"The Freidas"

If I am to compare my friendship with my two great girl friends, it would be like a flower that the bees prefer. It fades only to blossom more beautifully in spring. And it never brings harm to itself. It lives with the sun, for the sun benefited from sending it own rays.

Now that we are burning the candle at both ends, as if we are making up for the lost time we spent with those monday indulgences, I came to realize how important they are (and others in general) to survive life especially those who want to be part of my life sincerely. I now automatically recognize their contribution with who I am with gratefulness as I recite their names in my mind. I just hope sincerely that I will be able to maximize our time with all things worthy of our friendship.

In short, my heart only desires all the best for Ks and Gen. And more time of togetherness. Just like before…

I am thinking of a name to call our group and came up with “The Freidas” inspired from Peanuts since we are all almost adhering to her red curly hair. I don’t think Ks and Gen will approve of this. Haha