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If you haven’t read these Bellarke fanworks yet, you probably definitely should.


A World Without Fences by Coldsaturn

Do you like tattoos? Do you like Bellarke? BAM! Bellarke tattoo parlor AU. There was mad fluff in here–which, if you’re looking for nitty-gritty and angst, sorry. It made me grin like an idiot the whole time I was reading it, and I almost fell out of my chair when I got to Finn. I don’t care if you’re a Buckingham Palace guard, this will make your heart melt.


The Love Songs of José Cuervo, Vol. 1 by AvaRosier

Stop what you’re doing. Listen to this. Now come back and think of every wacky Vegas story you’ve ever heard of, and imagine Bellarke being the couple in question.

There’s such an undeniably fun atmosphere to this Bellarke Vegas AU, it just makes me want to put it on replay like a good song you can’t get out of your head. Wouldn’t it be nice if the only dangers Bellamy and Clarke had to face were the perils of being in love with each other? If only.


burning brighter than the sun by Belledame

This series surprised me. I’m going to have to admit that the idea of crossovers always makes me apprehensive. You’re holding two insanely intricate worlds in each hand, and you’re trying to smush them together into one. Usually, one of those worlds end up suffering in terms of complexity.

We don’t have that problem here.

The soulmates series is an anthology of Bellarke AUs–and from what I can tell so far, they seem to be book AUs. (The first one was a Hunger Games AU, which I actually liked best so far.) The author here is well-read in each of the book settings that she pulls Bellarke into, and seamlessly incorporates the best elements of each into each other without much fuss or fanfare.

This installation introduces a Percy Jackson crossover, and there’s just enough butterfly moments in here to smooth out the bittersweet. And there is that bitter flavor. That’s another thing I’m liking so far about this series.


Hell is Round the Corner by Lila82

There’s something really ethereal about the simplicity of this one. The length itself is relatively short, and you could probably speed through it within minutes.


Take your time to follow its pacing. This author has an incredible amount of poetry in her prose, and each one of her sentences is deliberate and beautiful. Maybe you’ll come out of it with the same smile and tingles that I did.


The Set-Up by questionmark007

If you’re like me and you obsessively cruise the Bellarke tag every chance you get on Tumblr, then no doubt you’ve seen the popular modern Bellarke AU post from Tumblr user thisisonyouprincess. Well, AO3 user questionmark007 decided to take it a step farther and write out the fic! “The Set-Up” is actually Part 3 in the series, but it can be read as a standalone as a coffee shop AU. Their easy dialogue and laid-back interaction is what drew me in when I first started reading.


If Love Bites You Back by Coldsaturn

Imagine. I woke up, bleary-eyed, on a Thursday morning. My head and heart were heavy from the soul-crushing season finale. Not looking forward to work (which is the only reason I hauled myself out of bed in the first place; otherwise I would’ve spent the day trying to nurse my misery with comfort food and lots of naps).

And then I check my phone, and I find this treasure waiting for me.

You know how people talk about starting your mornings right with coffee, or with yoga? No. No, you start off your mornings right with Bellarke UST, and that is the only way to go.

This fic is pure, unadulterated, shameless UST (or just ST, maybe? It’s somewhat resolved at one point), and I love it. It borders on smut, but not quite–so if smut’s not your thing, stay clear. Otherwise, please, please, please do yourself a favor and read this.

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First we have the DHT chat: You girls have become some of my best friends on and off of this website and I love you so much. stydiasarcasm bobbyfinstok stydiasredstring thisisonyouprincess stydiaargent alisonsbow lydiahmartinn stilinskisgallagher thecatwomantohisbatman maliam itsstydiabitch lydia-scream jordamparrish raneta teachme-howtobreathe flawlessbanshee imperialimpala thehumanandthebanshee

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a/n: This damn gif has ruined my life. And this is basically all because of thisisonyouprincess’ comment on said gif. This is so AU it’s not even funny. Also, a little language.


She’s never been good with temptation.

In fact if you were to look at the last eighteen years of Clarke’s life, you would find an entire lifetime of not being good with temptation. Stealing a cookie behind her mother’s back at three. Skipping Earth Skills at thirteen with Wells just because they wanted to see if they could get away with it.

Bellamy Blake at eighteen.

It’s wrong, on so many levels, and it’s one of the reasons that she’s just  so damn into it.

There’s an Ark sanctioned party tonight for anyone under the age of twenty one and she knows he’ll be working the event. He’s a cadet so he would have probably gotten stuck working it anyways but she knows that he asked to work this party specifically.

Mostly because she told him she was going to be there.

There’s not much in the way of dressy clothes or makeup on the Ark so she spends extra time on her hair, curling the ends like she knows he likes.

(He came up behind her once, when her hair was down in messy curls, gripped her hip and told her she looked so fucking sexy with her hair like that.)

There are people everywhere when she arrives to the party and she searches the room until she spots him talking with one of the other cadets. He’s laughing at something that’s being said, his eyes crinkling at the corners and it makes her grin. Loud music starts pumping through the speakers and before she realizes what’s happening she’s being pulled into a crowd of dancing people.

The mood of the crowd is infectious and she’s losing herself to the music, her hips swaying in time with the beat.

She can feel his eyes on her before she can actually see him. He’s watching her, his eyes dark and mischievous and he smirks when she licks her lips. He motions with his eyes, and then a small tilt of his head towards a supply closet door set into a tiny hallway shooting off of the main room. She follows the movement with her eyes and then nods slightly before holding up one finger and he grins and heads towards the door.

She waits until the song is over and checks to make sure no one is paying attention to her. No one is, because nights like these are rare, and everyone cares more about themselves than what anyone else is doing. A guard smiles at her as she heads towards the supply closet and she briefly considers calling the whole thing off. Luckily he turns back to watch the crowd and she breathes a sigh of relief before pushing open the door.

“Bellamy?” She whispers into the dark and it doesn’t take long before his lips are on hers, one of his large hands tightening around her waist and the other anchoring itself into her hair.

“Took you long enough,” he mumbles between kisses. She giggles when he sets her down on a tiny table in the corner, bottles of cleaner crashing to the floor as he fits himself between her legs. “Do you know how hard it was for me to watch you dancing and not being able to touch you?”

“I think I have an idea,” she says, her voice strained as she presses against him fully. He lets out a growl as he tugs her back to his lips, his fingers tangled up in her curls.

“You wear your hair like this for me?” he asks, looking down at her as she bites her lip and nods. “Good.”

Bellamy Blake is pure fire she thinks as he unbuckles his belt, his eyes never once leaving hers. And I am more than happy to burn.

What can she say? She’s never been good with temptation.


This can be read as a stand alone, but there’s actually another part which you can read here.

Clarke hasn’t been sleeping well. Between long hours at the clinic and tending to Jake she should be exhausted, and she is, but sleep refuses to meet her in the middle. Her nights are spent tossing and turning and searching for a comfortable position to no avail. Tonight is no different. She’s been lying on her back and counting the cracks in the wooden ceiling for hours now, but she can’t make her brain shut down. Every time she closes her eyes she thinks of something else she neglected to do. The past few days her foggy brain has let things slip that she would usually never let get by her. She fears that eventually she’ll let her mind slip during something more important and someone else may be the one paying the price.

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i feel like making a stydia fanfiction blog like this where all good fanfiction can be recorded and organised and some members can be writers and we can occasionally take prompts and we’d have in depth knowledge of stydia fics so people would ask about a fic they’ve read and we’d direct them or rec a genre and asdhlsajkd and it could also be a place for prompts for stydia writers like this but would anyone be interested?

HEY THERE FELLAS! so i finally got around to making this follow forever and i’m happy i did because i wanna show you guys how thankful i am for having all of you on my dash. you guys make me laugh and cry over your wonderful posts and i love you all for that! thank you, really.
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Anonymous prompt for bellarke calling each other baby. I may or may not have deviated from what you were expecting. And by may or may not have I mean definitely did. I’m sorry. This is set after they all  escape Mt. Weather and are trying to move forward with life. They get shot at a lot.

“Don’t you ever get tired of digging around my insides?

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So I just hit 1.5k and I’m just so happy!!!!! You guys are all amazing and it means so much that you follow me :) I never thought I’d ever reach this high a number and honestly all of you guys are just amazing <3 So I asked what you guys wanted me to do for 1.5k and the majority voted for a follow forever so here it is! :D (also thanks to anna for the gorgeous banner)

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Where Words Fail Music Speaks: “We really need to see this through. We never wanted to be abused. We’ll never give up, it’s no use. If we’re fucked up you’re to b l a m e.”

Inspiration (x)

Hey cuties!  I recently hit 500 followers wow so many of you so I though I’d post my first follow forever. I’m really sorry if I left someone out that thinks they should be here, but I follow over 800 blogs and it was really hard to narrow down and I love you all dearly ♥


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