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1st is me in my first badass winter coat (made me feel glamorous as fuck and I loved my life)
2nd is myself and my kitten, Belle. I said “belle!” And made and face and she meowed and snapped it.
3rd I just love how I look here…glowing. 4th me at the park, sitting in the grass, enjoying a breeze.
5th my boyfriend Andrew and I, both slightly drunk at a Blue Jays game - I remember the sky was incredible and we had such a good time!
6th I felt really good that day! My hair looked awesome and it shows a bit of my favourite place ever (my room)

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1. Who is your favorite super-villain?

Mystique: I know many people don’t consider her to be a a super-villain but she’s a complete bad ass that always plays an important role to any plot shes involved in.

For back story purposes and other tidbits see:

2. You have to change professions, and don’t have any issues with obtaining a reasonable salary or training/relevant education: what would you become? 

Without a doubt I would become a Pilates instructor. I love being able to show people that they can re-obtain the mobility they’ve lost over time and that rehabilitation is possible in every regard. I guess you could say I just want to let everyone’s inner bad-ass out.

3. When you were younger, what was one thing you thought you’d never do as an adult, but you’ve ended up doing?

Continue to watch Anime consistently….WHAT!?!? I THOUGHT IT WAS A PHASE?

5. Do you have a least-favorite celebrity, and why?

“Eh, probably not. I’m more likely to just lose whatever interest I have in one when I find out that they’ve said/done something misogynist/racist/problematic than go on a campaign of active hatred. ” - quoting somersetnom

 - i must concur with said statement

6. Zombie apocalypse comes: what is your weapon of choice? 

Re-curve bow and knife, they were always my weapons of choice when I competed in archery and when i practiced martial arts. not to mention that i got long and short distances covered.

7. Give me a really unpopular opinion of yours, in all caps. This isn’t phrased as a question, so suck it up. 

I ABSOLUTELY HATED THE HUNGER GAMES. Ya I read the books before they were a thing but the writing was so bad. There were. Too many. Damn. Periods. I remember throwing the book across the room screaming that complex sentences existed for a reason.

8. What’s your favorite dinner to make?  

Bacon, pancakes, bacon, did i mention bacon?

9. If you could only listen to one Pandora/radio station forever, what is it?

Dot usually listen the radio all that much to begin with so perhaps something with a lot of variety?

10. Why did you choose the training plan you’re using? If you’re not currently training, tell me why you chose the current book you’re reading. 

I usually choose my training plans based on my goals and now that i’m with a trainer and haven’t chosen this plan per-say it does coincide with my current goals of leaning out.

As for the current book i’m reading? Sirens of Titan. I just started it today so i can’t say if its any good or not but it was recommended to me by several people so I figured I should check it out.

11. What’s your MBTI personality type? I think it’s interesting.


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mountain-yogi replied to your post:Who wants to do yoga with me ? I’d love to! And we don’t even life that far from each other (not same country - but still Europe!) We should do an  Europe meet up with Ola, Teya, you, and me and other amazing people !! thisroguesrevenge replied to your photoset:I have to get my iron and B12 you know
*cries because gluten intolerant* please eat box on my behalf
Don’t cry, come at my house I’ll make gluten free cinnamon rolls just for you!

I wish I could claim to have made it! We ate at a place called croma, they do all kinds of crazy pizza. Couldn’t resist a pizza which had black pudding and egg amongst the toppings though.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little backstreet boys… Or so I’ve heard…

Haha I’ve so inconsistent lately too!  I think I do keep up with it because I have a mat right next to my bed hehe so it’s like a natural before bed thing :) plus these tumblr challenges are hopefully making me more consistent again!

My shampoo is a shampoo bar from Lush called trichomania :) it’s amazing!

All is as it always is up here - a huge mix of sunshine and rain haha hope England is nice too! xx

thisroguesrevenge replied to your post “thisroguesrevenge replied to your photoset “Hopped out of bed, turned…”

Shame model face. Shame.

I don’t need to be tall to be a model. Just like I don’t need to be stick thin to be one either. 

If I wanted to be a conventional model I’d have to lose at least 20 lbs and grow 5 inches. Ain’t nobody got the time for that. Plus, food.

Get outside of that constricting box that dictates,

body shape “x” + body size “y” + height “z” = MODEL MATERIAL

It’s so limiting.

thisroguesrevenge replied to your post:Hi, what is happening when you eat gluten? Stomache ache? Im searching for a reason why everytime is stht in my mouth that cant get out and perhaps because of gluten…

I had stomach aches too. For years. Just thought that was normal after eating. And super bad constipation (tmi?) And I slept a lot because I was malnourished like 14+ hrs daily. I feel so much better now.

YES! I had to drop out of college because I was extremely malnourished and literally couldn’t get out of bed.  I also was under the impression that just how food digests.