Jon proposed to me! Jon proposed to me! Jon proposed!!!

I’m so very happy! It feels so unreal, I can’t stop thinking about it, and all the things we talked about, and how much we hugged and cried and kissed! Holy smokes, I’m so happy. No set date yet, but maybe next August or September, and it will be a very small wedding in the woods with close relatives and friends. Wow, it just hasn’t sunk in yet. No engagement ring because we have more important priorities at the moment, but maybe he will surprise me with a simple, inexpensive one later on :D I have a fiance!! Yikes, this is amazing!

Can't stop thinking about it!

Thanks everyone for congratulating us. I know its way too early and silly, but I have already started a playlist of our fav songs for the reception, which will be in the woods at the same place of the ceremony. I already know exactly how I want it all, oh man I’m being such a girl!
He said it may not be next year because we ought to save up. He wants us to go to Germany for our honeymoon :3