Once upon a time, a country far far away existed in the name of Palestine. In this beautiful country lived all three monotheistic faiths; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Everyone despite their beliefs and differences lived a life of happiness with one another. The beautiful smiles and dreams of these people however were darkened once the evil Zionists illegally came and began to take over the houses, farms and the lands of the Palestinians. They murdered, slaughtered and kicked out the citizens of this beautiful land. They not only continued to illegally steal more Palestinian land to build illegal Jewish-only settlements by demolishing Palestinian homes but also killed, prisoned, shot, burned, hung, ran over and stabbed Palestinians from all ages. They vandalized mosques and destroyed farms. Every passing year they continued to steal more and more. They started wars against the children of Gaza and it’s innocent civilians and killed more than thousands of people. They cut their electricity and placed a blockade so that no medical aid or construction supplies can go in it. They continue their evil plans to destroy all Palestinians so they may become a terrorist state of pure evil. Now Palestine has become so little because Zionists continue to steal and kill while the world sleeps. This has been going on for 67 years. This isn’t a fairytale. This isn’t a movie. Nor is this a book. This is only the 2% of the hell that Palestinians have been put through by Israel. This is reality, a painful reality. Don’t ignore it or try to cover it up. Israel is NOT looking for peace like they tell you they are. Instead they want blood, war and murder. I’ll define again for those who don’t know what Israel is: a terroristic state that feeds on Palestinian blood and lives on American bombs. Thus, for a better world, for peace, and for humanity to exist, Israel NEEDS to go. 😠✌️💪 #ThisIsPalestine #TerroristStateIsrael #FreePalestine #FreeGaza