Today we’re reviewing temporary tattoos from Bruce Loves You, available for purchase on Etsy! We tried:

The tattoos come with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, so the application is super quick and easy. Just press the tattoo to your skin and wet the back of the paper, waiting a few minutes for the design to transfer.

External image

The resulting tattoos are really bold and vibrant, and the simple black designs make them look pretty realistic too (several people asked me when I got my new tattoos, I just kinda went with it). 

External image

They also lasted for a fairly long time, despite being applied in places that were constantly rubbed by clothing. After four days they still looked almost perfect, after which they began to crack and fade a little, but this was barely noticeable. The designs only began to rub away at around day six, at which point I removed the tattoos myself. They were easy to remove as per the instructions, and came away cleanly with no irritation.

All in all, these tattoos are really awesome, and ideal for cosplayers and casual geeks alike. They’re also really good value for money at $4.62 USD for two, so worth stocking up on for emergency costume situations.

A huge thank you to Olivia for allowing us to review her products! Check out these tattoos and other awesome products on her Etsy and Society6 pages.

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Yay, it’s finished! … Mostly! There are still a few things I want to fix up, but right now… Feels good man. 

I’m thinking of getting the guys to sign it in red painter markers?? I think the little burst of colour would look really neat. Plus they can sign over the black and it won’t blend in. Aww yee. 

Uhh if you guys want to see progress shots of this bad boy, you can see them heeere. 

let me tell you about my gishwhes team. if you follow me or hung out in the #gishwhes tag you may have seen team robothead around, I don’t know. but I want to tell you more about us and why we’re still, a month (!) after gishwhes, a really tight-knit group.

we started getting together the team almost four months ago now. liz (mishacockins) was at the centre of it all from the beginning and to me it was pretty clear I wanted to be a part of her team. partly because she is amazing and talented and I love her a lot, but mostly because of the team name though, let’s be honest. it didn’t really take very long before we had a fully manned team of 15 people who were all really excited about the team and willing to try to do what they could.

we never pretended we didn’t want to win gishwhes. actually, we really wanted to win (we still do, but more on that later), and we started early getting organised. I was appointed team leader because of my definitely-not-ocd organisational skills and I set about arranging for ways for us to communicate and stay organised during the hunt - the “team robothead master” google doc and the team skype group chat was the main part of that, along with the team blog liz set up. before registration even begun we had all our team’s information (e-mails, addresses, usernames etc) in one place, and when registration opened we were a fully registered team within four hours, even with the time differences through our team. we felt confident.

the team group chat became a hang-out point for us long before the hunt began. we got to know each other, laughed together (a lot), supported each other and just talked rubbish (definitely didn’t send porn to each other, nope, never). no matter what time of day there was always someone there to talk to and so by the time the hunt actually started we were already really comfortable with each other. there was a lot of love. we even got shirts made up.

the hunt was crazy. CRAYZEE. flipse (karmaflipse) came up to sweden from denmark to join me and mika (cleonn) for an intense week in my flat, where we hunted intensely together. personally, I will keep that week close in my heart for a really long time. the emotional rollercoaster we put ourselves through, the intense highs where we were shrieking, crying, almost (ALMOST) wetting ourselves with laughter to super lows where I couldn’t do anything but worry we weren’t doing enough and we were sure to lose. the amazing thrill I felt watching a banner I made go up on a huge-ass billboard, the happiness I felt when flipse told me her confidence had gotten a boost during the week, the rush I felt knowing jan jumped out of a plane, how proud I was of liz for being such a trooper dressed in cheese on an icy car, how much I laughed at emily’s tampon dinosaur, how amazed I was with brit’s face painting, how proud I was of cris for braving a missile silo, the incredible rush of love for jenn and her fucking teletubby tattoo (!), the joy and jealousy of andrea for going to vancouver to meet misha, how grateful I was for mika’s amazing spirit, support and coding ability, how impressed I was with martha’s flea strip club, how awesome jamie’s mime video was, how beautiful obi’s snipe painting was, how hard I laughed at duca’s news caster video…. just the love I felt for our entire team just grew and grew and grew during the hunt. we were focused and we tried our best to win, but along the way we had so much fun and we supported each other emotionally and financially and generally tried to keep each other as sane as possible (not very).

I feel like we came out the other side of gishwhes as foxhole buddies. we went through something together which is impossible to really put into words. we bonded and laughed and loved. that’s why, after the hunt, our team group chat has kept going. we still talk in there every day. sometimes it’s just a few exchanged words - “hey how are you” - sometimes just a few definitely-not-porn link exchanges. but a lot of the time it’s hours of people coming in and out, laughing, joking, talking. like any group of friends might do.

last night and today it has really been brought to the fore for me just how much I love my team. my friends. brittany (misha-collins) has been having a rough time for a long time, and has been staying strong for her daughter. she has come to us for advice and just to vent more than once and we’ve done what we can. but last night, together with cam (castielfs), we came together for brittany. not just our team of course, but that was the centre of the coordinated effort to help brit. we got her and her daughter out of an abusive situation within a few hours, and are still working on a more permanent situation for her. you guys helped by signal boosting and donating and… we did it. we did something amazing for a friend.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for team robothead. wait. actually. fuck yes. I’m saying that if it wasn’t for team robothead (and cam!) and the friendships we’ve built over the last few months, we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did. we have tumblr and supernatural to thank for introducing us in the first place, but gishwhes to thank for giving us a platform that enabled us to get together like we have. we’re a family, and it doesn’t stop with the members of our team, but they are the ones who have a permanent place in my heart.

like I said - we still want to go to scotland. we REALLY want to go to scotland to meet misha. of course we do. (even if, at this point, I will probably run past misha to hug my team mates…) but even if we don’t win, we are winners. we have won friendships to last us a lifetime. we have won experiences that have changed our outlook on life, ourselves and the world around us. we have changed the life of a dear friend. what more could one ask for, really?

family don’t end with gishwhes.

I love you guys ♥


Father Greg Pilkington (Linus Roache) is torn between his call as a conservative Catholic priest and his secret life as a homosexual with a gay lover, frowned upon by the Church. Upon hearing the confession of a young girl of her incestuous father, Greg enters an intensely emotional spiritual struggle deciding between choosing morals over religion and one life over another.



Ok, so this is a little bit pointless since as you guys know, I remade my blog and followed just the best of the best. But still this is my way of saying “Thank you” for once again putting up with me and being so supportive. I don’t know what the say I’m just full of feels. This year tbh was a great one (obviously since I’m a dragon and it was the year of the Dragon xoxo i mean wat) so for everyone who’s tagged here, I really wish we spend more and more years together/friends 5eva/all that stuff because yeah you are all amazing. Happy New Years!

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Hawkeye the red nosed archer (archer)
Had a very shiny bow (LIKE IRON MAN)
And if you ever saw it (saw it)
you would even say it glows (LIKE AN ARC REACTOR)
All of the other avengers avengers used to laugh and call him names (LIKE ROBIN HOOD)
They never let poor hawkeye (hawkeye)
Then one foggy doomsday eve
Fury came to say (WHERES MY EYE PATCH)
Hawkeye with your bow so bright
Won’t you kill some bad guys tonight
Then all the avengers loved him (loved him)
And they shouted out with glee (Your name is ~Clinton?)
Hawkeye the red nosed archer
(now change your cosstumme its out of styyyle)

Elle for Lyrics, Jade for inspiration.