So I’m not going to lie, the day we were at Piedmont visiting The Rare Bird and Neighbor, we also went to Issues, just off Piedmont on Glen Ave. 

Issues is a store carrying tons of magazines, many of which you can’t find in normal stores, lots of indie and alternative print or specialty magazines. They also carry a section for used books, and zines created and distributed by local artists as well as a large variety of greeting cards. 

This trip to Issues was to fulfill a very cool mission. We were on the hunt for the New York Times because one of Robin’s close friends, artist Viktor Hachmang, illustrated for the Sunday Review. 

We picked up a copy for ourselves and also for him, proud to have his work here in our home! 

So on Tuesday, we stopped by Issues and took some pictures of the shop for all of you to see :)

Thank you to issues for carrying such a great print selection, we will be back for all of our print purchases!


The right shop window. In the far right hand corner you can see the This is Oakland book!!! 

One of the magazine covered walls inside!

My personal favorite section, where all the fashion and art publishings live :)

The used books waiting for a new home

Viktor’s illustration for the cover of the Sunday Review

And the illustration found inside, accompanying the remainder of the front page article.

To learn more about Viktor and his work, visit: 

The Rare Bird

Continuing on today’s adventure, we headed down Piedmont Ave. to the next page, The Rare Bird! 

One of the first things The Rare Bird has to offer is the lovely display windows they have facing you as you enter. Flirtatious and charming, they pull you in to see what else this gem of a store has to offer! 

There are many things to see, so allow yourself some time to take a proper look! Even things you think are just on display are actually for sale! We purchased an item along those lines ;) and you can also find many local designers and artists selling their work.

Here you can purchase handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, records, cacti and so much more! It was hard for me to choose which to go for, but we ended up getting the cutest Tillandsia or “air plant” in a lovely mountain crystal deposit. They are gorgeous and elegant plus they are quite independent, requiring only a run through the sink and air dry every two weeks! 

I will definitely be visiting again to see what new pieces they have and maybe even spot some things I missed during this visit! 

You can find The Rare Bird in person at: 3883 Piedmont Ave, Oakland

or Digitally at: and

See you again soon!! 

Women’s vintage tops

These patterns!!!!

Men’s vintage, with some really fun Tillandsia holders animal style! 

Bathroom pampering essentials (this section smells amazing!)

More amazing patterns in Women’s skirts

Just some of the amazing jewelry pieces

Happy happy! Going home with yet another plant! 

Our beautiful new plant! Placed in a black crystal deposit now residing on our bookshelf :)

Until next page!



Today Robin and I were on the hunt for Mascot General Store, but sadly they have closed. :( 

So in order to make up for this past weekend and to put a smile on, we explored the nearby Piedmont Ave. by visiting two of the pages in the book, Neighbor and Rare Bird!

So I’ll start out with Neighbor, located higher up on Piedmont Ave. It’s a lovely warm store, and by warm I mean I feel like I’m tucked away in the mountains finding myself in an amazingly cozy cabin. Warm tones of wood and brick surround the goodies to be seen. One of the things I love most about Neighbor is that they really pride themselves in being good neighbors, celebrating the craftsmen and artists of the Bay Area. A wonderful place to buy things made within reasonable distance from your doorstep. 

They have a large variety of things, you’ll find soaps and furniture, alongside edible goodies and children’s clothing. The quality is impeccable across the board, translating in every unique piece that it was hand chosen, not by machines but by people, two women in fact, Karen and Dana, the owners, who we’ll revisit in later pages… :D Thank you Neighbor for our beautiful mugs, it was a pleasure as always!

You can visit Neighbor in person at: 4200 Piedmont Ave, in Oakland

or Digitally at: and

Bathroom essentials!

Kitchen essentials!

Beautiful children’s apparel 

Showing my proud co-ownership of a set of four beautiful mugs!

The newest additions to our kitchen! 

Oaktown Spice Shop

On Tuesday I went to Oaktown Spice Shop, I was in search for a bbq rub for Robin’s father, who like my father is really into grilling :) 

The shop is small and lovely, providing fresh blends, pure spices and even gift boxes! 

i get really excited in shops like this, since I’m in the kitchen so much, cooking and baking, I’m always looking for new blends and unique spices that aren’t sold in just any shop, both to give as gifts and also to use in my recipes. 

I picked up a blend called “Oaktown Sweet Heat BBQ Rub,” its rich in citrus scents and I’m pretty sure sugar is also in the mix! 

I can’t wait to go again, probably picking up the same blend for my father and seeing what else they have in store for me and my kitchen adventures! 

One of the walls filled with baking spices! 

The Herbs section :)

Another lovely section!

Their hand-blended section, the wall where I was introduced to the BBQ blend :)

Some of the gift sets in lovely packages á la Sound of Music’s “brown paper packages tied up with string” <3

Here it is! I love the label, it’s some homey and gives the impression of a wonderful hand-made, hand-blended gift :)

I’m so happy and excited i found this shop, for future gifts and for my own personal collection. if you have an interest in gluten free baking/cooking, I have another blog where I post recipes!

The link is:

Fentons Creamery

On Sunday me and Robin decided to talk a lovely walk up Piedmont Avenue and visit the pumpkin patch! Seeing as it’s Halloween soon, we decided to venture out and pick two lovely pumpkins and have a wonderful lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 

First we went up to the northern part of Piedmont Avenue to the Piedmont Avenue Pumpkin Patch. Though small and artificially set up, the facility was complete with plenty of halloween goodies, a haunted house and of course the selection of pumpkins.

After choosing our pumpkins, we strolled back down and had lunch at Fentons Creamery. Fentons is an establishment that has been a part of the Piedmont Avenue and Oakland city for generations. First opening it’s doors in 1894, founder Elbridge Seth Fenton contributed, along with his family, to Oakland being a gem stone of the city. Now after all these years, it’s still the spot for celebrations and family get togethers. 

Me and Robin enjoyed a wonderful lunch and ice cream dessert sitting outside on the lovely patio watching the people of Oakland enjoying the sunshine. 

Thank you Fentons for a lovely meal, you made Robin’s first halloween adventure even more memorable! 


Trying to pick my perfect pumpkin! 

The menu cover :)

My delicious chili cheese burger! 

Robin’s chicken tenders and curly fries! (of course we shared the deliciousness of both plates :)

Blueberry cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake ice cream (mind you this is the “standard” size so be prepared it’s very generous!!)

And I got the Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch! (this is the “small” size) Very generous!! 

Both were so delicious! I would highly recommend both! 

See you soon Fentons! 

Creative Growth

The first trip I took walking through the pages of Melissa Davis’ book This is Oakland was to Creative Growth. Creative Growth is an art center dedicated to providing a studio space for adult artists with mental, developmental, and physical disabilities. The space consists of a couple main areas, first the gallery, in which guests walk into, the second is the main floor where there are tables set up for different projects, the third, a ceramics area, fourth, a wood works section and lastly a cafeteria. 

First Robin and I entered the gallery, instantly seeing color and open space, it was a peaceful way to poke around the items for sale. Later we received “visitour” labels and walked further into the work space. Many of the artists said hello and were eager to show the work they had done and what they were currently working on. It was lovely to see the individual style and purity in their work. 

After completing our tour we headed back up into the gallery and chose the first souvenir from this adventure, a clay pot. It will be a wonderful thing acquiring little treasures from each place to fill our home with pieces of the city we live in. 

If you or anyone you know are interested in volunteering at Creative Growth, they can attend the volunteer tour on the 25th of September and visit: for more information about upcoming events.

You can also purchase the This is Oakland book in the Gallery.


Creative Growth Gallery Entrance

This reminded me of a childhood favorite, Swedish cartoon Alfons Åberg!

Some of the work in the wood work area

One of the long tables set up for the artists to work

Happy with the newest addition to our home, our pot!

A Juan Aguilera ceramic pot, inspired by the nature in Mexico.

Stay tuned for the next page,