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Oh hey ur back? Didn't you follow me before ☺️

Sorta (thanks for noticing), and yeah i am trying to use this account a little more, i put a lot of time into it so iwould have to just up and quit out of nowhere. And yeah if i recently just followed you i followed you before, I was just getting rid of all the extra people’s blog i follow.

Happy 4/13! This isn’t the best, but I thought I should at least do something.

If, for some reason, anyone actually wants it i have a version of this where the numbers and the black part are reversed. This just looked better, although I think the black needs a gradient or something over it. I’m just useless so (´∀`)


God Tier sketch dump!

Okay most of these are pretty bad but I’m gonna comment on them individually anyway. Once I decide on the photoset layout.

  1. Maid of Hope - Fruuuuuuuuuut~ This is pretty terrible omg. But it’s the best it was gonna get @ . @ Also I still wasn’t sure of a strife thingie SOOOO…
  2. Maid of Mind - Brittles!! This is pretty damn terrible too. I redrew the face 50+ times and I still don’t like it. . __ . I don’t think I drew the club too well either, but. :P
  3. well fuck i found another maid scan - Yeah, Frut again. I think I drew this one first and never really looked at it again?? Mainly because it’s terrible and it looks like you’re grabbing your crotch and i couldn’t get the design right.
  4. Dame of Time - Gizzie~ Uh, this looks nothing like you or your troll/kidself. the design is pretty terrible too, but I actually sorta like it. o: Also I drew it in a yard full of people. Felt I should just. Add that. There.


yeah i suck ok i know

The Security Of The Familiar, The Tranquility Of Repetition

Drew this the other night. This is what happens when I try and do schoolwork. Cause I dunno, Four Year Strong lyrics just really make me wanna draw? Not like I can but. Lol. I started this then my partner was like DEATHBED DYING WAH and i got really upset and then finished this. So I guess it’s also half vent art? ^ - ^