So I work at a “fast service” restaurant that is on campus and since campus is dead during the summer I switched to another store for the summer and it was a bit rough at first cause my store is just so different than how the rest of the stores work but and my store is like a family and then i was at this new store where i knew no one and have bad social anxiety and it was just awkward but today my manager calls me into the office and goes, “jen, its only july 2nd and I’m already missing you and i still have you at this store for 2 months. seriously you have just proved yourself so much and i have people telling me all the time how much they’ve seen you grow and how much they love working with you cause you’re so much fun and I’m just so impressed with you.” and he went on for a bit but it was just jlfhaskjfhsjfd it made me so happy! cause its not like I’m super passionate about my job but i just want to do the best I can at whatever I’m doing and it was just super sweet because i really have grown to love my store 2 family! 

its gonna be sad yet awesome when i return to store 1 :3 :’’))