Danger Noodle: A Musical Experience About Days In The Life Of Horatio Hornboa

Act One (Feeding Day)
-No Momther, I Don’t Want To Come Out Of My Tank (Overture)
-What’s This???/*sniffsniffsniffsniffsniff*
-The Top Of The Fridge (The Promised Land)

-Rat? What Rat?
-Biting The Rat In The Ass, Thus Leaving Its Teeth And Claws Entirely Unhindered, Is Just As Good As Getting It In The Face
-What’s The Point Of Live Food If I Can’t Roll Around In Its Turds After?
-But… Maybe I Can Play In The Blinds? (The Duel Part I)

Act Two (One Week Hence)

-But… Maybe I Can Go Behind The Couch? (Reprise)
-I Shit Like A Saint Bernard
-Water Dish? I Think You Mean Poop Cup
-Fake Plants Are Also an Ideal Place To Poop
-Look, I Am So Beautiful Draped Over My Log, Suspiciously Not Inside It (Part I)
-”Dear God Baby, How Did That Even Come Out Of You!?”/ I Pooped Inside My Log (Part 2)
-Bath Time (The Duel Part II)
-No Famther, I Don’t Want To Go Back In My Tank (Finale)

anonymous asked:

What's the greatest/hardest thing about being in a poly relationship? How did you discover it was what you wanted?

Answering the second question first in the most cliche manner possible, I’ve always wanted this. 

I can remember having feelings like this is far back as kindergarten. I got a lot of shit for it for a long time, and I didn’t have the vocabulary to explain what people called my “addiction,” to use one of the more polite things I had to hear about it.

And honestly one of the hardest things is just figuring out how everyone works. Not because of the time and investment in getting to know someone intimately (that part is great), but just the pain of making a mistake. Letting down not just yourself also however many people you’ve got in your orbit sort of makes you learn to care for yourself as much as for those around you. At least that’s what it did to me.

I’m also open to more questions and clarification if this is vague or unhelpful. It’s 3AM and this is me at my max output right now.   


I’ve never related to anyone more than Sehun