Two nights in a row! I’ve spent the last two nights at Polica shows in NYC. They’re that good. Mark my words: Polica is going to make it big! The last time I said that with so much conviction, it was Norah Jones. Very different music, same feeling.

Not only am I’m developing a serious crush on singer, Channy Moon Casselle (Roma di Luna), I’ve had a long-time man-crush on bassist/backup vocals, Chris Bierden (Vampire Hands) (his girlfriend, Sara and my girlfriend, Molly are besties). The dual drummers, Drew Christopherson (Digitata) and Ben Ivascu (STNNNG) are also finding their own special place in my heart. And the music is fantastic too! Oh, and the fact that they’re from Minneapolis certainly makes me happy.

You can hear a lot of Gayngs in the band which is also produced by Ryan Olsen. The double drum sets are awesome and powerful and the silky, auto-tuned vocals role along with an Olsen-style electronic track that adds a bit of funk to the mix. While bobbing along with the modest crowds, I’d catch eyes with Molly who would point out the goosebumps on her forearm - always a good sign.

Polica, has only played a handful of shows together now but they’ve got a full album pretty much ready to go (I gather) and they’re heading out on tour with Centro-Matic in November and opening for Foster The People at First Ave in Minneapolis on December 4th. You can find their listed shows on their site at

Beyond the music, which obviously I love, they are new bed-fellows. I think the band members are just getting used to playing together and while the songs are tight and brilliantly executed, they seem to be developing their own friendships. I always like a show where the band chats with the audience or throws out a joke or two but I think they’re so new that they are not really sure what to say yet. The chemistry and camaraderie is still in development as live performers. This isn’t a detraction, merely an observation.

You can’t find much of their music online yet but here’s a pretty crappy video from a show a couple weeks ago at the Kitty Cat Klub. There are two songs on their site as well. Give them a listen, go see a show, spread the word, and keep your ears open… I have a good feeling about Polica.

UPDATE: Here’s a great live video from a studio visit to The Current (Nov 30, 2011):

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