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I’m twenty-five … I’ve wanted to meet Taylor Swift ever since I was fourteen.  FOURTEEN. Fourteen … I’ve spent each day of every year feeling so thankful for having her in my life and I’ve wanted nothing more than to thank her in person and give her the biggest hug.  I’ve gone to every show thinking this might be my night - #thistime as my dad has started to phrase it.  I am always so optimistic thinking it’s finally my turn to have that moment with her but each time I walk away without it happening.Yes, of course it’s discouraging and of course I feel kind of sad and of course I get jealous of everyone else who got to meet her … but I’m also so excited because each night I didn’t meet her just meant that my night was still coming and I got to spend however long until then always dreaming about it and looking forward to it. I am SO happy for everyone who has gotten that opportunity to meet Tay and I know that she is doing her best to meet soooo many of us and I know that my time will come.  I love her all the same and love her endlessly and I’m thankful that I get to share in these moments with so many of you guys.  It’s so incredible to see. I hope that anyone else who also feels this way knows that it is okay to be sad about it, but don’t let it get you down for too long. Our time will come.



cadence - im youngmin


▹ word count: 2191 words
▹ summary: you couldn’t have imagined it in your wildest dreams, but something good manages comes out of the music composition class you should have never taken… and his name is im youngmin. filling this request for college partner!youngmin.

  • warning this is super cliche!!
  • but youngmin is cute and he makes up for that
  • okay let’s get this party started wooo
  • so you’re a college student
  • duh

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anonymous asked:

Love your last spec fic <3. I was wondering about recs and someone said I should ask you since you read a lot lol. Any rec for Supernatural fics and/or Amish fics or the likes if they exist (just finished a lifetime movie about that and I got intrigued by the idea)? Thankies :))


Hi Anon, 

I have never read any amish fics. I don’t think they exist in the Olicity fandom. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. 

There are some western fics outthere. 

And what do you mean by “Supernatural”? Do you mean a Supernatural(tv)/arrow(tv) crossover? Because that’s a thing. 

I think you mean Unnatural as I’ve taken to calling it so I don’t mix it up with the above fics 

Here’s a couple: 

  • Alternative Species
  1. Defend Not The Man, But The Mind
  2. How To Train Your Vigilante
  3. Of Species
  4. Mermaid’s Kiss
  • Alpha/Omega
  1. Another Kind of Island
  2. Burning It Down (Tangled Up With You All Night)
  3. Masquerade
  4. Never Enough
  5. The Strong Do Not Always End Up On Top
  • Ghosts
  1. Between the Dead and the Living
  2. By This Hand
  3. Hello
  4. Revanent
  5. Someone Else’s Sky
  • Psychic
  1. forefront of my future
  • Telepathy/Mind-reading
  1. Mind Over Matter series
  • Energy Vampire
  1. euphoria of the fire (like Rogue from Xmen)
  • Real Vampire
  1. Bound by Blood series
  2. Blood and Fire
  3. Curiosity Killed the Cat
  4. Faraway
  5. Find Me
  6. Hunted
  7. ichor
  8. Like a Dog With a Bone
  9. Masquerade
  10. Once Bitten, Twice Shy series
  11. Slayer
  12. The Drug in Me is You series
  13. Vampires and Queens series
  • Werewolf
  1. A Blue Million Miles
  2. A Woman in Wolf’s Clothing
  3. You Are The Wolf (And I Am The Moon)
  • Wings
  1. Crash Landing
  2. Cupid’s Angel
  3. if wishes could fly
  4. Mark of the Angel
  5. The Librarian’s Daughter

And this is theolicitylibrary’s list 



Mind Reading


Body Swap

Time Travel Here



big_gunmin1003 쇼케이스 끄읕
#이번엔 #멕시코 #생일선물까지 #크흑ㅠ

[Trans] End of showcase, thank you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ #ThisTime #Mexico #BirthdayPresent #Thanks ㅠ

Trans by: B.I.G Universe | trans may be inaccurate, please take out with full credit.


THE AU(I think this is a summary..Idk)

Jeremy is Inlove with both Michael and Christine,but his more gay,,Jeremy has a low reputation,Rich giving him a hand by telling him about the squip,after vORing the pill,the Squip tells jeremy all the things  girls want from bo-

“YEr gay” “Mm Kinda”,,Jeremy has more feelings for michael more than christine,,The Squip does not judge and continue to find Jeremy a guy with high standards,,

((This is prolly really dumb..sorry))

Rich approaching Jeremy,,They talk about Jeremy getting one,,”He is perfect” The squip said,The squip began to target rich and orders Jeremy to be with him

“Wh-WHAt?! No WhY Him!? I’d Rather be with Christine!” Jeremy said, “Christine is with this guy,,called Jake,,Jake Dillinger.You have no match specially having low standards” the Squip replied,,”Wh-” “You must start slow,and we’ll get there,,Goranski is not an easy target though he has a chance of liking guys,,so its a score”

they continued,,jeremy being “Bi/Gay” he thinks Rich is cute but not for his love interest,,”No,But,I want Michael..Not Ri-”,,”You must not just listen..Jeremy..You must Obay..You have to be patient to get what you want”..Jeremy nods looking down,,

Rich approaches “Play it cool” said the Squip,”HEy! C’mere I’ll introduce you to these ladi-” “Rich-” Jeremy said as the Squip controls him “are you cool if we hang out sometime??” (Blah blah blah They work things out and  shit they got together blah blah)

HALLOWEED! I mean WEeN *cOUGh* as Jake and Christine dance,Rich leads Jeremy upstairs with his Squip shutdown..Blah Blah Blah

They do sex in hallway upstairs 

*Jeremy’s squip is on*

Jeremy goes to the bathroom as he shuts down his Squip,,He pees slowly couse he arss hurt,,as he puts his bottoms on,someone behind him touches his head

“AAAAAAAAAAAAA” Jeremy Schreeched,hueh,Its michael,”Where were you?? and why do you smell like cum?!” Jeremy blushes as he is speachless,,Michael Figured..Michael slams the door open and walks away

“I Thought you said this wanna gonna work!!” Jeremy told the squip,”It is you just have to be patie-” “Shutdown!”..Jeremy sits on jake’s balcony,,Rich approaches worried


Blah blah blah..The play,,rich knows there is something wrong,he sprints ouside to go and look for mountain dew red as he fights off his squip,,everybody being controlled zombies..Blah blah

“OR YOU WILL NEVER BE,,WITH HIM” From the distance,jeremy sees Michael laying down on the floor like dead..then slowly get up

“You re the person I want to be with Everyday~”He sings,,”That is nOT michael!”,,”He is —-”Said the squip,,,“JEreMY~ I..LoVE yOU~~~” 

“Drink this” Jeremy makes Michael drink the Mt.Red


Everyone shouted

(Rich lost his squip at that part)

Jeremy apologized to Michael and Michael accepting it,,Rich approached,Saying that Michael desserved Jeremy more,and that Rich knew it was only their Squips who was telling them to be together,,*Rich Kisses Jeremy 4 de last time* 

Jeremy Smiled,”Thanks Rich :’)” 

Jeremy and Michael looks at each other,Michael Tackles Jeremy with a deep Kiss,,”So..Wanna go..out sometime?” Jeremy asked “OH  HELl YeH” Michael replied

YEh so basically..I suck at this

time to die


even though this is exactly what you wanted:
to sleep in a strange bed tonight, a drunken screw;
your organs rearranged like furniture and someone
to churn your insides around as if making butter.

Is he a naughty child in your kitchen of lust,
two fingers in the honey pot, stirring? Maybe it’s the way
he moves inside you like he knows where he’s going, or
at least how, in the blind dark, you become braille

for the right pair of hands – a book spread wide
open at its center, a malleable spine. God knows how
he’ll survive the gush of you, spilling and spilling from
the basin of your hips like warm bathwater.

Any other night, you would turn away as you
came, your face crumpling into shapes of vulnerability
behind your hands, body quaking around him. But this
time, you hold his gaze. You sob his name

and then crack open, over easy like an egg, your
heart dripping yolk onto his bared chest. When the
tremble passes, you try to scoop the pulpy mess back
in-between your lungs, panicking, but it’s

too late. He sees your sorry heart, sitting there in
a pool of its own fragile blood cells, could probably pick
it out of a lineup now. He hears the pulse of it. A begging
so ferocious you could almost mistake it for bravery.

Chen; Of Soft Pillows And Love

ahhhhhh i finally made it in time for a request! ummmmm how about a cuddly pillow fight with Chenster
775 words, mini scenario

“Jongdae, I swear, if you hit me with the pillow again, I’m going to-“


Another hit on your arm thistime as you were reading a book on the bed. Not too long ago, to be exact, it was just five minutes ago that Chen had started hitting you with a pillow. It wasn’t a hard hit and definitely, he could never hit you too hard but… it was bugging you. You know that feeling of having that piece of skin sticking out by the side of your fingernail but you can’t exactly peel it off? Yeah, that’s the feeling you were having now. He had randomly hit you out of nowhere and when you’d ask if he needed something, he’d keep silent and just smile as if he was an angel.

‘It’s okay, it’s okay…’ You cooed in your mind, looking back to your book. ‘If he does it just one more time-‘


“Alright, forget this.” You mumbled in one breath, hastily slipping the bookmark between the pages before you let the book drop from your lap, to the floor with a soft thud. You reached behind you, swift and quick to grab onto your pillow with your fingers. Once you had it in your grip, Jongdae’s eyes widened so fast, he hurriedly rolled off the bed when you lunged forward to hit him with it, “Come back here!”

He laughed heartily, easily standing up on his feet as he taunted you daringly, “Come after me, princess.”

“This is what you wanted, right?” You huffed, standing up on the bed. It took you two good seconds to balance yourself but once you did, you were glaring down on Jongdae who looked so happy to finally have it his way.

“Maybe…” He cooed softly darting forward to tackle you with his pillow before he let go of it, using his arms to strongly make you fall down onto the bed. Your body bounced up and down a few times, the pillow still in your grip as you managed to give Jongdae at least one hit before laughing, noticing how he kept rolling you both around on the bed – like a little child.

“Jongdae!” You breathed out, finding it harder to breath because you were laughing too hard but Jongdae couldn’t stop himself, either. He’s addicted to the way you laugh, the way you smile and that little thing your eyes would do whenever you smiled too wide – forming mini-like crescents that had him thanking God for allowing him to be so lucky.

“Aren’t you getting tired?” You found that he slowed down on his movements but he kept swaying from left to right, his weight pressed down on you. Your arms naturally snaked around his neck, grinning up to him and he smiled down on you, “Maybe.”

After what felt like forever, he did stop, lying on top of you as if you were his mattress. Curious, you looked up to him and started to play with his hair. Taking strands and twirling it with your fingers before repeating the same thing over and over again. In between, you managed to ask nonchalantly, “But really, what was all that?”

“Hm?” He hummed back, eyes staring into yours as you played with his hair – he has a liking for it whenever you did that.

You used your eyes to make movements of what all of that was, “Whatever we just did. Or,” Your eyes finally met his, “Whatever you did.”

From a small smile, it grew wider until you could see his pearly whites – shining at you as if he jumped out from a toothpaste commercial, “Well, you were so quiet reading your book so I thought I’d help ruin it for you.”

You snorted and continued to swirl strands of his hair with your fingertips, “How thoughtful of you.”

“Am I never?” He smirked, rolling you over once more that you’re clutching onto him with a squeal, “Jongdae!”

“Let’s stay like this.” He announced, placing his arms around you to lock you above him. You huffed at the unfairness though, you weren’t going to complain, “Do I have a choice?”

“Do you want a choice?”

“Not really,” You smiled, resting your head above his chest as you listened to his heartbeat that you easily remember by heart. And he did the same, listening to the sounds of you breathing until you’d fall asleep. A special day is not needed to appreciate you. Not when he could do that any day.

Today was no different.

as a lamp (sagittarius), a star in space (leo)
an illusion (pisces), a dewdrop (gemini), a bubble (libra)
a dream (aries), a cloud (cancer), embroidery (Virgo) a flash of lightning (aquarius)
view all created things like this
time (capricorn), love (scorpio), and gravity (taurus)
the forces of power are invisible