Dating Himchan would include:
  • he would be like your mom
  • always looking out for you
  • ‘have you eaten?’
  • ‘drink a lot of water!!!’
  • ‘did you sleep well?’
  • him getting jealous really easily 
  • him spoiling you a lOT
  • sometimes he would act like he don’t care about you that much 
  • but he’s lying of course
  • he would take a lot of pics of you and when he’s on tour he would look at them and smile 
  • phone calls & facetimes when he’s away
  • lots of goodnight\good morning texts everyday
  • calling you kitten always
  • he would cook for you a lot!!
  • the guys teasing him about how whipped he is for you 
  • he actually doesn’t care about it tho
  • he would pick an outfit for you before dates
  • ‘you’re not going to wear this nO WAY i will dress you nice trust me’
  • he wants you to love yourself as much as he loves you
  • he would be the big spoon but sometimes he wants to be the little when he’s upsed 
  • coffee dates
  • Himchan would give thE BEST CUDDLES i feel this
  • movie marathons
  • slow making out sessions
  • you two would gossip a lot 
  • ‘omg do you see this gurl she wears striped shirt and pants in dots what the actually fuck’
  • going to galleries and museums
  • he would look at you with a smile and say
  • ‘in a room full of art i will still stare at you’
  • he would be so cheesy sometimes
  • but also he would sass you
  • back rubs
  • stealing his shirts
  • he don’t mind it
  • nose kisses
  • romantic dinners


// zoey xoxo

Coffee Shop - h.h.

requested?: nope

words: 734

warnings: just super cheesy and i lovE IT 

a/n: lately ive been seeing such a lack of harry content on my dash, and everyone’s been saying how underrated harry is (which he is) so i whipped up a lil cuteness, so i hope you guys like this

Movies always show two people who are meant to be together, meeting in the most gracious way. So when you met Harry, it was a surprise that you met in a way anything but gracious. You were sat at the corner of your favourite quaint coffee shop, with a sketchbook sitting in front of you and headphones on your ears. Drawing what you listen has always been an escape for you. Being out of the comfort of your bedroom amplifies your creativity. You’d go to this cafe almost everyday, since you appreciate the calming environment. 

One autumn day was particularly cold, so the cafe was uncharacteristically full. Everyone seemed to have found shelter in this warm escape. You cuddled up in your usual spot, with a warm scarf wrapped around your shoulders. Soft music played through your headphones, and the barista set your coffee in front of you, giving you a small smile, which you warmly returned. 

A small breeze filled the cafe, bringing you to look up from your sketch. Two tall boys walked in, one of them wearing a baseball cap, in this weather … he still looked pretty good though so you didn’t complain. As they got in line to order, you turned back to your work, and when you looked up again they had already left. 

The next day you walked to the coffee shop. As you reached for the door handle, you felt the weight of the door hit you right in the face. You tumble backwards and fall on the ground. As you started to get up, the boy with the cap stuck out his hand out to help you up. You looked up at him as you grabbed his hand, his face flushed and he started mumbling apologies. His friend was snickering near him and he shot him a warning look. He then cleared his throat and said “sorry about that love, I didn’t see you there of course, then I obviously wouldn’t have …”
“Don’t worry about it,” you interrupted. You then realised that you were still holding his hand, and blushing profusely, retracting your hand. You then walked past him into the comfort of the cafe, straight into the comfort of your little world. 

The next morning you retreated to your usual spot, and thankfully the cafe was empty and quiet. You brought out your reading book this time, loving the different type of escape reading gave you. As you were about to open your book, the barista came over with a hot chocolate. 
“Hey, the boy over there with the cap on bought this for you.”
You looked up and you see that familiar face across the cafe. He  waved his hand at you and you smiled at him. You got back to your book, and after a while you hear someone walk up to you and take a seat in front of you. You look up and with not surprisingly it was the boy from yesterday. 
“Hey,” he said, “I didn’t get a chance to properly apologise for yesterday. I’m Harry, by the way.”
“It’s okay Harry,” you replied, before introducing yourself. “Also, you didn’t have to buy me a hot chocolate, but I’m glad you did,” you added, flashing him a smile. He grabbed the chair in front of you, giving you a questioning look, at which you nodded.  You took a sip of your warm drink and asked him, “so what are you doing here,” you added, “uuh in Montreal." 
You noticed his thick British accent, so you knew he wasn’t from anywhere near here. He explained how he was shadowing the director of Spider-man: Homecoming, since his brother was acting in it. You then got to talking about film, which you both were huge fans of. When it started to get dark, he offered to walk you home. You continued your chat which now somehow steered from film to how long it takes for one another to get ready. 
"Ten minutes? Are you serious?” he asked you. 
“Yeah Har, it really doesn’t take long to put on a pair of pants and a top." 
"So only ten minutes and you still look amazing?”
“Wow yeah okay Holland, keep it in your pants.”

The next couple of days consisted of you and Harry hanging out at the coffee shop. Until one day he finally asked you if you wanted to walk around the city with him, since he has hardly been around apart from on set and in this coffee shop. You eagerly accepted, wanting to show Harry all your favourite places.

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