I have really appreciated the Coalition to End Rape Culture’s Week of Action Against Rape Culture at UMass Amherst this week, and I’ve been snapping pictures of some of their (fabulous) awareness posters and posting them on my blog.  

The most recent one, which reads “Rape culture tells women they should be scared.  End rape culture,” has received some positive reblogs and likes and has even gotten me a few new followers (hey guys!).  It was also reblogged by someone who, upon further inspection of his or her blog (okay, well, I’m going to guess “his.” Just a hunch) is ALL ABOUT being mad at feminism.  Like, that is the purpose of this person’s blog.  Which, I mean, the purpose of my blog is slowly becoming being mad about misogyny (well, that and pictures of baby tigers), and obviously I am aware of some problems with the feminist movement in general (historically it hasn’t been very conscious of intersectionality. That’s a problem, and I try to keep an eye on that in myself), but this person’s blog is different.  This person’s blog asserts that all feminists have mental disabilities, that all feminists are “ignorant twats” who “can’t stand the idea of anyone focusing on making the world fairer for anyone who isn’t you,” and on and on and on.  I’m sure you can imagine what I’m talking about.  I didn’t really understand what this person wrote on their reblog (honestly, it wasn’t very well written), but immediately my first instinct was I MUST RESPOND.  I MUST RE-REBLOG. I MUST EXPLAIN. But then, scrolling further and further through this person’s blog, feeling sicker and sicker, I decided that this would be an argument that could not be won, and that I should leave it alone. 

I just wanted to document, in a way that does not directly invite this person to argue at me endlessly, how sickened and saddened I was by this.  Ultimately these feelings are why I decided to stop tracking the feminism tag as well, because for every interesting piece of thoughtful, well reasoned writing I’ve found under that tag, I’ve felt directly attacked by twice as many inflammatory, sensationalist posts written with the intention to belittle and discredit women who speak against a system which disadvantages not just themselves but everyone.

I feel extremely discouraged by all of this, and I really don’t know what a good solution is.