thisisthetyty asked:

would you rather gargle vomit or bathe in piss? (you said I could inbox you weird shit ;)

OMFG EW I’M LAUGHING i would rather bathe in pee because gargling vomit would probably make me vomit and then it would be twice as nasty haha 


AAHHH!!! My convo with the queen Tyler Oakley is at 1:39:19. I am surprised that anything I said was understandable english because I was nervous like woah. This day has been amazing.

thisisthetyty asked:

What did you have for breakfast today?

i actually didn’t have breakfast today, i was really busy and didn’t have time to eat much at all. all i had today was a cookie at like 6:30pm and a quesadilla at like 11pm haha oops