thisisntreallyfe said: i feels that… I’m going pre-med right now. Kill me

I know! Well, for me, we have to do this medications calculations (like caluclating IV flow/drip rates, meds, etc…not hard) test which we have to get a 100 on - understandable. BUT the school stated that the exam would be just like the tutorial practice tests…but when I took the test today, it was NOTHING like the practice tests. And one stupid mistake, like rounding something wrong, can ruin your whole grade. 

I can understand why they would want 100%…giving someone the wrong/too much/too little meds can kill them. But they have to understand that we are taking these test with NO HELP from ANY of the professors, the tutorial did not accurately prepare us for the exam, and we’re freaking in our first years of nursing/clinical, meaning we have no experience with this stuff whatsoever. 

All I ask is for a little more support from the teachers lol I’m just a wee bit frustrated right now.