Here’s a cool #lighthouse #illustration from Rob Turpin (@thisnorthernboy) that he drew as a tattoo commission. The cartoon-like drawing style adds some interesting flair to a typical architectural cross-section drawings, which gives the pieces some great character.

This piece also acts to tell a bit about the inhabitant of the tower of light, by way of all the various doo-dads and knick-knacks hung on the walls and stored in the shelves. She (assuming the owner is the person on the top floor “balcony”) must enjoy diving, reading and fishing, based on the diving suit, bookcase, and fishing pole (and fish in the boot) on the first floor. The designs of the diving suit and that telescope are really great… I’m sure that telescope gets a lot of use!

Also, I’m a sucker for big switches reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein that are labeled just “ON” and “OFF”. Nice bit of classic cartoon design mixed in with a really nicely laid out bit of architecture. Another awesome piece, Rob!
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Couple of recent bits of work.

The top drawing is a Sci Fi Burger Van! Obviously. Cheese for the burgers is mined on the moon.

The second picture shows some concept drawings I’m doing for a short film to be made later this year.

Robot Number 389.

It’s been a while since I sat down and drew a robot, and I have really missed that. This fella is a bit different to a lot of my others, I don’t usually do much in the way of 3D forms when I draw. I guess the only way I’ll get better is to do more. This came out OK though, lots I like about it, a few wonky bits of perspective but I can live with that.

Drawn with a Palomino Blacking 602 pencil on cheap layout paper.

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Lighthouse Tattoo Commission

This is one of the most enjoyable illustration commissions I’ve done. Mark, who commissioned me, wanted a drawing of a lighthouse - with his daughter at the top - for a tattoo. The final illustration, now winging its way to California, will be framed for Mark’s daughter’s room.