Here you go, perverts.

‘Abroad? You’re in Dublin.’ Sherlock lost his train of thought somewhat as John started to unbutton the jeans he had on. ‘It’s hardly abroad.’

Sherlock lifted his eyebrows as John marched over to his laptop and bent down over it. Only the bottom of his mouth and his muscular arms and chest were visible as he typed in his usual excruciatingly slow manner, his tongue flicking out to wet his lips. Sherlock’s toes curled.

You wanted Skype porn, I’ll give you Skype porn.

It’s all Livia’s fault anyway. :P

As with all my PWPs, D/s themes.

Enjoy! <3


Ok, so, I have some of the most amazing friends ever, right? This year, they got together behind my back and arranged the Twelve Days of Moony, surprising me with a gift a day for the duration of Christmas. It was incredibly sweet, and I can’t begin to express how touched I was by the gesture. I thought I’d make a cover for each of the fics written, to show my appreciation. For the non-fic gifts (graphics, art, podfics), I’ll likely be writing fics in return at a later date <3


Got to the hotel last night at around 6:30, after meeting wren and abundantlyqueer at the airport (and there was much hand-grabbing and bouncing), and promptly was swept off to dinner with corpsereviver2, mojoflower, billiethepoet, and mydwynter. And whiskeydaisy got to join us later, which was excellent.

Oh man. First of all, the food was amazing (I’d never been to a tapas place before, I loved it!), and the company was even better. We laughed and laughed and laughed until my stomach hurt.

This weekend is off to a very good start. :)

Fandom Lives in Our Hearts
  • Ivy:I'm sort of tempted to point out to the wankery folks that tumblr is actually NOT the only location of fandom
  • Ivy:it was such a surprise to me to discover that LJ is not longer the primary home of fandom
  • Ivy:I had no idea!
  • saathi1013:IKR?
  • saathi1013:...which is sad, as I am partial to the format, but *shrugs* I can deal, lol
  • thisprettywren:i don't think of tumblr as the main home of fandom
  • thisprettywren:it's the main home of fandom GRAPHICS
  • Ivy:LOL
  • Ivy:yeah
  • Ivy:yeah that's true
  • Ivy:it's not a fic home, really
  • saathi1013:fandom lives in our hearts, not in a specific site, I think
  • thisprettywren:haha
  • Ivy:awwww
  • Ivy:fandom lives in our hearts!!
  • thisprettywren:if that's true....
  • thisprettywren:(looks at my heart)
  • thisprettywren:… sorry, fandom.
  • Ivy:LOL
  • saathi1013:lol
  • thisprettywren:it's a bit iffy in there

Sherlock-the-Pooh Illustrations

I’ve done some little illustrations for thisprettywren’s amazing Sherlock-the-Pooh fic. Seriously, it’s absolutely lovely. 

Chapter One In Which We Are Introduced to Sherlock-the-Pooh and Some Bees and the Stories Begin…  On AO3 On LJ

Chapter Two In Which Andersore Loses a Tail and Sherlock Finds One… OnAO3 On LJ

Also, I buggered up the original post. Sorry :\

Why I love fandom

This is my pre-outline for what will hopefully be the next thing I write. It’s just a sort of free-associated portrait of a story without any real structure or plot. I just felt like I had to write some ideas down that had been rattling around in there since Scandal, and after watching Reichenbach was as good a time as any.

I wrote out about 1500 words or so, and there are so many generous and wonderful people in fandom who are willing to look at something like that, a PRE-outline for a fic, that it’s already all marked up and commented upon. There’s just nowhere else in the world where an amateur like me gets to play with fiction and get that kind of collaborative feedback. Writing is usually such a lonely experience. It’s stuff like this that makes writers out of us.

Out of me, anyway.

I love you, fandom.

Home again, home again (the real con report, part I)

I shouldn’t even try to do this, since it’s nearly midnight and I’ve been running on seriously too little sleep this weekend, but I want to try to get this all out of my head before I start forgetting things–I’m sure I’m already forgetting things!

Holy crap this got long.

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