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Hello! How about a headcanon about the boys being the ones ending up in the human world, confused and have no idea what's going on? And then Gardienne finds them and take care of them^^

Hiya! Sorry this took so long, for some reason this was a real challenge to write. They may end a little abruptly because I rushed it little so I could get it out. Sorry about that! 

I hope you enjoy them!


  • Ezarel’s been numb ever since he was sent to this world.
  • He’s seriously confused and can’t even fathom how he got here.
  • He’d seen many humans since arriving here and was burnt out from all the appraising stares and unwanted attention they bestowed on him.
  • Since finding a small park though, he’s relaxed somewhat.
  • Even if there’s a human sitting a little ways away from him.
  • Unlike the other humans, you took no interest in him what so ever, and focused more on the large rectangular object on your lap.
  • So he ignored you, his mind wandering to unimportant matters as he desperately tries rejecting the reality of his situation.
  • However, reality has a way of making itself known, and his stomach growls loudly, attracting his attention.
  • There’s not much he can do to quiet his hunger, so he ignores it, hugging his legs as he stares ahead sullenly, his mind filling with worst-case scenarios.
  • He hears footsteps but ignores them, figuring you were leaving, so when you offer to share your lunch with him, he’s surprised.
  • Normally he’d be offended at the show of charity (from a human no less!), but he doesn’t know when he’ll next be able to eat so he accepts it with quiet thanks.
  • You strike up a conversation with him, talking about seemingly inane things but he’s grateful for the distraction, glad to get his mind off his problems for even a moment.
  • He accidentally admits to having nowhere to go in mid-conversation and tries to act nonchalantly about it, but his face turns troubled and he goes quiet.
  • You suggest he crashes in your mother’s old studio and he’s surprised again.
  • Who in their right mind offers a total stranger a place to stay with no hesitation? Are you crazy?
  • When he poses these questions to you, eyes narrowed in confusion, you laugh saying its normal to help those in trouble.
  • He can’t believe that, its just too convenient (and naïve) a mind-set to have but he can’t deny he needs somewhere to stay, and he knows he can protect himself if it turns out you’re some axe-wielding murderer.
  • Still, as you both rise to go visit this ‘studio’, Ezarel can’t help the feeling of relief and gratitude bubbling in his chest and murmurs his thanks, with a small smile in your direction.


  • It’s wet, dark and cold and Valkyon has no idea where he is and how he got here.
  • He turning, looking for something that looks familiar but all he sees is tall grey buildings silhouetted against a murky sky.
  • He’s so preoccupied with his surroundings, he hasn’t noticed you staring at him agape since his arrival.
  • When he does though, he’s more than a little surprised, staring at you in your PJs, holding a shiny bag filled with rubbish.
  • They both just stare at each other for a while then it occurs to Valkyon that she might be able to help him.
  • When he steps forward to ask a question however, you flips and runs towards an open door, slamming it shut behind you.
  • Valkyon tries to talk to you through the door, but there’s no answer.
  • Dejected, he turns to leave but stops when he hears it open a little.
  • You’re staring at him with apprehension, but also a little curiosity as you ask how he just appeared out of nowhere.
  • Valkyon introduces himself and explains his appearance as best he can, mentioning that he could do with a little help.
  • After a moment, you open the door and invite him in, warning him against any funny business.
  • Apparently, you have a steel baseball bat and have taken down hundreds of intruders in the past.
  • He’s not sure what a baseball bat is but he’s very impressed and promises not to impose any longer than he has to.
  • And he intends to keep that promise. He has no interest in being a bother, and hopes to get some information that might help him so he can get back home.
  • He ends up with a dry set of clothes, a hot dinner and a couch to crash on.
  • He’s so touched by your generosity, he’s honestly speechless.
  • But also is confused. Like why help the dude who literally just appeared on your doorstep?
  • He won’t question your generosity though, not now, and he thanks you over and over again, promising to do anything you need him to while he stays.


  • Unlike the other two, Nevra knows almost immediately what’s happened.
  • As the leader of the shadow guard, it wasn’t uncommon for him to accidentally step through a portal of some kind and be sent halfway across the planet.
  • Doesn’t mean he’s calm though.
  • He detests the concrete jungle he’s found himself in, and immediately heads for the most comfortable place on the street, slipping the crowds of people with ease.
  • He ends up in a coffee shop and he looks around in awe, the place so different to what he’s used to, he’s temporarily stunned.
  • Meanwhile, you’re eyeing the costumer who’s just entered, clearly unaware it’s closing time, debating between going to take his order or kicking him out.
  • In the end, the need to close up quickly wins and you call out, informing him of the time.
  • Nevra really doesn’t want to go back out into the busy street and tries charming you into letting him stay a little longer.
  • It doesn’t work.
  • The look of defeat and anxiety on his face seems to make you a little sympathetic and you agree to let him stay until you’re finished closing up.
  • He’s grateful and sits down at the breakfast bar, his thoughts churning through his head.
  • Before long, you’re done and Nevra has to leave. He’s reluctant to go, but gets up to leave, as promised, and is promptly told to sit down again, a steaming hot coffee placed on the table in front of him.
  • Though he tries to explain his inability to pay for the coffee, you assure him it free and go to collect your things.
  • And Nevra’s not sure why you’ve decided to offer this bit of kindness but he’s not complaining, watching you out of the corner of his eye as he sips the delicious beverage.
  • It’s not until he’s almost done do you question if he wants to talk about whatever troubling him.
  • Though he wonders why you’d care, he finds himself telling you about his problem, the embellished version of course, and feels a little better for it afterwards.
  • You silent for a moment, then you begin asking questions about his skillset, his working experience, as you walk behind the bar.
  • He answers in confusion, asking why you need to know.
  • Apparently, you’re giving him a job.
  • He’s so confused as you just decide things for him, like how he’ll be sleeping in the storage room above the shop, and he’ll work as a barista (to help bring in more customers with his pretty face.) and he has to stop you in mid-sentence, trying to process what happening.
  • He wasn’t expecting any help, wasn’t going to ask for it either, so this turn of events leaves him spinning.
  • You question whether he wants your help, assuring him you don’t want to pressure him into doing anything he doesn’t want and he takes a moment to consider.
  • It’s a no-brainer.
  • He thanks you for your kindness, smiling brightly as he introduces himself with flourish.
  • His smile only grows wider when you laugh and introduce yourself in turn, extending a hand for him to shake.