Breathe Carolina tattoos that I want.

One to signify each album.

This one for It’s Classy, Not Classic. Well I want something like this… I want Kyle to draw me a diamond at Warped (although idk if he will have the time but it would be legit) and I want the lyrics “The spotlight lives in all of us” above and below it… I’m thinking on the inside of my right bicep.  Kind of a classic BC tatt but I think it accurately represents their first album and it give me inspiration every time I hear it:

(Props to since this is her photo and tatt.

The tatt I want representing Hello Fascination is still rather unclear to me. I want to incorporate the 3 colors of the album and have the lyrics “Did we enjoy ourselves, when we destroyed ourselves? Whatever happens we’re fine.” This reminds me that all the hard and bad times pass. Kind of telling me to not fret over things that are out of my control and try to be a bit more laid back. Maybe some sort of arm band or sleeve kind of deal… Maybe… Idk… 

External image

The last tattoo I want is another one that any BC fan would expect. I simply want to eye on the album of Hell Is What You Make It. But I also want some sort of lyric around it. I was thinking ‘That Shine, That Spark" but that really holds no definite meaning to me and it kinda plays along the lines of “The spotlight lives in all of us” if interpreted correctly. My favorite song is Edge of Heaven so maybe something from that song… Maybe my URL? lol… Anyway I might want to make an arm band with this since the album cover has the lines that run from the eye off the edge of the cover. Just make that a little band… Not sure yet. Here is the eye.

External image

Just throwing tatt ideas around right now. Not planning on getting any so soon. Still think I need to wait a little longer and make sure I want these on my body forever before I decide to just do it. I am really digging the diamond one though because that one can hold meaning outside of just BC-ness. So can all of them really but that one is kinda classy to me anyway. Maybe as a final BC tattoo I will get this which Kyle and David both have

Anyway… This was made simply because I was bored and I felt like re-upping my BC love on the tag mostly… Night all