Timantha Turner

Do you guys remember the Fairly Oddparents episode where Timmy Turner wished himself into a girl to understand them better (mostly to find out what Trixie wanted for her birthday), and this ep showed you that you could still like things even if they break gender norms? The oh-so-popular Trixie loved comic books

 and Timmy loved soap operas and found out he loved mani-pedi’s.

Trixie even talked about how to break the trends, “if boys did more girls stuff then girls would be able to do more boy stuff.” Trixie loved arcade games and thought dead frogs were cool. Then you had the one character Chester who played “society” and said “girls like dolls and boys like comics.” In the end, all Trixie wanted was a friend, someone who liked both gender stuff. And Timmy’s lesson in the end was the best, “because I treated Trixie as a person instead of a girl, she remembered my name!”