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Why Read Shakespeare?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently (and over the past few years) about why studying Shakespeare is important: people question the relevance of the plays to modern students and whether the difficulty of the language is worth pushing teenagers through weeks of potential frustration.

Those aren’t the only problems people raise, but they are the most common.  For me, these aren’t problems.  These are the reasons I think reading Shakespeare is important.

Students need to understand that Shakespeare is relevant.  The questions he asks in the plays are often universal; the characters are thought-provoking; and everyone needs a good penis joke now and again.  Students need to understand that their questions and struggles in life are part of being human.  Can this be demonstrated in modern literature?  Of course.  Shakespeare demonstrates the familiar human experience hundreds of years before our own. 

The language poses another problem: it can be difficult, but if students never do anything difficult, how will they learn?  That’s a short version of a much longer answer, but students need to experience some frustration and know that it’s alright.  

As a side note to that, it’s also time to shift how Shakespeare is taught.  He wrote plays.  Not books.  It’s time that students experienced Shakespeare: they should read it aloud, act out scenes, become involved creating the world of the play.  

Students need to experience the play as a play.

Let students fall in love with Shakespeare.  Let them discover what it might mean to “tread the boards.”  

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Hihetetlen vagy. Az egyetlen ember, akit még mindig szeretek, azok után is, amiken átmentünk együtt. Remélem te is szeretsz engem, és ez az utállak szöveg csak egy álca, mert fáj, hogy nem vagyok veled. Te vagy az egyetlen ember, aki miatt két év után is sírok. A város minden szegletében téged kereslek, és az összes emberben akár egyetlen tulajdonságodat is képes vagyok felfedezni. Ott vagy a fejemben reggel, mikor felkelek, ott vagy az iskolában, amikor legkevésbé sem kellene rád gondolnom, és ott vagy este, amikor lecsukom a szememet. Mindenhol ott vagy. Csak magamnak hazudok, ha azt hiszem, hogy fogok találni jobban. Sohasem fogok. Te leszel a jobb. Mindig. Olyan erős kötelék fűz hozzád, amit képtelen vagyok végleg elszakítani. Ha néha elszakad, csomót kötök rá. Ezzel csak az az egyetlen baj, hogy a sok csomó miatt a kötél el fog tűnni. De szükségem van rád. Hiszen szeretlek, talán mindenkinél jobban, talán visszavonhatatlanul, talán örökké

I have my moments where I look back and reflect on the events that happened in the past 11 months… Today I thought about all the people that at one point I considered friends. People who traveled far distances to meet each other. It’s crazy how just a flick of a switch those friendships are broken because of rumors or lies people spread. Some would say burn all the negative memories of the past. To me though, the future is built on our mistakes and we know where to better ourselves. I went from being the most miserable/furious/cold person I thought I could never be to the happiest I’ve ever been because I stuck with what I believed in and met an amazing girl along the way. #thisismylife

Seems sort of fitting that today, on the three year anniversary of my favorite robot launching on a rocket to Mars (and me watching it in person with 150 new friends & family!) I should be at work playing the part of a Flight Director living and working on the surface of the Red Planet, overseeing students in Mars Control at Chryse Station. :) #MSL #NASATweetup #clcathcc #SpaceTweeps forever #whoami #thisismylife #LifeOfLibby

I’m so far from perfect
You still loved me when I so far from deserved it
If I’m so brave why does looking you in the eye take every ounce of my courage?
I hang my face to the linoleum and count the freckles on the floor
All of us, all of us are a galaxy of tiny little storms
The good and evil in me wage a bloody civil war
The missiles whistle through me then the rebel pistols roar
I shiver and the final slivers of my chivalry retreat my shriveled core
I can’t imagine the I’ll ever be happy like before
—  CannonballGeorge Watsky and Stephen Stills
I realized I never updated this!

The final list for my “Read 50 Books” challenge is as follows:

  1. The Hunger Games
  2. Catching Fire
  3. Mockingjay
  4. The Book Thief- Markus Zusak
  5. Paper Towns- John Green
  6. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
  7. Neverwhere- Neil Gaiman
  8. 1984- George Orwell
  9. The Graveyard Book- Neil Gaiman
  10. Me Talk Pretty One Day- David Sedaris
  11. Looking for Alaska- John Green
  12. Girl with the Pearl Earring-Tracy Chevalier
  13. Divergent- Veronica Roth
  14. Insurgent- Veronica Roth
  15. The Princess Bride- William Goldman
  16. Allegiant- Veronica Roth
  17. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?- Mindy Kahling
  18. A Thousand Splendid Suns- Khalid Houssini 
  19. The Maze Runner
  20. The Scorch Trials
  21. Death Cure
  22. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  23. Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  24. The Old Man and the SEa
  25. The Penelopiad
  26. The Notebook
  27. The Shining
  28. 100 Years of Solitude
  29. Watchers- Dean Koontz
  30. Good Omens- Neil Gaiman
  31. The Poisonwood Bible
  32. The Giver
  33. Doctor Sleep- Steven King
  34. The Ocean at the End of the Lane- Neil Gaiman
  35. Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  36. Love in the Time of Cholera
  37. Gone Girl
  38. Behind the Beautiful Forevers
  39. Green Rider (Green Rider Series)
  40. First Rider’s Call (Green Rider Series)
  41. The High King’s Tomb(Green Rider Series)
  42. Brave New World
  43. Anansi’s Boys- Neil Gaiman
  44. Blackveil (Green Rider Series)
  45. Mirror Sight (Green Rider Series)
  46. The Shining Girls. 
  47. My Sister’s Keeper
  48. Yes, Please. Amy Poehler.
  49. Swan Loch (I did not like this)
  50. The Magicians (I could enjoy very much)

 I tend to stick in the “re-reading books” or “young adult fiction” or “authors I like already” realm, but book club introduced a lot of new authors and styles into my life. My recommendations are:

  • The Book Thief: It was excellent, and also a quick read. After reading the book, I watched the movie, and I must say, the book is WAY better. Max is given more attention in the book, and it’s really nice to see. 
  • The Penelopiad; AMAZING piece of feminist literature. The story is excellent, but it’s also written in varying styles, that add a lot to the overall message. There is a courtroom scene that I still remember, months later. 
  • Doctor Sleep- While not as chilling as The Shining, this sequel was very entertaining and answered a lot of questions I’d had about Danny, the young boy in the Shining. Plus, you get to see what it’s like to have a bit of a “shine” in the real world. 
  • Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children- I read this in it’s entirety while waiting for my flight at the airport in China. It was very entertaining, and had a bit of a Percy Jackson feel to it. The story is also refreshing. 
  • Behind the Beautiful Forevers- A moving book about slums in India. Was on John Green’s book club, so I read it. And enjoyed. 
  • The Green Rider Series- This is an EXCELLENT read for those of you who like Epic Fantasies. I PARTICULARLY enjoyed the treatment of women in this series. The main character, Karigan, is a realistic female protagonist (aka, she doesn’t spend the whole time wondering when she is going to fall in love). But what I think is more important about this book, is the fact that secondary female characters are also treated well… Like, not every female character is a baker’s wife, or a shopkeeper. There are female military officers, female Royal Council Members, and female spies, and their gender is not even regarded as an issue. It’s just a fact of that world, that women can do whatever men do (AS IT SHOULD BE), so I really appreciate this book. There is also a love story wound throughout it, so basically, it’s epic and awesome. 
  • The Magicians- This book moves kind of slow, but for some reason, I found myself loving it. And that’s saying something, because the main character, Quentin, is a sad, pathetic asshole. I think that’s part of the charm; it’s a book full of extremely unlike-able characters, who make bad decisions, and whine about their own miserable fortunes, but the action is good, and it causes the reader to really think about their own outlook on life. It’s a really good series (there are 3) for those of us 20 somethings to read. And, I also enjoyed the fact that the author chose to juxtapose the magical elements with like, drug use and sex. Idk, it was interesting and entertaining. 

So! Those are my books/recommendations from 2014. For 2015, I’ve decided not to push myself to read the 50 again, but to seek out a variety of new TYPES of book. Things I haven’t read/ might not be used to. 

You still cross my mind from time to time. And I mostly smile.
Still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why
So I retrace our every step with an unsure pen,
trying to figure out what my head thinks,
but my head just ain’t what it used to be.
And then again, what’s the point anyway?
—  Andria - La Dispute

Yesterday was the first lesson for 6th graders at my elementary school- the one with numbers and animals and random foreign languages on the side. 

This lesson sparked one of the funniest, most hilarious discussions I’ve ever witnessed in a 6th grade English Class. 

Generally, when learning new words, I ask the class if anyone knows the English for it already. If they don’t, I like to encourage them to come up with something, anything at all. The educator-approved reason for this is, most of the time they know the word, but haven’t made a connection to it’s English origin yet (as in, they assume the katakana for something is Japanese and didn’t originally come from an English word). Also, it gets them thinking about English words they have in their random 12 year old reserves. 

The real reason I do this is because it’s fucking hilarious, and the stuff they come up with is often ridiculous and laughable. 

Yesterday though, yesterday was a level all it’s own. I asked them how to say “Penguin” in English. (Hint- it’s basically the same in Japanese).

One girl guesses “Pingu” (which on it’s own is hilarious because of that damn meme). I say, “Nice idea” and am left in a vulnerable position, close to the giggles, but not quite there yet. 

One boy says “Eagle Bird,” which is both impressive and incorrect. 

This final boy, the smallest kid in the class, loudly chimes in with the guess that SLAYED ME. Seriously, I was crying and cackling in the corner while the homeroom teacher was shouting “YOU BROKE HER! LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!!” 

Eagle Fish. 

The conviction with which this kid screamed Eagle Fish was something to behold. It was like he felt it in his soul, Eagle Fish. The classroom rang with the echoes of Eagle Fish and my uncontrollable giggles. And then rang some more as other kids started whispering it, trying to take credit for killing me. 

Pictured are the artistic renderings of the elusive Eagle Fish, the class mascot of 6-5.