We breathe in what we cant see

Hoping for that ever lasting high we search to find

We believe in the world we only wish to see

Pretending that we don’t see the true tragedies

The tragedies were people die and strive to stay alive

The tragedies were prejudice views take part in everyday lives

We believe that everything is fine. Looking past what we find is alright

To breathe in what we don’t see. It means we trust things we don’t need

We trust these things to give us hope.

Hope to get away

Hope to save the day

We trust these thing in need to be free

Free from our minds and the world we live inside

We only live to stay alive

Saw a therapist today

It was a long time coming, after a year of ups and downs
not talking to any friends or family,
constant meltdowns, anxiety attacks, complete avoidance of things I usually enjoy and starving myself for weeks at a time.
I need help and after almost destroying the most important relationships in my life i’ve finally decided to seek some help and I’m really proud of myself.

sometimes we can’t really explain why things in our life happen the way they do….Sometimes is hard to find a meaning behind bad situations. in my eyes my dad have made many mistakes .. but I would be making one of my biggest mistakes if I was to ever close this door & leave him behind. I guess some people don’t need to apologize or even say anything… sometimes all is takes is a call, is a hug .. Is a picture to remind us how important some people are to us & how bad u really want them to stay in your life.

I love you, always. no matter what.

My stitches are ripping

I feel like my entire body is being held together by thread and that each stitch is about to burst open.. My anxiety is at such a breaking point and I feel there’s nobody I can talk to and it just pains me everyday knowing I have to get up and face the world. I just want to be okay again, I don’t want to fall apart.

The Salvador Dali tag is really disappointing. More than half of it is composed of pictures of Dali with quotes of his scrawled across the image, and peppered throughout hundreds of the same headshots are the occasional actual pieces of his. That’s the trouble when literally anything becomes too well-known or publicly appreciated; the focus and criticism shifts from the craft to the craftsman. It almost seems like that’s caused by people trying to show that they have an interest in someone’s work by featuring pictures of/quotes from the inspiring person in question, in efforts to humanize them and view them in a light that’s more concrete, relatable and easy to understand. Less intimidating, even. And while that might be enjoyable, it’s really disrespectful. Their actual thoughts and ideas are being ignored for the sake of “fans” proclaiming interest but not actually promoting the pieces, analyzing possible meanings or looking for inspirations that gave rise to the piece and what the piece has inspired itself. It’s an empty and superficial thing to do and I would be heartbroken if people called themselves fans of mine and completely disregarded my work. 

I realize that tumblr isn’t the most appropriate platform to seek semi-professional content like this, but I just like to think that people my own age and demographic have at least relatively substantial interests in the arts.