spread and leave a link to it.

• if a trick or treater asks for a specific treat, you must trick them.

• you must give at least one trick.

• you must stop when it’s November 1st.

• to stop, your last post has to say that you’re no longer letting trick or treaters near your blog and your ask box has to have this message too.

• have fun!

Treats you can give!
• sigils you’ve made
• spells you’ve written
• a general reading ( tarot, bibliomancy, energy, etc. givers choice.)
• beginner witch tip!
• beginner diviner tip!
• E- Cards!
• a tarot spread!
• Drawings!
• Witchy stories ( good and bad )
• Ghost stories ( good and bad )
• any other cool thing!

Tricks you can give!!
• gifs from the scary movie series.
• the rare Halloween Pepe meme .
• a gif of a man dressed in black with a pumpkin head dancing.
• a gif of dancing skeletons.
• the “you tried ” star.
• a gif of Jack Skellington ( main character of the nightmare before Christmas) being confused.
• saying “ HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!” In all caps.
• A gif of a jumpscare from the five nights at Freddy’s video games.
• anything you find annoying

Rules and guidelines for the Trick or Treaters!!

• you must be polite. The givers are not only giving cool stuff, they’re giving their time. Respect that.

• you can not ask for a specific treat. if you do, you will get tricked.

• if you get tricked, you can’t complain.

• treat the givers fairly. if one blog looks like it has a lot on its plate, go to a different one.

• if the giver gives a reading, it’s highly advised you give feedback.

• if a giver does not have this post on their blog, you may not trick or treat on their blog.

• you can not stay at one givers blog the whole day and night and endlessly trick or treat there. We have tons of other “houses” to trick or treat at.

• it might be best to avoid anon, if you want to know for sure what you got, but this is just a guideline and is completely up to you.

• if a giver isn’t giving treats anymore, do not bother them. This list is too long to get mad at one person.

• have fun!

List of the trick or treaters!

• everyone who wants to do it.

List of the Givers!!!

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