thistle tattoo

So, exciting news!

Yesterday was a milestone in my life, as I got my first tattoo! 

My best friend went with me, and he was a trooper about the whole thing. So thank you best friend.

Anyways, I drew the design myself, and the guy seemed to really like it, and it’s just line work, but it’s awesome. It’s a thistle, by the way. But as far as getting a tattoo is concerned, I was really nervous, because I don’t like needles and everything makes me anxious. But it really didn’t hurt all that bad. Everyone was making it seem like it was going to be the most painful thing ever, but it really wasn’t. I think my cat is more vicious and painful to deal with. And it only took the guy 20 minutes. So basically, it was a great experience!

Here is a picture of it right after it was finished:

(I got it down at Yankee Tattoo in Burlington VT by Jim.)

Hi, I’ve been a customer of Black Thistle Tattoo before, and have noticed some serious issues. The main artist, James, flatly copies artwork (despite having a graphic design HONS degree) and now that there’s an assistant, Nayla (digitial arts HONS degree), art is still being flatly copied off the Internet. If you search ‘trash rose tattoo’, it’s the first image that comes up, so there’s not even any effort.

When I had my tattoo done there, James didn’t bother asking if I’d had any tattoos until the needle had already been on me for a minute or so. His linework is shaky, his shading is patchy, and you really shouldn’t get work done here.

On a side note, he asked an unqualified piercer (me) to work as a piercer in his studio because I had experience piercing ears as a teenager. I made it clear that I was not in any way a professional piercer and he was still very happy for me to work in his studio. (I never worked for him, but he asked me to several times)

He might only charge you £30/hour, but seriously, it’s not worth it. Do not get work done here.


Submitted by anon