Danger Noodle: A Musical Experience About Days In The Life Of Horatio Hornboa

Act One (Feeding Day)
-No Momther, I Don’t Want To Come Out Of My Tank (Overture)
-What’s This???/*sniffsniffsniffsniffsniff*
-The Top Of The Fridge (The Promised Land)

-Rat? What Rat?
-Biting The Rat In The Ass, Thus Leaving Its Teeth And Claws Entirely Unhindered, Is Just As Good As Getting It In The Face
-What’s The Point Of Live Food If I Can’t Roll Around In Its Turds After?
-But… Maybe I Can Play In The Blinds? (The Duel Part I)

Act Two (One Week Hence)

-But… Maybe I Can Go Behind The Couch? (Reprise)
-I Shit Like A Saint Bernard
-Water Dish? I Think You Mean Poop Cup
-Fake Plants Are Also an Ideal Place To Poop
-Look, I Am So Beautiful Draped Over My Log, Suspiciously Not Inside It (Part I)
-”Dear God Baby, How Did That Even Come Out Of You!?”/ I Pooped Inside My Log (Part 2)
-Bath Time (The Duel Part II)
-No Famther, I Don’t Want To Go Back In My Tank (Finale)


So tired. First day alone with this little monkey today… So far so good, zacks gone out with a friend for a few hours so boobing time then off for a walk with a friend 💜

Trying to delay the post natal depression by keeping moving 😂