My dessert for today..

So my parents are back home from their cruise vacation. One of their stops was at Bar Harbor in Maine, where they have gone before. They ate blueberry pie and claimed it to be “the best pie they have ever eaten.” They were excited to visit Bar Harbor again to get some more pie! Then they brought back a slice for me!

I tried the pie just now.. and it’s okay. HAHAHA. Granted.. they went to Maine on Wednesday and they got home today (Saturday) and was refrigerated when taken home.  Maybe I’m just not a big pie person? I mean, it was good, it definitely wasn’t bad! =X

My parents are so funny. =)

Cost: unknown! - I’ll ask them later. =P

My dinner for today..

I have been so tired lately. This was my dinner as I got home from work around 9:50pm. Curry flavored ramen with an egg mixed in!

I made the picture seem like you’re eating my dinner.. unless you’re not left handed like me. Then I guess you just are not special like me either. 😜👍